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So.. surprisingly.. we got A LOT done in that little half week between this entry post and the last entry post..

I got my shower thank-you cards done.. and Phase One of “project: table numbers.”

We also settled the wedding day transporation.. bling-bling in a limo!

Joe is getting his barong issue fixed and so I’m trying to remain calm about that… I know it will get done.. but a bridezilla can’t be a bridezilla without the occasional “blow up!”

We got our second set of engagement shots done with my bestie’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law.. we went to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.. and even though they were a little disappointed that they couldn’t shoot where they initially wanted to shoot.. we were still all very happy about how everything turned out.. I can’t wait to get those..

This week’s task consist of going to the Dollar Tree and seeing if I can put together some centerpieces for the shower.. starting on wedding party favors.. Phase Two of “Project: Table Numbers..” and among other things..

Eight weeks = Two months..




I had every intention of starting this countdown when we were closer to 9 weeks away.. but time ran away from me.. and now I have to start this darn countdown at 8 1/2. 

Oh well.. what can you do?!

Can you believe that Joe and I are 8 1/2 weeks away from our wedding?!

There is still so much to do.. so many paper crafts I need to take care of for this big event.. it’s insane!

I’m currently working on the wedding shower thank-you cards.. doing those by hand again.. it’s pretty cool.. I love it! 

And Joe’s finalizing things with the Limo service.. so that should be done soon.. but there are so many meetings and discussions we need to have before anything else..

I’m losing my social life..

There are endless decisions we have to make about music, order of events, pictures, people, blah blah blah.. yadda yadda yadda..

We just gotta keep our eye on the prize.. love and marriage..

I’ll try to keep this countdown up to date.. it’ll be fun to look back on this next year and see the madness and appreciate the marriage.. hee hee..

Joe and I recently made our first major purchase together.. a desktop Mac computer.. an iMac!

This purchase has actually helped us a lot because he took it to his house to use since we do not live together yet.  We have been doing a lot of video chatting for the wedding planning.

This is us acting silly and learning all the little features that iChat has for us to offer.

Gotta love technology.. makes a “long-distance relationship” a lot closer!

I’ve been sick for the past two days.. yesterday I was in bed alllll day..

Today I feel a little better but still took the day off to make sure I rest properly.  But at least today I’m strong enough to think clearly and realize how little time we have left til the wedding..

I need to do some major paper crafting for the wedding..

  • Table numbers
  • Guest place cards
  • Wedding programs
  • Shower thank you cards
  • Wedding thank you cards
  • Wedding party favors
  • Shower prize gift tags

I guess I have to prioritize shower things.. that’s coming up in two and a half weeks..

So.. it’s time to hit the scrapbook store and get some stuff done.. Wootens!

Time is ticking away.. before I know it.. I will no longer be a Miss V.. but a Mrs. Q.

That’s insane..

I’ve been so busy with all the little details that the whole scope of the situation has been lost in the chaos..

What does that actually mean to me.. marriage..

It’s a life-altering concept to grasp.. have I even grasped it yet?

I guess I have.. this wedding is a pretty obvious indication that I’m entering a marriage..

But a marriage is PERMANENT.. I’ve never had anything PERMANENT before..

Marriage is a life-time commitment.. marriage is a never-ending journey with one person.. you have to work and fight for the relationship.. everyday is a mini-challenge.. it’s through sickness and health.. richer or poorer.. and all those vows in between..

Marriage has been trivialized by celebrities and reality TV that it’s so hard to really sit on the idea of “marriage.”

What were your thoughts on “marriage” as you prepared for your wedding?

When the invitations go out.. the next  step is to wait for the RSVP cards..

One great tip I read.. from somewhere..

Is to number the back of each RSVP card before mailing them out.. those numbers will correspond to the party that you are sending out the invitation too..

So.. example..

The Jones’ family is #45.  So when the RSVP comes in.. and you see that in the back you put #45 on it.. you know that it’s from the Jones’ family.

This tip works well when working with your lesser-known members of the fiance’s party..

You can also get a better view of who’s RSVP cards you are missing when you are getting closer to that RSVP deadline.. you can keep all the received cards in numerical order.. for example  33.. 34.. 35.. 37.. 38.. and you notice that you don’t have RSVP 36.. you can look on your list and see who hasn’t turned in their card yet..

Takes a lot of the guess work out..

It is exciting to come home, get the mail, and see RSVP envelopes in the stack..

It’s also pretty disheartening when you know you JUST put those stamps on them a few days before.. only to go back to you.. seems like such a waste of money..

But.. a bride’s gotta do what a bride’s gotta do..

I have to say

They say that the first step to recovery is admission.. well.. here is my first step:

I am a caffeine addict.

Ok.. so that may not be news to most people that know me.. everyone that knows me pretty much knows that coffee runs through my veins.

I’ve been on a slow ween from coffee for a week or two.. the plan was to have it be a slooooow withdrawl..

I’ve been in San Diego this weekend and didn’t have coffee at all on Saturday.  I didn’t feel it though (surprisingly!) because we were so busy doing wedding stuff and meandering around San Diego that the withdrawl symptoms didn’t hit me..

So.. I figured I could survive the whole weekend without the coffee..

WRONG.. by mid-day Sunday.. I was dying… after Mass I practically begged my fiance to take me to a Starbucks..

My mistake was to buy a tall-sized Java Chip Lite.. I thought that small caffeine fix would be enough for me to get by..

WRONG again!  The advil I took is FINALLY kicking in after suffering a good chunk of my afternoon with a major tension headache right behind my eyes.. for awhile I thought I was suffering from a migrane.. but after thinking it through.. I really think that it’s the lack of caffeine I’ve had all weekend..

Rachie.. we have a problem..

I think it’s time that I take this caffeine thing seriously and really try to get over this addiction.. I cannot have my daily activities hindered by this withdrawl symptoms.. that’s ridiculous..

So.. on top of my “weening” technique.. and short of just going “cold turkey” does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get over this whole coffee thing?!

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