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This year, M is working on some summer crafts.  We went to Walmart and purchased art supplies.  While browsing, we came across all the DIY craft kits and stumbled up on this wind chime kit.


It’s about $9.99 before taxes.  Paint your own windchime.  M really wanted it.  I knew this would be a perfect project that I could take a few days to complete.


The kit comes with a wind chime already assembled.  Paints, paint brushes, stickers and stencils come with the kit.  There is also a paper with suggestions on how to paint the wind chime.  We didn’t need those.  M was going to paint it her own way.


The wind chime is currently a ‘work in progress.’  It’s been about two days worth of work so far and I’m expecting another two to three days more before it’s completed.  She’s having a blast painting it and asks about it all the time.

Unfortunately, we usually have to wait for K to be napping for her to do this.  If K was awake, all she’d want to do is get involved.  It would be messy and a bit frustrating for M who just wants to take her time and do a good job.  Thank goodness M is really understanding about waiting.

I can’t wait to show you the finished wind chime!


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I visited the Dollar Tree for the first time last week.

I don’t know what took me so long to visit.

M found the hoola hoop that was just her size.  She had been looking for one for the longest time and she was so happy that she found one.  I had to snatch it up right away.  The price?  ONE DOLLAR!

I also found a few art supplies that I didn’t buy.  We didn’t need it at the time, but I now know where to go when we do.

We only got to stay for a little bit because K was not happy about being inside her carrier and stroller, but I can’t wait to come back and get more things.


These are my Dollar Tree finds that definitely will find it’s way on to some cards and crafts in the future.

Because of our move, we had to register with a new Church.

The welcome packet came with a brochure of the various ministries that the parish has.

One ministry caught my eye.


Yes, a crafting ministry.

I contacted the coordinator as soon as I could.  We exchanged emails and now we will officially meet some time this week.

Exciting!  I know!

I will definitely keep you posted about what we discussed and how I can incorporate my crafting into my faith journey.

Tis the season for graduating..

It’s been a busy week for me at the craft table.  I received two requests for two graduation cards each.

Here is what I came up with.


It helps to know what the school colors are so I could make them more personal.

I think they came out really great and very festive.

I used Lawn Fawn and Sweet Stamp Shop stamps for these cards.

Next year, I know to start creating grad cards early. 

I made some with gift card pockets on the inner left hand panel. They fit any standard gift card, and it’s a nice neat way to tuck some cash into the card without it falling out. 

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Read about my ABC blog series here.

Look back – A, B

Crafting.  We all know I do it.  I scrapbook.  I make cards.  I’ve recently learned how to sew.

I have plans for my handmade goods.  I want to sell them.  I want to create an internet presence with them.  I want to make some extra spending money with them.

But, I had a baby.

Crafting time is now a rare moment and only happens when I HAVE to create something, not when I WANT to create something.

For now, I’m working on a custom party order.  My friend that placed the order knows of my new baby and how my time is very limited, so she asked me far in advanced to create the items needed.  Thank God for thinking of my situation!  It’s great to find the time to work on it, knowing that it as to be out by a certain time.

I know that I will eventually find a way to schedule more crafting time in my already busy mommy-life.  Until then, I just have to squeeze it in whenever I can.

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Rag Quilt – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

With all the sandwiches done, all that’s left to do is put the quilt together.  I have to admit, it was scary.

I was worried that things wouldn’t line up properly.  I was worried the squares won’t look like squares once everything was said and done.  I was worried that putting it all together was going to much harder than I anticipated.  Everything else seemed to go fairly smoothly, I was sure that these final steps were going to be a disaster…

But then again, this was my first time making any sort of quilt.  I was going to allow myself imperfections.  I was going to consider these all lessons to be learned.

First, the squares have to be arranged in the order they will be sewn together.  I had to do this on the floor because I have no table space big enough.  Hubby took M out to play in the neighborhood, so I took advantage of the free floor to do it.


You can see I did 5 squares across and 6 squares down.  There was no systematic way of arranging them.  I just made sure none of the same patterns were directly next to each other, and it was just pleasing to my eye.

Then, I sewed them together, row by row, with a 1in seam allowance to allow for a seam big enough for ragging.  I numbered the rows with the left square on the top..


Once the rows were done, it was time to piece them all together.  It took a lot of pins and a lot of patience.  I definitely feel like a walking foot would help putting this together because there were times that I felt things were shifting because of the way they were feeding through the machine.  Still, I made it work with what I had..



I flattened the seams when I was sewing the rows together.  I’ve seen other videos where they nest the seams.  I’m assuming it’s just whatever your preference is.  The edges are going to get cut up in the ragging process anyway, the way the seams were sewn together probably doesn’t matter all that much in the end.

After all the rows had been sewn together, I took the  quilt and topstitched a 1in seam aorund the entire quilt’s edge.  That was the end of all the sewing!


