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Today is the last day of August.. August 31st.

Tomorrow is September 1st and it’s literally a countdown til our daughter’s arrival..

She (and I) have grown so much in the past month.. she’s running out of room and I totally know it.. her movements have resorted to stretching.. and just searching for some extra room in her shrinking temporary home.. it’s not the world’s most comfortable feeling, but it’s still comforting to know that she’s active.

I’m not so scared about childbirth anymore.. I guess I’ve resigned to the fact that I really have to do it.. and the excitement of her arrival is overshadowing all the anxiety I was having throughout my pregnancy.  I know it’s going to be a huge deal.. but I am really looking forward to having her here in my arms.. I have to do what I have to do..

I’ll be 36 weeks on Friday.. that leaves me with a month left til she comes.. but it also means that she can arrive anytime she wants to.. but I’ve still got one more week left of work.. so Hubby and I have had some serious belly talks telling her that she needs to stay inside for at least one more week so that there won’t be any incidents at work!  Could you imagine?!

September is a huge month.. I’ll be turning 31 AND having our first child.. we’ll see which comes first..

I honestly always thought that I’d have kids BEFORE 30.. but knowing then what I know now.. and how my life currently stands.. I think it’s best that God allowed us this opportunity at this time in my life.. I feel I’m more mature.. and He’s blessed me with such stability on all aspects of life.. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it all if I were younger.. especially since pregnancy is not the most glamorous thing in the world.. pregnancy is actually really, really hard!

I’m on the countdown.. I never thought I’d get to this point.. I’ve pretty much been pregnant all of 2011!  I’m pretty much ready to be done with it.. I want my baby here!

I’ve been on Etsy (CutieQ Cards n Crafts) for almost a month now.. and sadly.. I’ve made no sales..

I get a decent amount of views.. and some of my cards have been “favorited” by some browsers.. but sadly.. no sales..

Starting up a store isn’t easy.. especially since there are many, many people on there.. and they’ve already been established.. its hard to be the newcomer selling the same things that some of the “seasoned” Etsy’ers are selling..

I just gotta find my niche..

I gotta find a particular paper craft that can help me stand out.. or get buyers attention.. something..

I just need that one shot to sell something.. and maybe I’ll find my motivation..

It’s not that I’m giving up.. but sometimes it’s a little disappointing to post something.. and get the views.. but no sales.. but I’m not gonna stop.. I wanted to do this for awhile.. it’s going to take a lot for me to really quit..

I’ve got a Facebook page for the Etsy store.. I’m contemplating creating a separate blog for the Etsy store too.. that might not be for awhile.. but it is a thought..

I’ve got ideas.. and I will definitely be posting something on Etsy that is a little different.. and hopefully it will be my “in” with the Etsy store community..

At the same time, maybe all you can let me know what you would like to see.. if I can do it.. then it may be done!  Hee hee..

The other week or so, we bought a box of those Uncrustables at Costco.  We pretty much breezed through that entire box.. it was addicting to eat!

We took a quick trip to the grocery store.. we bought jelly.. then.. the following conversation occurred..

Hubby:  Oh man.  We should have bought peanut butter and bread!
Me:  Huh? (I wasn’t really paying attention..)
Hubby:  Peanut butter and jelly.. to make an Uncrustable.. with the crust.
Me:  Then it’s not an Uncrustable.. it’s just a sandwhich…


I kinda freaked myself out this past weekend..

All of a sudden, I thought to myself, “What if our daughter is born, and she looks nothing like the name we have planned for her?”

My cousin and the fam were over, and so I totally asked that question..

Apparently, when my cousin was pregnant, they had several names ready for their little ones..

We only have one.  We only have the one name that we have been calling her ever since we found out we were having a girl.. there really hasn’t been a name that we feel fits or sounds good..

So.. does that mean that she will totally fit the name once she’s out?

Or are we forcing the name onto her whether we like it or not?

Everyone refers to her under that name already.. and we really do love that name..

So.. perhaps I’m over thinking..

Pre-delivery day anxiety.. pre-parental nervousness..

What’s in a name?! 

How did you come up with the names of your children?  Was it spontaneous?  Did you have to see the child before his/her name came?  Did you plan for it?  How many names did you have to choose from?  What was your thought process when picking out the name?


