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Well.. it’s no longer “Ah-fia..”

It’s not “Sofia.”

Sigh… one by one, her baby pronounciations are being replaced by these “big girl” pronounciations..

I can’t take it.

I guess you’ve noticed that my posts haven’t been daily.

My bad.  I know..

I just feel like life has been pretty lackluster.  We go through our everyday without much hoopla about anything.  M is still M.  She’s all over the place all the time.  She’s talking, climbing, singing, watching.. it’s the same everyday.  I feel like there aren’t any stories to tell.

With Hubby and I.. it’s wake up, work, home, dinner, sleep, wake up, work, home, dinner, sleep…

Nothing new..

So I guess I hit a writers block on what to write because of it.

I’m not complaining.  I’m really glad my life isn’t too eventful.  Everyday that passes, as mundane as it may feel at times, is a blessing.  I can’t complain about blessings.

I will keep trying to find something to blog about everyday.  I will try to find the stories within the everyday ho-hum..

I will try to just take it all one day at a time..

Last month, M came over to give me a kiss..

She comes right to my cheek, and with her lower lip, she “licks” my cheek in an upward motion, making a puppy licking sound.

Honestly, I’m really glad it’s her lower lip and not her tongue.  I love my kid to death, but all that excess saliva on my cheek is just a little too.. um.. icky..

It’s really the cutest thing. 

When she did it the first time, she told me, “Like puppy.”

Hence.. the puppy kiss was born!

It’s a sweet surprise to her grandparents when I tell her to give them a puppy kiss.  They laugh and hug her out of sheer delight.  It’s really a sweet moment.

I wonder what other things M will come up with.. I hope they will always be as cute as a puppy kiss!

I was wrong about two year old toddlers.

M left a pretty icky taste in my mouth after turning two and just being as terrible as the namesake.

However, I think its safe to say that her “terrible” twos were attributed to her being under the weather after our Hawaii trip.. but I think I’ve already said all of this before..

I love my two year old.

She’s funny.  She’s sweet.  She’s loving.  She’s thoughtful.  She’s definitely entertaining.

Her vocabulary and her communication skills seem to get better and better everyday.  She can tell me what she wants most of the time.  If she gets hurt, she can show me her “owwie.”  It’s no longer a guessing game with her.

I’m able to reason and compromise with her.  Her ability to understand what I’m trying to tell her gets better and better.

I’m able to explain why certain things won’t go her way, and she’s able to understand it and accept it.. for the most part.

Her cuddles.  Oh, her cuddles.

“One hug.  One kiss.”

That’s her thing.  She’ll give me one hug and one kiss.  It’s the cutest thing, really it is.

It’s so easy to get a hug and a kiss, all I have to do is ask.

I’m enjoying every hug and every kiss.  I’m enjoying every smile, and every look of approval.  I know that these moments are fleeting.

I just hope that these moments stay imprinted in my brain long after she’s out grown me..

Hubby made an excellent point this past weekend.

It’s common knowledge in our household, and among my friends and family that I’m completely burnt out.

Hubby says, “The reason we are burnt out is because we don’t rest on the weekends.”

Oh.  Yeah.

For the past few weekends, it’s been one thing after another.  It’s been pumpkin patches, birthday parties, zoos, farmers markets, malls, lunches, dinners, parks… you name it.. we went there.

He’s got a point.  Sometimes, you just need to rest.

So that’s what we are going to do this weekend.  We are going to sleep in, we’re going to stay at home.. we are going to rest.

Except, there is still lots to do in the reorganization of the second bedroom.  There’s a lot of fix in our storage area.  There’s a lot to do…

Don’t forget the never ending laundry…

So, we’ll rest.. but not rest.. and hopefully not feel so burned out.

I made Filipino Menudo. I rushed home from work to get the meat going, cooked as fast as the food let me so that by the time M and Hubby came home, dinner was almost done.

M didn’t like it.

I made meatloaf.  I spent a good amount of time tediously chopping some veggies to incorporate into the meatloaf.  Cooked as fast as the food let me so that the food would be done by the time M got hungry.

M didn’t like it.

It’s very frustrating.

It’s not that she’s super picky.  It’s just a major guessing game to see if she’s going to like the food being prepared.  AND even if I cook something that she’s been known to like one day, it may not be the same the next time.  She may like it today, but will she like it two weeks from now if I make it again?!

It’s a battle.

The foods that seem to never fail usually involve some sort of pasta.  But who wants to eat pasta all day, everyday?  Not me! 

Recipes.  Send me recipes.  What did your kids like? 

I’m open to trying new things… just nothing majorly preparation-heavy…

Leave a comment below.

Last weekend, Hubby and I decided to get the carpets steam cleaned in our apartment.  It’s free when the lease gets renewed, so we take advantage of it.

