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Today is Hubby’s birthday.

Happy birthday, hubby!

I’m a terrible gift giver.  Lucky for me, Hubby and I aren’t huge on gifts.  I think we’ve gone through many occasions in the many years we’ve been together that we don’t give each other anything.

And it’s ok.

However, I don’t want M or K to grow up being a bad gift giver.  I want my girls to grow up thoughtful and good gift givers.

Last year, I let M decide what to give her daddy.

Last year, she decided to give him a set of socks.

I asked her why.  She told me that daddy needed new socks because he was using his socks to wipe off the white board on her easel and that the socks are now too dirty for him to use.  What she didn’t realize were that those socks were old and had holes in them so he really didn’t want to wear them.

It was a very sweet gesture and a very thoughtful gift.

When Hubby heard the explanation, he was very happy to receive his socks.

This year has been a little hectic, she seems at a loss at what to give him.

(I write these blog posts a few days ahead of time, and at the time of writing, we still haven’t gotten him a present yet.  We’ll be going to Target soon, so I’m sure we’ll find something!)

Happy birthday, Hubby.  You are the greatest dad and husband we could ask for.  You work so hard for us and we really appreciate all you do!  Thank you for all you do!  We pray for continued blessings and many years to come!

We love you!!!

There are some techniques I have just learned to fall in love with.  Heat embossing and water color resisting is one of them.

I love the resulting look of this technique so much that I decided to create a card set around it.

That’s how the Birthday Stars Card Set was born.

UntitledBirthday cards!  Everyone needs birthday cards, right?

UntitledThere are people born everyday, hence, a birthday is celebrated everyday!  What better way to be prepared by having a card set of birthday cards on hand?!

UntitledDon’t be caught without a birthday card on someone’s birthday.  By owning this card set, you won’t have to drive out to the closest store to buy a birthday card at the last minute.


Every card is handmade.  That means that the card set you receive may not look exactly like you see in the photos.  But that’s the beauty of handmade.  Give the gift of a one of a kind, handmade birthday card to someone special.


This card set is $20 + $6.50 shipping. These cards are made to order.  Please allow approximately 1 week after receipt of payment for the card to be shipped out to you.

Please visit the Etsy listing here for more information.

Yesterday, M turned three and a half years old. That means that every day that passes will now lead her closer to four years old.

I don’t know how to feel about this yet. It’s just all too soon. She can’t be turning four yet!  I just got used to her being three. 

Ok. I have six months left. I need to just calm down. 

Hubby surprised M with a little chocolate cake. I scoured the kitchen for some candles and came across her candle from her third birthday. Luckily, I had a 5 candle from when Hubby turned 35 a few years ago. 

Yes. That is a candy decimal point. Yes I used #candydecimalpoint when I posted the photo on Twitter (Follow me: @mrsquinto2010) 

M was so happy when we sang “Happy Half-Birthday” to her. She’s had to go through so much with her sister being born and suddenly having to share her parents with some little baby. It’s nice to have the attention solely on her for a change. 

Happy half-birthday to my not-so-little M. Time is flying for you and I’m doing my best to catch up. I’m loving every second I’m with you. Keep on staying happy. You light up my life. 

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So I’m sure you can tell by my small and sudden absence on the blog that I gave birth to my little miracle baby.

Little Miss K was born on December 28th, 2014 at 12: 27am.  She was 6lbs, 1oz and measured to be 20in long.  She is healthy, fiesty and everything I dreamed she would be.

We are all adjusting to our new family dynamic, so if blog posts are not as regular as they should be, I’m sure you know why.

Thanks for all your patience while we try to find out bearings again, in life and with this blog.

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In exactly a month from yesterday, M will be three.


I knew this would happen, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon!

Then again, I think I’ve said this before her first and second birthdays…

She’s definitely ready to turn three.

The conversations we have are so much more interesting. Her actions are almost always entertaining.

I definitely see an increase in her maturity level from even just a few months ago.

Because of all that is going on this year, we aren’t having a huge birthday party. We will celebrate, but just on a smaller scale.

I’m going to cherish this month I have left with M as a two year old. She just seems to grow up faster and faster in my eyes.

In three months, I will have a three year old.

M will be three years old in three months.

A three month span of time usually flies by in the blink of an eye. 

Today, M is 33 months old. 

She’s definitely a little person now.  Her language skills have grown in leaps and bounds and we converse constantly.  She asks questions now.  She makes up stories.  She talks all the time!

She constantly makes us laugh.  She continues to keep us on our toes. 

She’s found a newfound appreciation for her educational apps and tv shows.  She’s hooked on Superwhy again, and she loves all the little app games that teach her things on her iPad. 

I think she’s found a new interest in apps that are more interactive than just watching Youtube videos.  She still loves her Youtube videos, but she now plays games more than just watching things.

I don’t mind it at all.  I know that through those games, she’s learning.  She also knows how to ask me for help, and she can now specify what she needs help with. 

The improvement in our communication skills has help us both so much. 

Dearest M,
Continue being the loving, happy little girl we adore.  I love your love of life.  I love your curiosity.  I love your brightness!  I pray that you continue to be blessed with happiness and health.  I pray for your safety every hour of every day.  I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. 

Three months.  Time for birthday party planning…

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Well, this post is supposed to be about my birthday coming and going.. but now I have to preface this about my old age kicking in..

That’s because I forgot to schedule a post for yesterday.

It could have been for a number of reasons..

I was busy..

I was distracted..

Or I was just ditsy enough to actually skip this day..

Or.. I could be getting old..

Who knows.. it happened.. and here we are.  I just didn’t want anyone thinking that something bad happened and that’s why there was no post yesterday.  The last blog absence I had was when M got sick.. I don’t want people thinking she got sick again.. because she isn’t.. THANK GOD..

Anyway… what was I planning on talking about?!

Oh.  My birthday.

I turned 33 on Friday, September 27th, the day after M’s febrile seizure.  I spent that whole day just being a “mommy nurse.”  M’s fevers were still pretty constant on that day, but the fever reducers were beginning to work so much better.

Hubby bought me tickets to a comedy club in downtown San Diego to see a fun little show for Saturday night.  Selfishly, I was really hoping M would be better so that we could go.  We bought tickets about two-three weeks before she got sick.  When she had her first fever, my heart sank.  It was sooo close to that birthday weekend, my first thought was “What about the weekend?!”

I know.. totally selfish right?

I used to pride myself in the fact that I was the totally selfless parent.. I wanted to be that “martyr mom” that would sacrifice all my personal wants and needs for the wants and needs for my children and family..

But there I was totally worried that I would miss out on my weekend of fun.

Does that make me a bad parent?  I don’t think so.  I just think it makes me human.

As the weekend approached, I was really starting to accept the fact that I might not be able to go.  I was sad, but I was accepting it.  A sick toddler is a grumpy toddler and a clingy toddler and I didn’t want to subject my parents to a grumpy toddler.

Luckily, for her, (and for me), she was responding so well to the fever reducer all day Friday.  Then, on Saturday, she only had a fever in the morning, and then a fever in the late afternoon.  It was like a sigh of relief.  It was like a gift from God.  Not only was I happy that she was starting to feel better, I was also happy that I was given the green light to go out!

So, hubby and I went out.

Ok, honestly, my mind wasn’t completely at the comedy show.. I did think of M a lot that night and rushed home as soon as it was over.  We were literally gone for about three hours.  We didn’t even get to really walk around downtown like we used to.  We also left at the latest we could and still get there on time.

That was my birthday.  It could have been better, but it also could have been worse.

I’m 33 now.   Let’s see what this year will have in store for me..


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