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I’ve been crafting.  I’m sure you can tell.

Quilts.  Pinterest projects.  Scrapbooks.  Cards.  Ricebags.

I do have a craft blog, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.  It’s a place where I concentrate soley on crafting, particular cards and scrapbooking.  The goal of that blog is to feature cards that I put on Etsy and hope to sell.

That blog has been stagnant since May 2014.

It’s hard to keep up a craft blog.  There is a lot of photography, watermarking, uploading.. technical stuff.

It got hard to balance this blog with that blog, then all the pregnancy issues came about… so my entire life was put on hold.

Now that things are relatively ok (modified bedrest allows me time to sit up and craft, type and actually do stuff), I’ve been thinking about that blog again.

I still have dreams and goals of selling my handmade cards and other goods, but I have to be realistic and put that on hold for awhile.  A new baby will make it hard to keep up with inventory and orders.

I know starting up the crafting blog while pushing 8 months into a pregnancy is not the best idea.  Things are going to get hectic again and I just might not be able to keep up with it all.  But I want to do this.  I need to do this.

So, I’m going to do it.

It’s going to be a once a week blog, updating every Monday.  I’m going to try to keep up with holidays and seasons.  I will try to make it a well-rounded blog about all the different methods of crafting that I am dabbling in.  Eventually, I will start to feature items that I intend on selling and will reactivate the Etsy store with all the featured items.

The blog relaunches on December 1st.  In the meantime, check out what I’ve done in the past by clicking the link, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

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Usually I post crafty stuff on my craft blog “CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

This time, since it’s more about observations than actual crafting, I decided to put it here..

I heard there was a Craft Fair at the local Church my family and I attend.  They also have a Craft Mininstry, which I was super curious about since crafting is totally my thing..

I went to the craft fair with intentions of looking at the products, and maybe talking to someone in the ministry to see what is needed to participate in the ministry and in next years craft fair..

We got there fairly early.  It was busy!  I had no idea the craft fair at the Church would be so popular.

When I looked at the products, my heart sank.  If I sat there with my handmade cards and banners, I would have been overlooked completely!  It was jewelry, blankets, soaps, painted art turned into cards, holiday decorations..

Everything looked so much more professional than my handmade cards and banners..

Plus, there weren’t many handmade papergood vendors.. I only saw one table that had some handmade cards and gift card holders, and honestly, they didn’t look like they were getting much business..

I’m sure a lot of the vendors sold handmade crafts, but it just seemed like it was all way out of my league.

There was so much inventory, if I ever wanted to participate, I’d have to start making cards and stuff TWO years before the event!  Plus, there’s the issue of displaying my stuff, and packaging it just right..

I was feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it..

It is a goal to want to participate in something like this in the future.  I wish I could think of more things that I could make in order to make my stuff sell more and sell better.  I wish I wasn’t limiting myself to paper goods.. but with the time and space and budget I have, I really can’t venture into anything else at the moment.

I’m still thinking of ways to make this aspect of my life better.  I’d like it to become something that could make me a little spending money.  I don’t ever expect it to become a full source of income, but it would be nice to see it become something a little helpful.  With all my aspirations of becoming a stay at home mom, a little extra income while doing something I love, is the perfect little dream.

I’ll keep my mind turning for ideas… meanwhile, check out my crafting Facebook page “CutieQ Cards n Crafts” and click “Like.”  I’m so close to reaching 1000 likes!  That will make me totally excited.  Also, visit my blog linked at the beginning of this blog entry!

Thankful November:
I’m thankful for creativity that God has blessed me with.



I didn’t write any new blog posts this weekend, and I’m obviously very late about posting today.

It’s just been a very busy time for me, and the 7 days a week schedule has been difficult to maintain.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been filling some days with “filler” type entries, and I don’t know if I like that.

I want to fill this blog with good stories about my life and not filler..

So… to remedy this.. I’ve decided to treat this blog like my job. 

Monday thru Friday.

That means, I’ll have the weekends to spend the quality time with my family and get some great stories and blog entries from.  That also gives me time to create the memories I want to recreate and document on here.

I hope you understand why I’ve decided to change things up a little bit.  And I hope that you will enjoy the content so much more now that I’ll more down time to collect it.

