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As I am approaching my 24th week of pregnancy.. I’ve noticed the pregnancy has brought me some lovely gifts.. these gifts are swollen feet and ankles, foot and leg cramps, oh.. and we can’t forget.. waddling.

I was expecting the swelling to come eventually.. I just didn’t realize that it was to come so soon..

Not only do I waddle during the day.. but once my feet and ankles swell.. my waddling gets out of control!  I feel like a weeble wobble.. not attractive at all.. but I guess it’s one of the many sacrifices a mother-to-be must make for her little one..

I guess this means that I really should start watching my salt intake.. meaning “good-bye french fries!”  Not that I was really eating them all the time anymore.. but I really think I just have to quit them cold-turkey now..

I think that the further I am in the pregnancy.. and the more weight I’m gaining.. means I need to start gaining this weight in a more healthy manner.. I don’t think I’m entitled to the whole “eat whatever I want” mantra of the first trimester.. when I was just trying to make sure that my nausea stayed away.. I’m waay beyond that now..

I need to start watching the foods I eat to make sure that I don’t end up with high blood pressure.. nor do I end up with gestational diabetes.. which I should be testing for sometime in the upcoming month..

I think that if I attack this weight gain with a healthier outlook.. it might help me lose the weight after the baby’s born too.. Not that I wasn’t eating healthy to begin with.. it’s just that.. I’ve been adding a lot of foods that I normally didn’t eat pre-pregnancy..

Hopefully this new outlook will help with the swelling and the cramping.. I hope.. I hope.. I hope..

I can’t do anything about the waddling.. I’ll just have to live with that..

Hubby and I went to the zoo this weekend..

It’s the first “outing” we’ve been on since we came back from our honeymoon..

Let me tell you.. it was a totally different experience than what outings used to be..

Before I got preggers.. I took very minimal restroom breaks (that’s probably cuz I dont’ drink very much of anything.. shhh.. I know that’s soo bad!).  I didn’t have to take snack breaks either.. I was fine with breakfast.. a quick lunch.. and the rest of the day was pretty much easy peasy..

Now that I’m preggers (currently 17 weeks).. hubby heard a lot of the following:

“Ok.. next bathroom we see.. we need to stop..”
“Ok.. next bench we see.. we need to sit..”
“I’m hungry.. and NO.. I can’t wait..”
“I’m thirsty.. ”
(I brought two water bottles.. and drank them BOTH)
“Feed me.”
“Hold on.. I need to sit..”

It was an interesting outing and I have to really give it to hubby for being totally patient with me and all these prego-symptoms.. especially the hunger! 

We enjoyed the visit.. I especially enjoyed watching all the families with their young children looking at the animals.. and all the kiddos getting excited.. we figure that when our child is old enough to start recognizing animals.. we could start taking him/her to the zoo.. I really can’t wait!

Hello Nausea.. we meet again.

I thought you were gone.. you are supposed to be gone.. I’m entering into my second trimester.. .why are you still here?

You came with another friend, Sleepiness.


What happened to second trimester energy?  It doesn’t look like that’s arriving anytime soon..

I was really excited when you left, and took Sleepiness with you.. I thought I had my life back again..

Hunger did try to replace you.. and I think you two are fighting for my attention.. but sadly, looks like you win again, Nausea..

I guess, in a way.. you’re a reminder of the little one growing in side of me.. you’re reminding me that my body is full of hormones and those hormones are good for keeping the baby in me.. but.. why must you make me feel so blah?!

Besides, I do have other reminders that I’m pregnant.. like.. that belly I’m growing.. that’s a reminder enough..

Well.. looks like it’s you and me again for awhile.. I hope you don’t stay too long..

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