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I’m a huge LOST fan.. I have been watching the show since the second season.  My brother and father got me hooked on it the summer before the second season started so I was able to catch up with just enough time to find myself totally into the show..

This past season finale was AWESOME!

Actually.. this past season has been pretty awesome, in my humble opinion..

So.. I have found myself needed to go back and reanalyze everything from the beginning to just to see if I can start making sense of the whole series and start tying things together.. and this is where I found.. LOSTPEDIA..

It’s a VERY, VERY comprehensive site about the show.. it’s pretty much done up the same way as Wikipedia in which people can add and edit to articles all having to do with LOST.. it’s very concise and I have found out so much more detail about the show.. There are some pretty detail-oriented people that watch the show and you can tell by browsing this site.  You find yourself clicking links further and further until you spent HOURS on the site..

Crazy.. I know..

If you are a LOST fanatic.. there is EVERYTHING about the show.. including the ARG games that get played during its’ hiatus..

And now.. until the premier of the final season.. this site.. along with other LOST sites will be doing a huge “rewatch” of every episode.. and they will be adding more articles of more analysis to get us prepared for the final season.. I can’t wait..

I’m totally sounding like a dork.. hahah!

I like this blog I’ve started.. it’s not dreary.. not mumbly.. and not depressing..

You should have read some of my old blogs.. talk about “teen angst..” and I wasn’t a teen anymore!

Because I like this blog so much.. I have decided to add ANOTHER category.. “Review for you!”

I’m a lover.. I love reviewing places and things.. so.. I thought I’d expand on it and review movies and things and places and people and tv shows.. and whatever else needs reviewing..

I don’t plan on it taking over my blog.. unless people like it.. maybe I’ll branch it out onto it’s separate blog page.. but for now.. this is how it’s going to be..

I’ve been thinking about adding this for awhile now.. but I finally decided to just do it.. No day but today..

Look for it.. hopefully it will be interesting..

I was at the beach this weekend.. I LOVE the beach..

I loved how perfect the weather was when the boyfriend and I were laying out on the sand.. the sun wasn’t blaring down.. yet there was a warmth emitting itself on to my body.. the sun never got a chance to feel “burning” because the slight ocean breeze constantly cooled things down..

The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore was so relaxing.. I could close my eyes and hear the waves.. and I felt as if I was on a raft in the ocean.. just floating along.. with no destination.. but completely relaxed..

I love going to the beach.. especially with the weather that we had that day..

That. Was. Perfection.

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately.

For some reason, they have been involving the people in the Church choir that I sing with.. hahah..

Parties.. singing events.. and just the weird things that are happening in them..

Like last night’s dream.. I had to go to the bathroom.. and one of the girls just walks in and hands me an invitiation to her engagement party.  Uh..  I was in the bathroom..

Suddenly.. the bathroom had a bedroom right next to it.. rather.. the bedroom conveniently had a toilet next to the bed.. so when I was done using the bathroom.. she lies on the bed and takes a nap!


Then I try to go down stairs.. back down to the Church.. and there’s a little wasp at the top of the stairs.. pacing back and forth on a table.. and for some reason.. I can’t get past it.. it was like guarding the stairs so I couldn’t go down there and sing with the rest of the choir..

Wierd.. wierd dreams..

I won’t even begin to try and interpret that.. I might find out that I’m psycho or something.. hahah!

When I was 20 years old.. if you asked me where I saw myself in 5 years.. I would have said.. married.. possibly with child.. working.. or maybe a stay-at-home mother.

By 25 years old, I was dating someone.. we were supposed to get married.. I had a good job.. no where near marriage.. hence.. no where near babies..

I’m 28.. going on 29.. and I thought that by NOW I’d definitely have the marriage.. and the babies.. I never imagined that I’d be where I am today.. I thought for sure I’d be a wife and mother..

If you ask me now.. where will I be in five years.. I guess this is what I would say..

I still want to see myself married.  I’d love to have a kid by then.. but who knows.. I want a successful career.. with a wonderful, supportive husband.. lots of friends and familly around me.  I want to be active in the Church.. I want to make a difference.. I want to touch lives.. I want to see everyone around me happy.. and that.. in turn.. would make me happy.  Marriage and motherhood are still a goal I seek to fulfill.. but if that comes.. then thank God.  If it doesn’t come..  I know I was put on this earth for other things..