Also, if I could do a quick plug in about my crafting blog, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.    I have a Facebook page of the same name dedicated to my crafting and would love more likes.  I’m doing a “like” challenge on the Facebook page and blog.  The official blog entry for this challenge is here

Basically, I want to get 150 likes on my Facebook page before the end of April.  If I received 150 likes, I would hold a giveaway of a set of handmade birthday cards. 

If you like crafts, handmade cards, and all that fun stuff, please visit my Facebook page “CutieQ Cards n Crafts,” and hit “like.”

Thanks so much for spending time on this blog.. I appreciate all of the readers and views I get on a daily basis.  I hope that I continue to entertain you with my stories and insights and my life!

On my craft blog, CutieQ Cards n Crafts, I wrote an entry about my “One Little Word” for the year.

This “One Little Word” is going to be my theme for this year.  This is my first year doing this, so bear with me as I figure out what it’s truly all about.

This year, I decided that my word would be CHARGE.

I’m using CHARGE because I want to take charge of my life.  I want to take charge of time, and not let time take charge of me.

This pertains not only to my crafting life, but to my personal life as well.  If I set a goal for myself, I will take CHARGE and get it accomplished.  No more excuses about running out of time, or blaming the toddler for my lack of motivation.

This ties right into my goals and expectations for this year perfectly.


  • Charge (

Usually I post anything to do with crafting on my crafting blog, CutieQCardsnCrafts, but this isn’t just a craft post.  It’s a mommy post as well..

This year, I had decided that I was going to go all “artsy, craftsy” this year with Christmas gifts..

Initially, I wanted to make families sets of greeting cards.. not only is it a great heartfelt gift, it also saves money.. yay!

However, I dropped the ball on that.  I should have started WAAAAAAAY earlier.

Then, I wanted to make my own Christmas cards to mail out. 

But that’s too much.  I usually send out about 100 cards.. and I have NO time for that unless I started early.. like January..

So, thanks to Pinterest, I compromised with myself and decided to just be all fancy-schmancy with the wrapping..

And to me, fancy-schmancy just means, that postal package wrapping paper, a bunch of stamps, and handmade tags..

I also decided to make my own gift card holder cards and money holder cards…

So far, I’ve wrapped a few gifts and made most of the card holder cards.. but sheesh.. who knew this would be so time consuming.

It’s bad enough that I spend a good amount of my day at work, I also come home and have to do mommy things..

It’s at this point of my life that I realize that motherhood is very time consuming.. and being a working mother is like working two jobs.. It’ very tiring and leaves you with very little spare time..

I know one of these years, M will be old enough that I don’t have to make sure she isn’t getting into anything harmful, or that she won’t be looking for me every second of the day.. and I know that when that happens, I will totally miss those days that she was young and needed me..

But, during Christmas time, Mommy needs a little spare time.. it’s not too much to ask for, is it?!

I’ve been on Etsy (CutieQ Cards n Crafts) for almost a month now.. and sadly.. I’ve made no sales..

I get a decent amount of views.. and some of my cards have been “favorited” by some browsers.. but sadly.. no sales..

Starting up a store isn’t easy.. especially since there are many, many people on there.. and they’ve already been established.. its hard to be the newcomer selling the same things that some of the “seasoned” Etsy’ers are selling..

I just gotta find my niche..

I gotta find a particular paper craft that can help me stand out.. or get buyers attention.. something..

I just need that one shot to sell something.. and maybe I’ll find my motivation..

It’s not that I’m giving up.. but sometimes it’s a little disappointing to post something.. and get the views.. but no sales.. but I’m not gonna stop.. I wanted to do this for awhile.. it’s going to take a lot for me to really quit..

I’ve got a Facebook page for the Etsy store.. I’m contemplating creating a separate blog for the Etsy store too.. that might not be for awhile.. but it is a thought..

I’ve got ideas.. and I will definitely be posting something on Etsy that is a little different.. and hopefully it will be my “in” with the Etsy store community..

At the same time, maybe all you can let me know what you would like to see.. if I can do it.. then it may be done!  Hee hee..

So.. I’d officially opened my Etsy store (CutieQ Cards n Crafts by ArtsyViray) for about a week now.. maybe less.. and I have three items posted up..

