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Lots of things have been going on in the last few weeks..

School is getting busy.. busy.. busy.. but I have decided that I am going to start on a new exercise regime..

I am going to take that “Couch to 5K” training schedule and I am going to tackle it.. three times a week.. 20-30 minutes a day..

I am going to try to tackle this.. and I am going to do it.. and I am going to succeed..

I will hopefully blog about it on a daily basis.. each time I do a workout.. not like it’ll be more than..

I walked briskly.. jogged and walked.. the end.

It won’t be exciting.. but I’m sure that some people may want to know..

I’m not a runner.. so this should be interesting.. wish me luck!

Last week, I was bombarded with a lot of negativity. 

Some person was trying twist around his bad behavior to make it look like I was the culprit.

No, this has nothing to do with my boyfriend.  He has been lovingly, supportive during this frustrating and trying time. 

I have decided to erase all that negativity from my life, but that negative energy is deeply rooted in something I LOVE to do.. sing.

I have decided that it will NOT stop me from what I love to do.. especially where I do it.

I sing because it makes me happy.  I sing because I serve the Lord.  I sing because that’s my outlet of creative release.  I sing and there is no one that can stop me from doing what I love.

In the past, I have been known to walk away from things when one person bothers me about it.. things that I have loved for so long.. I sacrificed just to stay away from the one person that causes me grief.

Not anymore.

I am going to learn to not let that stand in the way of something I believe in deeply.  One person versus touching the lives of so many with the gift of song..

That won’t stand in the way.. not anymore.

This is what happens when you forget to “unzoom.”

Just thought I’d share.


I am bored.  You have nothing left for me to do here and yet you chastise me for not doing anything.  Where is the sense in that?!

I’m bored and there is no work to do and you already treat me like I’m gone!

It seems like everyone else has something to do, except me.  And when I ask if anyone needs help, they all seem to have it under control. 

So don’t tell me I am not pulling my own weight around here. 

Please find me something to do, or just send me home for the day. 

Your friend,

In an effort to try to make myself a little healthier.. and to balance out my digestive tract a little more.. I have decided to start taking Yakult.

It’s been this asian thing for years.. and had recently made it into the mainstream US market a few years ago.. it’s a Lactobacillus bacteria species that is supposed to promote a more balanced digestive system.. and possibly build a stronger immune system.

Considering the fact that I have gotten sick for the past few months in a row.. this should be a good thing.

I took my first drink of this stuff yesterday and I have to admit that it is pretty good.  I had been warned that it tastes sour and kind of icky.  It’s got the tartness.. but within the tartness is a sweet candy-like appeal.  I will not feel like it’s a “medicine” but I will enjoy it for the “yogurt” type drink that it is..

I’ve also had this dream of running/jogging in a 5K marathon.  My masters degree program is currently hindering the actual progress of this dream.. but I had found a great training schedule on

I’ts a training schedule that gets you from couch to 5K in 9 weeks.  The training sessions are 20-30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  It looks fairly simple and it’s a gradual progression which makes me feel like I can actually accomplish this.. I just really need the time.. and the discipline.

One of these months I a definitely going to tackle it.  I may not get to do a 5K this year.. but I know one of these years.. I definitely will..

I’ll be changing jobs soon.

I’ve got about 37 working days left in this lab and then I’ll be moving back to my old job, as a Quality Assurance Manager.

Sounds exciting, and it actually is. 

I worked at my old job for about three years, then left that job to work here for three years.  I’m looking to move back to the other job and stay there for as long as it takes.  I’m hoping this is the job that is going to take me places and make me something great.

But who knows what the future brings?

So I’m just biding my time here.  Nothing much to do with all the state economic hardships really affecting this job.. I kind of wander around aimlessly until some work comes a long.  These past few weeks have been terribly slow.. makes the time left here go much slower.

I had the wierdest dream last night.. it was about being chased by many different groups of people and things.

It was one wierd batch of people to the next.. and it never ended.

The boyfriend and I were being chased and for some reason.. HE was the one with the bad knees and difficulties running.. and I was the athletic one with the stamina and good knees to run a marathon!

It was such a vivid dream.. I can still picture parts of it if I think hard about it.

I don’t usually remember dreams.. but when something is that vivid.. I really try hard to think about what I had dreamt about.. and it’s gotten easier over the years to remember my dreams..

The trick to remembering the dream is to think of it immediately when you wake up.. try to remember as many details about the dream as you can.. and if you do.. the dream will not be forgotten.

If you don’t think about the dream as soon as you wake up.. you end up forgetting it completely..

One of these years I’d love to start a dream journal of all the dreams I have had..

I’m not one to analyze my dreams.. I just like remembering some of them..

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