We moved ALL of M’s toys into the second bedroom, the room that had always been my parents room when ever they come over for the weekend.  Our living room looked amazingly spacious.  I haven’t seen all that space since before M! 

So Hubby and I made the executive decision to finally make that second bedroom M’s room.

Ok, it’ll be M’s/Craft room.

Who knew that this decision would be one so full of hard work?

Before M, it was easy to make a change.  We’d spend all night working on getting it just right.

Now, it’s in phases. 

I mean, the kid’s gotta eat, right?

It’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated getting everything moved around and cleaned up.

My craft space is one of those mountains I have to tackle.  It’s a mess!  I really need to work on finding new storage options to keep things clean.  Gone are the days where I would just plop everything down onto the air mattress and deal with it when my parents come over to stay.  Those patterned paper pads need a new home, and it’s my responsibility to find it.

Her toys, most of them, already found their home inside her room.  And, in perfect M-fashion, she’s already made a mess.

Yesterday, I told her, “M, all your toys are everywhere.  Clean up your room!”

It made me smile.  My baby has a room. 


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Yes, that was M.  Every night when I open the laptop to write the next few blog posts, she climbs onto my lap and reviews her letters and numbers as she sees them on the keyboard.

It doesn’t make it easy to write a blog post, but I sit around patiently, waiting for her to run off to her next activity.  All the while, the thoughts that run through my head for that particular blog post slowly fade..

So… while sitting down and writing this post, I figure, “if I can’t stop her, I should let her go with it.”  As she was typing, her little voice would tell me which letters she would press.  She’d occasionally press function keys and realize that nothing was happening.  I’d constantly remind her to focus only on letters and numbers.

It’s a nice way to capture this single little moment in her life.  It may be gibberish, but it’s a snapshot of M this particular age on this particular date.

We can mark this date as M’s blog debut.  I’m hoping as she gets older, she can be my little blogger, what do you think?

I have to admit, there’s a lot going on right now..

Work is just taking all my time away during the day.  Then home life is just as hectic.

On top of trying to keep from drowning in laundry, there’s a little person I have to make sure doesn’t bonk her head on any and every hard surface there is in our apartment.  On top of that, I have to make sure she eats.  On top of that, I have to make sure the Hubby eats.  On top of that, we’ve been doing a massive reorganization of the apartment.  On top of that, I’ve got a craft blog to keep up.  On top of that, I’ve got several projects for a friend’s wedding I need to finish.

Isn’t life great?!

I know when things get hectic like this, something has to give.  But what?

With all that’s going on, I feel like the blog is suffering.  The stories are few.  I’m just trying to keep my head above water. 

I told myself that when I started this blog I wouldn’t fill it with useless complaints.  I told myself I wouldn’t make this blog all “woe is me” and “my life sucks,” because I know very well that it doesn’t.  We just go through ups and downs.  We just occasionally find ourselves in a funk, but what’s so great about it is that it’s only temporary. 

Well, I’m definitely going through a funk right now.  I’m desperate for a career change.  I seriously can’t see myself doing this for the rest of my life anymore.  Maybe it’s the burn out, maybe it’s a real longing for change.  I don’t know.  All I know is, I’m not 100% happy with where my career is right now. 

But I’ll give it time.

It’s just a funk.

I’m working on pushing my way out of it.  Maybe that’s why I’ve been so desperate to get this apartment reorganization done.  Making change that will actually get accomplished will make me feel so productive.  I need to know I can make a change happen, even if its as simple as an apartment reorganization.

If you see the blog suffer a bit, let me know.  If you find that the posts are starting to become more pessimistic, let me know. 

If there is anything you ever wish to have me discuss, review, or try… let me know.

I promise to keep my complaining to a minimum..

October has been zipping by.

Before I knew it, we’re halfway through this month.

What have I accomplished?

I’ve accomplished keeping my head above water at work.  It’s made time go so fast, that October is quickly becoming a memory.

But I sat around yesterday watching M.  It’s like October has done a lot for her.

Since finally feeling better after her roseola, her development has just been so rapid.

Her communication skills have gotten better.  I’ve been able to have conversations with her.  Finding out what she needs and wants is getting more and more easier.  She LOVES to talk, she LOVES to narrate what she sees on TV or on Youtube.

She still loves climbing, jumping, running and so much more physical activity.  She makes me so nervous with her fearlessness about everything..

One thing I’ve also noticed is just how loving she’s becoming.  Puppy kisses, hugs, her random smiles in my direction.. I love the little girl she is becoming..

So, October, I’d appreciate if you would slow down.  Don’t suddenly end before I realize that you’ve happened.  I don’t want to sit down again and look at my daughter and realize that she grew up again without my noticing..

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