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In some random conversation, Hubby and I were talking about what age we met each other.

He had just turned 30.  I was 27. 

The conversation then progressed into the following…

Me:  And it was all downhill from there.
Hubby: Yup!
Me:  How sad, you could at least say something nicer..
Hubby:  Yes dear.  It was all UPHILL from there.  Me: ….

Somehow, that didn’t seem like a nicer response….

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With preschool just around the corner, I’ve been working on training M to have an earlier bedtime.  We’ve been making good progress and she’s usually in bed by 8:30pm and asleep by 9:00pm.  Of course, I’m with her until she falls asleep.  Once she’s asleep, I get to go downstairs and hang out with Hubby.

By the time I get downstairs, K is either on her last bottle, or asleep.

Once the kids are asleep, Hubby and I get to spend time together.

It feels like it’s been YEARS since we’ve had alone time together.  We actually talk about things, sometimes its the kids, sometimes it’s about TV, sometimes it’s about his work…

The point is… we talk!

It’s pretty refreshing and it’s been a great relationship booster.

I think we get so consumed with parenthood and just trying live our lives from day to day that we’ve forgotten about us.

I’m glad that these early bedtimes are allowing us to reconnect.

Ok.. so I know we were still a few days away from the end of 2013.. but with the way my blogging has been this month, I might as well do it now..

I started the year with a rambunctious one year old with an ear infection.  She had a rough Christmas, ended up on antibiotics, and rang in the new year wide awake and partying with the rest of us..  she was a bucket full of words and started experimenting with 2-3 word sentences.. she was full of energy.. full of happiness.. full of love..

The year went on…

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously this year..

We took a trip to Hawaii.  We spent 6 out of the 10 days playing on beaches.

We went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving.  Both M and I got sick right after, but thankfully, we are both recovered..

We went to the San Diego Zoo and the Safari Park.. M LOVED it..

We recently visited the Birch Aquarium and purchased membership passes.. I can’t wait for a whole year of tide pools and aquarium exhibits..

Things weren’t always so pleasant.

This year provided me with the scare of the lifetime.  While M was battling roseola, she had a very scary febrile seizure.. since then, I haven’t dealt with her colds and sicknesses the same again.

There weren’t a lot of sniffles this year, until we got to fall and winter.  There weren’t a lot of ear infections either.  That’s a GREAT thing.

Hubby and I had a great year.  We celebrated 5 years of dating and 3 years of marriage.  We celebrated small, but with out little family, it was totally worth it.

M’s obsessions started with Masha and The Bear videos on Youtube in Russian.  Throughout the year, she’s added surprise egg videos on Youtube and Play Doh product reviews.

Her television obsessions still include Dora the Explorer, but she’s added on almost all other Nick Jr shows.  She loves Lalaloopsy, Go, Diego, Go, The Wonderpets, and Paw Patrol.   Paw Patrol is her newest favorite show.  She can quote all the episodes we watch On Demand, and she knows every single character and will pretend she is every single character.  She’s also discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and some Barbie cartoons on Netflix.

We end the year with a very different M than what we started with.  I guess it happens.. she’s very communicative now.  We can have a conversation.  She can talk in sentences.  She can follow directions.  She’s still very happy and energetic.  She is also hilarious and our endless form of entertainment..

The one thing that I love that has grown in her during the year is her affection.  She has grown to be very affectionate and loving.  I cherish every random hug and kiss I get from her because I know it may end at any moment.

2013 had been nothing but blessings.  I’m so very thankful that we had been showered with non-stop blessings this year.  Looking back and thinking about 2013 has shown me how much M and our family has grown and matured in just one year.

2013 flew by faster than I could have ever imagined, but allowing myself to look back has shown me that we have accomplished a lot in this blur.

Can’t wait for 2014 and it’s adventures!


This past weekend marked Hubby and my 5 year anniversary.

In April, we celebrated the 5 year anniversary of our 1st date, but in May was when we became an official couple.

Five years has flown by so fast.  Ever since we started dating, it seems like our lives just moved in warp speed.  Within 5 years, we started dating.. got married.. had a kid.. wow!

I know I say this every anniversary.. but I still can’t believe the turn of events that have occurred since we started dating.  It’s been blessings all the time!

We’ve had lots of ups.. some downs.. and surprisingly, rarely any tears (knock on wood!).  It’s been an adventure that I hope continues to be as fun and loving as it is..

We didn’t do much for our anniversary.. honestly, we both kind of forgot about it (it was on Friday.) and just went along with our regular day-to-day… we only realized what the date was that night.. by then it was really too late to do anything..

We did get to spend a wonderful weekend together as a little family (recap here) and made some wonderful memories.

Here’s to another five years.. and another five years.. and another.. and another.. and another after that!

I love you, Hubby!!

I took Sunday off from the blog.  It was unintentional.  I just totally didn’t have time to write anything, and it’s well known that I have been suffering from a little bit of writers block.  I guess a day off was needed.

Sunday was a great day.  The weather was marvelous.  It wasn’t raining.  The sun was out.  It was warm, but not hot.  We didn’t have to bundle up M in layers of clothes, with a thick coat and blanket.  It’s much easier to carry her around when she’s not layered like a big ball of cloth!