It’s something that has taken me many years to accept.  As all my friends moved on to their married lives.. and their parenting lives..

I saw myself as “left behind” for a long time..

But I think that I have learned patience and trust in God.. that I have accepted my role in this world.. and if marriage and motherhood are in my future.. I will embrace it whole-heartedly.. if not.. then I do know there other things I was placed in this world to do.. and I will embrace that whole-heartedly as well..

I hope that five years from now.. I can look back.. and see that my wishes today have been realized.. and then look forward to the next five years of my life..

I know every line to the Sound Of Music and can recite it along with the movie. This was because I spent a few summers watching that movie everyday growing up.

It is true.. when I was younger.. I had seen The Sound Of Music on television and fell in love with it.  My aunt bought me the VHS version of the movie as a result.

I spent many summers watching that movie.. practically EVERYDAY!!

I would recite the lines right along with the characters.. and sing the songs all the time..

I may not have the movie completely memorized off the top of my head now.. but when I do watch it.. I still can recite the lines of the movie along with the characters..

It’s one of those things that have been engraved in my long-term memory.. and will probably be something I can never forget!

My boyfriend thinks I cry too easily. I just tell him I’m not a robot devoid of feelings.. like him. That usually shuts him up.

Ok.. so this random factoid seems a little harsh toward my lovely boyfriend.. I don’t think he’s totally devoid of feelings.. I just like giving him a hard time because he gives me such a hard time for showing too many feelings..

I am a crybaby.  I’ll admit it.  I find a reason to cry for almost every single movie I have seen.  Seriously.  I can’t help it.. the little things bring on the waterworks.  It seems the older I get.. the more sensitive I am to things.. the easier I tear up.. I can’t help it.. or can I?

Yes.. I can see how that can get annoying to other people.. especially to a guy that tries to constantly make me happy.. I could see how that could defeat his purpose of trying to make happy..

BUT… he loves me.. so he has to accept it..

As long as HE isn’t the reason for my tears.. does he really have a reason to be annoyed?!?

WordPress says I can sent posts through my email.. And I can add pictures and attachments..

So… I’m testing it out..

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


It’s May 11th.. you wanna know a funny story about what happened on May 10th.. 2008. 

That was one year ago yesterday..

So we were at the baby shower of my best friend. 

Side note:  This is the best friend who’s baby I was watching on Saturday..

OT and I had just had our first date about two weeks prior to the shower.. we had been pretty much talking and texting each other non stop since the beginning of April.. and so I invited him to be with me at this baby shower.  He even pitched in some money for the big joint gift a group of us gave to my friend..

So.. we were sitting on the couch.. together.. and playfully bantering.. teasing.. and flirting.. And this is the following conversation that happens with some observer to our banter..

Girl: Are you guys dating?
OT: No!

HELLO!?!?!  There was no hesititation.. it was such a convicted NO.. that it shocked me..

But the thing was.. we never really talked about our “status..” we only really went on one date.. so.. I let it go.. even though I was shocked and slightly disturbed.

I did tell my other bestie that I was bothered by it.. and that I was going to discuss it at a future date with him.. but since they work together.. things got said.. and the issue got brought to the table the next Monday.

Needless to say.. on our next date.. we got it straightened out.. and he apologized.. and well.. we’ve been together ever since.

But I am NEVER going to let him live that one down!!! Hahaha..

It’s Friday.. the long-awaited day of the week.. the day that we all long to get to.. it’s so coveted.. that even though it is Friday today.. I can’t wait until next Friday..

Friday.. sweet, Friday.. how I covet thee..

It would be better if it were a Friday that were leading to a super fun and awesome “boyfriend weekend..” but eh.. it’s Friday..

I got a busy weekend.. all day tomorrow I get to watch my best friend’s daughter while her and her hubby go to a wedding.. it’s days like that where I totally feel my biological clock go.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I just ignore it.. but.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I know that in my due time.. I’ll get everything my little clock desires.. God knows when.. so I have to be patient..

Tick.. tick.. tick.. that’s not my biological clock.. that’s my “hurry up and be done with the workday clock..” tick.. tick.. tick..

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