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Hubby had a work picnic at the zoo a few weeks ago.

This was our first ‘amusement park’ outing since K was born.  It was definitely an experience.

K no longer wants to be stuck in her little infant carrier when we are out and about, so she’s been sitting in the double stroller just like M.  K differs so much from M when it comes to strollers, carriers and carseats.  M was mostly content being in a carrier or carseat.  M, til this day, LOVES her stroller.

K does not.

K will do everything in her power to get herself out of what she’s restrained in.  This includes arching her back, wiggling while trying to put the harness on her, and crying/screaming until someone takes her out.

K loves being out and watching the world around her.

Our zoo day was pretty quick.  We tried to get to the zoo early, but we got there an hour after the park opened.  We didn’t realize that was the huge morning rush of people.  It felt so crowded.

We took the zoo tram that took us around the entire zoo and saw many of the animals that M wanted to see.  Waiting in that line with two kids was definitely an experience.  M doesn’t do well with lines and would rather be carried through them.  Obviously we had to carry K.  Because there were so many people at the zoo, the line for that tram was long and because we were carrying both kids, we felt like we were in line for an eternity.  Hubby and I tried to switch kids every so often, but neither of us could figure out who was easier to carry.

The tram ride was fun for M because she got to see a good amount of animals.  K started to get antsy towards the end and started squirming and whining.  I guess tram rides aren’t interesting to seven month olds..

After the tram, we went to the company picnic.  K finally got to get out of the stroller for an extended period of time.  M got to eat ice cream and get her face painted.  She had a great time!

Unfortunately, the heat got to us and we had decided to go home once the company picnic was over.

We intended to go back later when the day was cooler, but once we got home and became settled, it was hard to get the momentum to get out of the house again.

We had a great time, but it was very tiring.  I’m glad we got to go and took some fun pictures that I can’t wait to scrapbook!

Anything involving both kiddos is hard work. I don’t know how other moms do it while looking absolutely calm and collected. 

I always feel like I’m bumbling around and so uncoordinated and not graceful at all!

Why we decided to go to the zoo is beyond me….

Ok, I’m exaggerating…. It wasn’t THAT bad, but it was definitely hard. 

For starters, we have a double stroller. Then, we obviously have to carry around half of our belongings to accommodate the baby…

Maybe if I was breastfeeding, it would have been a little easier. Having to carry around bottles, water and formula was just bulky and such a hassle. 

Then, the logistics. 

M wanted to see and do a lot of things.  K just wanted to eat. 

I felt that I probably spent most of my time sitting on some shades table feeding K and allowing her some time out of her carrier…

It was definitely not easy and I can clearly remember why we never to M anywhere like that when she was that young. However, Hubby was on vacation and we felt that M deserved some fun time and we decided to suck it up and just go. 

I’m glad we went. The whole experience just left Hubby and I absolutely exhausted!

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We live in an area with two zoos.

One of the zoos is about half an hour or less away from us.  In the four years I’ve lived here, we’ve only gone once.

That needs to change.  As soon as K is old enough to tolerate her carseat and stroller for long periods of time, I plan on getting zoo passes for the family.  The price isn’t too steep.  In fact, the cost of a two-adult zoo membership is only a few more dollars more than ONE adult one-park pass to Disneyland…

I also know that a lot of the mommies around the area meet up and walk around in the mornings.  It’s a great way to get some exercise AND the kids have a great time walking around and seeing all the animals.  I really got to get into that habit.

I live so close, I have to take advantage of the wonderful places to see in my area…

Do you have a zoo membership?  How do you like it?  Does it get boring after awhile?!

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Hubby and I went to the zoo this weekend..

It’s the first “outing” we’ve been on since we came back from our honeymoon..

Let me tell you.. it was a totally different experience than what outings used to be..

Before I got preggers.. I took very minimal restroom breaks (that’s probably cuz I dont’ drink very much of anything.. shhh.. I know that’s soo bad!).  I didn’t have to take snack breaks either.. I was fine with breakfast.. a quick lunch.. and the rest of the day was pretty much easy peasy..

Now that I’m preggers (currently 17 weeks).. hubby heard a lot of the following:

“Ok.. next bathroom we see.. we need to stop..”
“Ok.. next bench we see.. we need to sit..”
“I’m hungry.. and NO.. I can’t wait..”
“I’m thirsty.. ”
(I brought two water bottles.. and drank them BOTH)
“Feed me.”
“Hold on.. I need to sit..”

It was an interesting outing and I have to really give it to hubby for being totally patient with me and all these prego-symptoms.. especially the hunger! 

We enjoyed the visit.. I especially enjoyed watching all the families with their young children looking at the animals.. and all the kiddos getting excited.. we figure that when our child is old enough to start recognizing animals.. we could start taking him/her to the zoo.. I really can’t wait!

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