We went to the 12:30pm Mass.  During Mass, M drank a bunch of milk AND was sleepy.  During the car ride after Mass, she fell asleep..

This led to M falling asleep through lunch.. the result of that was a mini-date with the hubby.

We had lunch at a nice little pizza place in a cute little plaza near our apartment.  After that, we took a little walk around the little plaza and found ourselves at a frozen yogurt place.  We shared a frozen yogurt, how romantic!  We finished the “date” with a visit to Fresh & Easy, yes, we know how to party!

Even though M was with us, it was nice to have some quiet time with Hubby.  I know we don’t do it enough.   Dates are important in every relationship.  As M gets older, I’m hoping that I will be brave enough to separate myself from her to give Hubby and I some time alone..

Mommy guilt… that’s a whole other blog entry…

Sometimes, I just watch M play.

I watch her laugh.  I listen to her talk.  I watch her walk around.  I watch her move.

I love her.

Time goes by so fast.  Watching her be this little person, while thinking about what my life was like one year ago, two years ago, even three years ago!

I never thought it would be like this..

Just last year, she was about 5 months old.  I just started back at work from my maternity leave.  She was all about trying to crawl.. I was all about losing the baby weight, balancing life between work and home, trying to learn a new normal..

Two years ago, I was battling morning sickness.  I was amazed at how much impact the little person in me was already making in my life.  Parenthood was all just speculations and assumptions.  We talked and talked and planned about how our life would be once she came into this world.  We were also in and out of emergency rooms because we didn’t know what to do about every little feeling..

Three years ago, Hubby just became my fiance.  We were all about the wedding planning..

What’s next year going to be like?

Will I be pregnant with our second?

Will I be at home? 

Will I be working? 

Will we be in our apartment? 

Will we be in a house? 

What sort of antics will a 2 1/2 year old M get into?

What sort of stories will I have about my life then?

Only God knows.. and I can’t wait til I find out!

I’ve learned to like coupons..

I have to admit, coupons have never really been  my thing.  Growing up, my mom would use them, but it wasn’t something that she would actively hunt for or consistently use.  If she found a coupon, then she’d use it, but she never let it really stop her from buying what she needed to buy.

In most ways, that’s my outlook on the whole “coupon phenomenon.”  I don’t think I will ever be an “extreme coupon” person.  I just don’t have that time or patience to really sit and search and calculate and do all that work.

But, I am finding that the internet and various stores are great sources of printable and loadable coupons. 

Target and Ralphs are my go-to places to find some great coupons.  The thing is, 90% of the things they have coupons for are really things that we don’t use in our little household.  So it’s really hard for me to find coupons that would benefit our needs at the moment.

Babies R Us has some good coupons when they have their mailers out.  I just find them on the website and once the baby is born I know we will be using those.

I just like finding the coupons.  I think it’s fun.. yes.. I said FUN.

Now actually USING them?!  That’s a whole different story.. hahaha.. lets just hope I remember that I have them and make some great use out of them..

Some great organization method would probably be best.. hmmm..

Hubby and I had an interesting morning.. I honestly think I’m losing my mind..

Me:  Hun, have you seen my contacts?
Hubby:  It’s there on the bathroom counter.
Me:  No.. it’s not. 

Hubby gets up out of bed to help me look.

Hubby:  What does it look like?
Me:  White case, kind of curved.
Hubby:  This one?

Holds up the contacts case.

Me:  No.. it’s curvy..
Hubby:  That’s all that’s there.. these are mine.. and this case is white and curved.
Me:  No.. that’s not what it looks like..
Hubby: …

I look at it closer.. mind you.. I have my glasses on so my vision isn’t impaired..

Hubby:  Open it.
Me:  OH!  That IS it! 

Hubby runs back into the bed.. exasperated with me.

Why I didn’t recognize it in the first place?!  I have no clue what my mind was thinking..

I’m learning that being very pregnant in the summer means that I’m hot all the time.. last night was no exception..

Me:  Hunny, it’s hot.  Your body heat is only useful in the winter.
Hubby:  You want me to sleep in the living room?
Me:  No!
Hubby:  Fine.. I’ll get the fan in here..

Hubby gets the electric fan and sets it up in our bedroom.. cool air begins to circulate

Me:  Ahhh.. now I need blanket.
Hubby:  What?!  You just said you were hot!
Me:  Yes.. now there’s cold air.. so I need blanket..
Hubby:  You’re weird.
Me:  I need to sleep with a blanket.. but it’s too hot.. so now that there’s cool air.. I can sleep with the blanket now..
Hubby:  You’re wierd.
Me:  You married me.


Hubby and I at the baseball game.
Me:  So, what’s going on now?
Hubby: Baseball.
Me: …

Hubby rubs his eyes on my shoulder
Me:  Hunny!  Gross.. your eye junk’s getting on my shoulder
Hubby:  It’s a gift from God..
Me:  Really?
Hubby:  Yup, like me!

Hubby and I watching the basketball game
Me:  So what’s going on now?
Hubby:  Basketball.
Me: ….

While watching the Glee season finale
Hubby:  Who’s Patti Lupone?!
Me: A broadway actress, she was in Evita and ….
Hubby:  You know who she is?
Me: Uh.. ya..
Hubby:  Aww.. my wife is theater dork..
Me:  Whatever dude, you watch Glee!

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