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With our two year anniversary coming up one month from now, I feel like there are times I don’t give the hubs enough credit.

In the four years that we have been together, we endured a long distance relationship, long-distance wedding planning, moving in together, and then having a baby..

Four years seemed to have flown by so fast because milestones in our relationship seem to just fly on by..

It’s been nothing but constant adjusting.. from living apart.. to living together.. to living with a child.. and there are days that are definitely easier than others.

But isn’t that true in all relationships?

Now I’m not one to gush and giggle over a relationship.. but I feel the need to give credit where credit is due.

Almost two years into the marriage, we still have a lot to learn.. there is still going to be a lot of adjusting.. but there’s really no one else that I’d rather do this with..

I’ve got a lot to learn about patience, and just letting things work out on their own.. but he’s pretty much mastered that art.. and while I dont always want to keep my cool, I know that he’s there to help me do so..


I told her a few days ago that we took down the playpen.. we put it in the box with every intention of placing it in our storage unit.

Well, we found a new use for it.

It’s now the “gate” that blocks Little M from going into our kitchen.

Months ago, we tried to buy a baby gate from Babies R Us, but the one we purchased was too small for the space of the opening into our kitchen.

So for awhile, we’ve just been just trying to steer her away.. but the darn fridge with all the cute pictures and magnets is just too alluring for a toddler..

The box with the playpen in it is the perfect width and weight for being a barrier.  It’s just slightly shorter than she is, so she can’t climb it.  She can’t move it.  And she actually senses it’s a barrier and doesn’t try to cross it.

Granted, we now have to step over it everytime we want to go into the kitchen, but it’s a small sacrifice we make for the safety of our kid.

It is a little sad to see her at the “wall” begging to join you sometimes.. but we gotta do what we gotta do.

What sort of random items did you use to make barriers in your home?

Little M has discovered the art of playing pretend.

She pretends she’s eating something.. either off the floor, out of her hand, out of my hand, or out of a picture..

It’s actually really cute to see.

At first, we thought she was actually eating something and I’d have to go in and try to fish something out of her mouth.  After watching her a few times, we noticed that she really wasn’t taking anything into her mouth, just making the actions of eating..

I had no idea the act of pretending came on so early in toddlers.  I thought that was something they did as they got older, like at age 3 or more..

She has a picture of a little animal family eating dinner at a dinner table and she loves to eat off of the table in the picture.  Sometimes, she likes to have her actual puff snacks on the picture table so she can really eat off of it.  What a silly girl.

The other day, she figured out how to pretend feed me!  Now she “gets” food from a picture, or her toy box and walks over to me and says “ahh ahh” and puts her fingers in my mouth.

I’m absolutely loving this age!

Once M’s first tooth finally broke through, she’s been sprouting teeth left and right!

Currently she has three teeth.  Her bottom two and her top front left.

It’s kinda funny how they grew in. 

First it was her bottom front left… then it was her top front left.. then her bottom front right!

It’s a new thing in her mouth and sometimes we hear her grinding her top and bottom teeth together.  That sound is like nails on a chalkboard to me!

I guess it’s all part of her discovering..

She’s gonna have a mouthful of chompers soon!

Little M’s new thing is to feed herself while she’s being fed.

She started this when we were at a restaurant one night for dinner.  I was feeding her food and a little bit fell onto the table.  She quickly picked it up and put it in her mouth.  She then wanted to pick foods off of mine or Hubby’s plates.

So, I cut up a bit of the veggies, and set it on a plate for her and she proceeded to eat the veggies while I fed her food.

We tried this again the next day with a plate of rice.

She LOVES feeding herself and she stayed quiet and focused the entire time. 

What’s great is that she continued to eat what was being spoon-fed to her at the same time.

The clean up is a bit of a pain.  Hubby and I found ourselves on the floors of restaurants picking up after Little M’s little messes.  But it’s worth it to know that she’s start to show some independence.  And it’s sooo cute to watch her eat.

So.. my birthday is days away.. you know what that means..

Another blog post about my life.. in the carpool lane.. see how I just tied in the blog title?  See? 