I’m getting views.. not only directly from the store.. but from Facebook and from this blog site.. pretty cool!  It’s encouraging to know that I’m getting hits.. and I understand a newly active store will take awhile to get some sales.. it’s a process.. I need to build a reputation..

It’s a double edge sword.. I need purchases to build my reputation.. but I need a good reputation to wrangle in purchases.. haha.. I guess I gotta start somewhere..

I’m gonna start trying to make things that are a little more “involved” and more “crafty.”  Those first few items were really simple and maybe that’s why people aren’t willing to purchase them.. since they can probably make something just like that themselves.  But it’s getting my name and my store out there..

I’m excited to see how much I can get out before the baby comes.. I already warned hubby that he may be the one making runs to the post office if I start selling stuff when the baby arrives.. he’s willing to do so.. gotta love that about him..

If you have the time, stop by my store.. if you know anyone in need of crafty creations.. send them to my store.. hopefully they will find something they like..

I’m so curious to see where this may take me.. I know it will never become a second income.. but I could always use the extra spending money!


I finally did what I’ve been itching to do for the longest time..

I finally set up my Etsy store:  CutieQ Cards n’ Crafts by ArtsyViray

I’ve currently got one item for sale..

I want to start with some simple cards, maybe some embellished die-cuts, and if I’m brave enough.. some cross-stitching projects.. that’s why I named the store “cards n crafts” because I don’t want to limit myself to just paper products..

When I initially signed up for Etsy, I set up a store… but I never, ever, ever thought of posting or selling.  But I think that this is a good time to start..

Granted.. I am having a baby in September.. and my crafting time will be dramatically cut when she comes out.. but it’s good to start and get my name out now because Etsy has so many sellers, who knows if I’m even going to make a sale any time soon.  I’d love to think that I’d be successful immediately, but I have to be realistic and know that these things take time and perseverance.

I’d like to try to squeeze out as many crafts and I can before the little one comes out.. and then take a brief hiatus while I learn to incorporate the baby into our everyday routine.. and then hopefully get back to making some simple things to keep my store going..

I made sure to note that I will not be making or taking any custom orders.  What they see is what they get and what the get is what is already made.

I hope to make a little bit of extra spending money with this new little endeavor I’m venturing in.. if anything, I can use the money to feed my crafting habit without dipping into our family budget..

I don’t expect overnight success.. nor do I expect making a living out of this thing.. but I would like to see where this takes me..

Wish me luck, good vibes, prayers and all that good stuff.. and if you want.. buy something!  Hee hee..

I’m in one of those moods again..

Where I want to take on a new hobby.. or a new life-changing project.. or something..

I’m in one of those inspired moods where I feel like I can start a new business.. or a new blog.. about something I’m inspired to do..

I wanna make a craft blog.. and post all the stuff I do.. and possibly sell it..  like the million other crafty people out there doing the same..

I wanna make a small etsy or ebay business doing cross-stitching.. like the million other cross-stitch ebay/etsy users out there..

I want to take on some major project..

But then again.. who has time..

I’ve got a baby on the way.. this “major life-altering project” can only last about 5 months before I lose all my time to a newborn..

Hahah.. like all my moods of this manner.. this too shall pass..

I just thought I’d share..

Things I think I would like to do in the near future:

Participate in a blog hop:
I visit several crafting blogs and they always seem to have blog hops.. or do cute blog-community sorta things.  So it’s a random thing I want to participate in.. maybe when life settles down a bit..

Start a craft blog
I like doing my cards and my crafting things.. why not make a blog.. and be famous in the “craft world” like those people I tend to frequent..

I’m such a nerd… but.. moving on!

Start a blog based on a one-year personal project:
Ok.. so I’m totally stealing this idea from that whole Julie/Julia movie.. I’m getting up there in age.. I feel my life is slightly stagnant.. why not force myself to go through a one-year self-discovery sort of project.. it’s like high-tech middle age syndrome for Generation-Y.. Or is it Generation-X.. I don’t even know what Generation “Letter” I should associate with!

Start a little business
I like making cards.. why not get paid for it.. I’ve got a cute little business name in my head too.. and it’s not like I want this to be something that I will totally abandon my career in the biotech industry for.. it’s just something for a little extra spending cash.. cha-ching.. cha-ching!

Ok.. so a lot of it has to do with crafting and blogging..

Ugh.. NERD!

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