Here’s a view of the back and the front of the quilt before I started cutting up the edges.

It was a lot easier than I thought it would be…

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Rag Quilt – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After cutting all the batting and all the fabric, the next step is to create sandwiches and sew them together.

A sandwich is two pieces of fabric with the batting in the middle, making sure the “right” side of the fabric is facing outward.

In the case of my solid colored fabric, it didn’t matter what sides were facing out.  In my printed fabrics, I had to make sure the printed sides were out AND in the same orientation.


Once the sandwiches are assembled, I pinned them on the corners and the middle to make sure nothing shifted too bad during the sewing process.


Take it to the sewing machine and sew a big X down the middle.  As you can see in the photo, I didn’t start at the edge of the fabric.  I estimated an inch in from each corner before sewing.  In hindsight, I think I will start a little closer to the edge, still not all the way to the edge, but just closer.  At first my sandwiches looked a little rough.  It was my first time, so I expected it not to be perfect.  But by the time I finished all 30 squares, my sandwiches looked pretty decent.  Practice does make perfect.

Some of my squares didn’t lay on top of each other perfectly, but I figured it was ok.  The edges were going to be “ragged” at the end of all this sewing, so that would hide a lot of the imperfections during my cutting of the fabric.


Halfway through sewing all the sandwiches together.

Here are all 30 completed sandwiches.  Once I got the hang of it, this process went by pretty quickly.  It took me about two days to do this since I had to squeeze in the time between naps and stuff.

Progress on this quilt has been quicker and easier than I initially anticipated and I’m loving every bit of it!

The next step is to arrange the quilt and to start putting it all together!

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Rag Quilt – Part 1, Part 2

After getting all the fabric cut to size, the next step was to cut the batting.

The instructions said to cut the batting into 7in squares.

I have to say, this wasn’t my favorite step at all.  My cutting space is limited to the fact that I have a small cutting board.  Folding up batting to cut isn’t easy.  Batting is bulky and fluffy and just hard to work with on a small space.


I ended up just cutting the full sheet (45in x 60in) in half and cutting it with scissors into manageable strips before I used my ruler and rotary cutter.

It wasn’t easy, but I cut 30 of those 7in squares.

UntitledIt took me about two nights to do this since it took awhile to figure out how to manage it the first night.  Once I figured it out, it went pretty fast.

Next is to assemble the “sandwhiches” and sew them together…

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I’ve been crafting.  I’m sure you can tell.

Quilts.  Pinterest projects.  Scrapbooks.  Cards.  Ricebags.

I do have a craft blog, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.  It’s a place where I concentrate soley on crafting, particular cards and scrapbooking.  The goal of that blog is to feature cards that I put on Etsy and hope to sell.

That blog has been stagnant since May 2014.

It’s hard to keep up a craft blog.  There is a lot of photography, watermarking, uploading.. technical stuff.

It got hard to balance this blog with that blog, then all the pregnancy issues came about… so my entire life was put on hold.

Now that things are relatively ok (modified bedrest allows me time to sit up and craft, type and actually do stuff), I’ve been thinking about that blog again.

I still have dreams and goals of selling my handmade cards and other goods, but I have to be realistic and put that on hold for awhile.  A new baby will make it hard to keep up with inventory and orders.

I know starting up the crafting blog while pushing 8 months into a pregnancy is not the best idea.  Things are going to get hectic again and I just might not be able to keep up with it all.  But I want to do this.  I need to do this.

So, I’m going to do it.

It’s going to be a once a week blog, updating every Monday.  I’m going to try to keep up with holidays and seasons.  I will try to make it a well-rounded blog about all the different methods of crafting that I am dabbling in.  Eventually, I will start to feature items that I intend on selling and will reactivate the Etsy store with all the featured items.

The blog relaunches on December 1st.  In the meantime, check out what I’ve done in the past by clicking the link, CutieQ Cards n Crafts.

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I cut the fabric earlier this week.

It was my very first time cutting fabric and I have to tell you, Youtube makes it look easy.

It may have been my supplies.


I’m using a fairly small cutting mat.  It’s the one that I use for my papercrafting.  I’m not using one of those flat rulers that you can find in the fabric section of a craft store.  That ruler used to be my brother’s, who used it during his college art days.  The only thing “fabric crafting” that I purchased for this project was that rotary cutter.

My cuts weren’t perfect like they looked on YouTube, but once I realized that I would eventually be “ragging” the edges, I was ok with a little imperfection.

It took about two different days to get all the fabric cut into 9 inch squares.


I made 14 squares of these two colors.  Sorry the color is off.  It was evening when I cut them and I had to depend on the lamp in our house.


I made 16 squares of each of these patterns.

The next item I have to cut is batting.

Then, I start to sew!

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