Ya.. ok.

I’ll be 32 this year.. and I’m not ashamed!

I’m actually LOVING my 30’s.  I’ve been blessed in so many ways, what’s not to love?

Ok.. maybe the “working mother” part, but that’s a blessing in disguise.. I totally get the reasons why I have to work, and I am grateful for having the job.. but sometimes I wish I was home more with Little M.  I think I have one of the worst cases of Mommy Guilt.. but that’s for another blog entry..

What was I talking about?

Oh.. turning 32.

I’m satisfied.  I could use a few more hours in the day.. but I’m overall satisfied and feeling very blessed.  I could also use a little bit more energy to chase after my little one.. but it’s fine.. a little exersion never hurt anybody..

I hope 32 will be just a good, if not better, than 31.

Me:  M, what does your butt-butt say?
Little M:  Phhhhhhhhbt!

Well.. she is right.

I’ve been a mommy for almost 13 months now.

Frequent readers know I absolutely love being a mother..

But it’s lately gotten to be so real.

That’s because Little M finally calls me “mommy.”  Well.. it’s more “mimi” but you get the picture…

She’s finally acknowledged that I am her mother, and that just kind of seals the deal on this motherhood thing.

I’ve been taking care of her since minute 1 of her little life and she’s known from the second she came into this world that I am her caregiver.  I feed her, bathe her, change her, and love her..

She knows I’m “mommy” but never had the ability to say it.. until now.

I have to say, hearing her say “mimi” and knowing she’s refering to me is one of the best feelings in the world.

It’s right up there with hearing my hubby say “i love you” and his proposal and our wedding day.  It’s right up there will hearing her cry for the first time.. It’s right up there with hearing her heartbeat for the first time at the OB-GYNs office. 

It’s made motherhood so much more real than it’s ever been before.

A few weekends ago Hubby and I went on our first date night since we went out for a quick dinner on our first wedding anniversary.

Even then, that was literally a quick dinner because we had to try to schedule it between Little M’s feeding schedule at the time. 

Anyway, this last date night wasn’t really by choice.  It wasn’t like I said, “Hey hubby, lets go out!”

No, we had a wedding to attend. 

Leaving Little M was so hard.  I literally had to sneak out the door while my mom let in her the bathroom to play with the water in the sink.  She then told me that when they left the bathroom, she looked for me and cried.. so sad! 

My mom says that after awhile she got over it and was totally fine.

And from past experiences of watching other people’s babies while they went out, I know that the kid is totally fine after awhile.

But somehow, it’s different.

It’s different because it’s MY baby being watched.

The next day, Little M was so clingy!  In fact, she’s been a little bit more clingy since then.. or is it just my imagination?  She always wants to make sure I’m in the room.  She doesn’t necessarily want me to old her, or give her constant attention, she just wants to make sure I’m within eye-sight. 

Did our date night just traumatize our little girl?!

I don’t think so.. but still makes me feel bad for leaving her..

The date night did go well.. Hubby and I did have a great time together.  It was nice to be able to focus on us even though we both thought of the baby constantly. 

I think I’m ok with this “date night” thing.. I think we can do it again.. just not anytime soon.. I think..


Little M has learned how to talk back..


So she isn’t saying words.  It’s totally baby babble, but I can tell by the tone of her voice that she is totally talking back to me.

Lately, she’s resorted been more adamant about what she wants, where she wants to go, if she wants out of her high-chair or car seat, if she wants to sit on the couch.

She’s been really good at telling me “up” if she wants to be carried, or carried up off of things.. and even to go down from my arms.  I guess she still needs to learn the difference between “up” and “down.”

But there are times that I can’t cater to her need immediately.  Sometimes Mommy is busy doing something else and I can’t take her out of the high-chair right away.

That’s when she lets me have it.  She doesn’t cry.  She just starts to babble at me with this intense tone.. like she’s scolding me or getting mad at me.

When I try to tell her something, she babbles back with that attitude where you know she’s just talking back.

Oh man.. is it starting already?

Shouldn’t I have more time to prepare for this? 

It is really cute to hear tho..

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