I’m about 8 1/2 months into this pregnancy.. and we’ve finished all the classes.. we’re just playing the preparation and waiting game..

As the end of this pregnancy is quickly approaching.. I’d like to take a moment to make a list of various things I can’t wait to see and have after giving birth..


– Normal sized feet
– The ability to just get up
– Skinny jeans
– The ability to bend over
– Normal sized fingers
– The ability to walk a short distance without feeling like I ran a marathon
– My memory
– The ability to find a comfortable lying down position
– The ability to find a comfortable sitting down position
– Not always having to “put my feet up.”
– Sushi/sashimi
– My old clothes

I’m sure there are other things that I miss.. and I was totally listing them down in my head BEFORE I started writing this blog entry.. but of course my prego brain has caused me to forget..

Don’t take this as a complaint about pregnancy.. as hard as this third trimester is.. I’m actually enjoying it.. I feel her move ALL THE TIME.. and I feel like I’m making such a connection with her as she moves inside me.. I feel like we are forming that mother/daughter bond more and more..

But I’m sure every mother has had their lists of things they missed while they were pregnant.. feel free to add to the list!

Last week on my Facebook page, I brought up the question of Epidurals..

Most people I have come across have sworn by their epidurals.. and I also know people that didn’t have one at all..

The main point they all said was that it was ultimately up to me to decide.. which is true.

It really is up to me..

I’m really scared of the epidural procedure.. I’ve seen it done on video several times and it still freaks me out.  They stick something in your spine!!!  How is that not scary?!

I know that it will be numbed and all I will probably feel is the pressure of it all, but it still scares me.  There is always that small percentage of bad luck and something permanetly damaging could occur.. OR I could be allergic to the anesthesia in an epidural.. OR it won’t work at all.. OR something might happen to the baby..

So many “what if something bad happens” scenarios pop into my head when I think about an epidural..

However, I also know that I am no hero when it comes to pain management.. I’m probably the biggest wuss I know!

I don’t do stomach aches well.. nor do I do menstrual cramps well.. how would I handle labor contractions!!?!

Our Childbirth prep instructor gave us a little exercise.  She gave us a bag of ice cubes to hold in our hand for sixty seconds.  During that sixty seconds, we were supposed to work on our breathing, focusing, and pain management techniques that she gave during the course. 

I can barely hold a bag of ice for sixty seconds.. I finished that excerise telling hubby “I think I need an epidural.”

I really want to see how far I can go.. and then push it just a little longer.. I want the most natural birth I can provide for my child.. I don’t want to add any sort of painkillers into the mix if I really don’t have to.  I want her to come out with minimal effects from anything outside of my control..

I want to keep that in mind as I writhe in the pain of my contractions..

So I decided that I will decide when I am in labor whether or not I can handle the pain.. maybe just take it one contraction at a time.. and focus on my little one as much as possible. 

If I don’t use any medications, that would be great.  But I have to promise myself I won’t feel like a failure if I give in and ask for something..

I’m constantly mentally preparing myself for the task ahead of me.. and I pray that I can endure.  I just can’t wait to hold our little one.. and let the parenting adventure really begin!

A discussion amongst my coworkers caused me to re-evaluate a question I had been contemplating since I found out I was pregnant..

To store, or not to store cord blood…

Cord blood banking is something that can be seen as a great insurance policy in case our daughter gets sick at some point in her life.  With the scientific advancements in stem cells, who knows what they might be able to cure in the near future!

Thank God, my family and hubby’s family has been relatively healthy.  So, we are blessed to not have a family history of such life-threatening illnesses that require stem cell treatments..

BUT.. one can never  predict the future and I know it will just kill me if she did come up with something that the stem cells could help cure.. and we never took the opportunity to save her cord blood..

The Cord Blood Registry ( was where my coworkers and I were looking into.  There is a one-year fee thats a little over $2000, then an annual fee of a little over $100.

I always thought it was going to be a much larger amount of money to be paying, and I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the fees were.

Now.. another question to you Mommies..  did you save your baby’s cord blood?  Did you contemplate it?  What made you decide on your particular decision?

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