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When I first found out I was pregnant, I was hoping to be one of those exceptions that didn’t get the morning sickness.  My mother would often tell me that she never really experienced the nausea of morning sickness with her two pregnancies..

I, unfortunately, am not so lucky.

Even when I’m not pregnant, one of my monthly symptoms was always a slight nauseous feeling.  So I guess that this nausea would be around full force being pregnant.

Thank God I haven’t been throwing up… it’s just nausea.. and sometimes I feel like that’s so much worse than throwing up.  Sometimes I feel that maybe if I just threw up, I’d feel better..

The only thing that totally allievates my nausea is to have a full stomach.. so that means that I literally have to graze all day.. I have to eat about every two hours..

Trust me.. I’m so sick of eating.. it’s literally become a chore..

The thing is.. I can’t just eat those quick remedy foods that are posted on all the pregnancy sites.. saltine crackers make me even more nauseous.. and grazing on dry starchy foods just adds a very uneasy lump in my stomach..

The only things that remedy my nausea are nice warm, homecooked foods.. like.. really meals.. this snack stuff totally doesn’t cut it.. it has to be a meal every two hours.. or like a nice warm hearty soup.. or chicken strips and fries..

I feel like I’m gaining way too much weight, way too fast because of it.. but what can I do.. I feel lousy if I don’t..

Which introduces another issue of trying to eat hearty every two hours while at work.. I can’t.. so I obviously feel this lingering nausea while at work.. I can’t go into a kitchen a whip myself some meal while working.. so I try the crackers.. I try the snacks.. that’s the best I can do while at work..

I’m going to try ginger snaps at work.. I’m hoping the ginger will calm my nausea down and not require me to eat actual meals.. and can hold me off til lunch time..

What kind of foods or drinks did you do to remedy your morning sickness??

Hubby had a hall pass this weekend.

I’ve been at my parents house all weekend because of my dad’s birthday and hubby couldn’t follow because he had to work on Sunday.

I don’t know if hubby really took full advantage of the fact that I was away all week.. I know he had fun.. but he wouldn’t go crazy.. I am coming back.. haha..

What would you do if you had a “hall pass” from marriage????

It’s been said that news isn’t news until it’s posted on your Facebook wall..

I don’t know who said it.. but.. that’s why they call things “Facebook official” once it’s been mentioned on your wall.. it’s like.. the news doesn’t exist.. or it isn’t real until everyone on your Facebook page knows..

Well.. today I made some very special news “Facebook Official” today..

Today, I finally announced that hubby and I are expecting our first child in September 2011.  I posted the 8week ultrasound and everything..

Hubby and I have known since mid January but we kept it quiet because the first trimester of pregnancy is very sensitive.. and anything can happen.. and it did.. I was in the emergency room twice around weeks 6 and 7.. Thank God it wasn’t anything serious.. and throughout each ordeal.. the baby was snug and secure in my womb.. we didn’t want to jinx ourselves by announcing too soon and then having it all fall apart..

I honestly wanted to wait til we got into the second trimester.. when the chances of miscarriage were significantly low..

But I told for a variety of reasons..

  • I can’t keep my mouth shut.. good news like that is soooo hard to contain.. and I think that I was subconsiously dropping hints on my Facebook status updates that todays announcement really wasn’t that huge of a surprise to some people.. In face, my best friends and some family had a feeling I was pregnant before I even knew.. something about my status updates being quite suspicious.
  • My friends and family can’t keep their mouths shut.. my besties and cousins are so glad I’ve finally made it “Facebook Official” because they have been dying to talk about it freely.. they all breathed a collective sigh of relief upon seeing the news.. hee hee.. what can I say.. we all think alike..
  • I wanted to finally start blogging about it.. I’ve been wanting to document my pregnancy adventures for awhile now.. so that I had something to look back on.. or so that our child had something to read as he/she got older.. not that any child would really read their parent’s blog.. do they?
  • Lastly, I figured that the more people that know.. the more prayers and good thoughts would be sent our way.. prayer and positive thinking are very powerful.. especially when done in large groups.. I figure that only good could come out of it all..

So.. there it is.. my big news.. made “Facebook Official” and now “WordPress Official.”

Please pray for us.. this is a new adventure in our lives.. and we are all very excited..

I just downloaded the Words With Friends app..

It’s finally available for Android phones.. so that makes me happy..

I used to have it on my iPod.. but it’s so hard to keep track when I’m not always somewhere with WiFi..

I suck at Scrabble.. therefore.. I suck at Words With Friends..

It’s either that.. or I always get a bad batch of letters that I can’t do a darn thing with! 

My luck…

I always lose..

I can never find words that merit a lot of points.. nor do I ever get tiles that merit a lot of points..

I’m determined though..

I have the worst habit of watching the Food Network and then craving almost everything I see on the show I’m watching..

For example.. I’m watching “Unwrapped.”  The episode is about cheese.. and they just featured cheesecakes.. and now I’m really, really, really craving cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory.. the banana cream one.. Not that it was featured on the show.. because it wasn’t.. I just have an imagination that likes to run with ideas..

The craving doesn’t die until the food is in my mouth..

Last month, I saw the Man V Food episode on the Travel Channel that was featuring Boston.. and those roast beef sandwhiches that would be dipped and double dipped in beef broth..

I craved French Dip sandwhiches from Arby’s.. and it was only yesterday that the craving was satisfied.. thanks to my wonderful hubby!

But because of eating the French Dip.. I’m now craving more potato cakes from Arby’s..

You see how this works?!

A mind is a dangerous thing.. a hungry mind will drive you absolutely insane!

I’m not really one who celebrates this day.. but.. this year is a special year.. cuz it’s our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple.. and I’m the type of person that likes to celebrate firsts and lasts.. well.. in a way.. this is both.. but I can’t really elaborate on why just yet.. just know that it is kinda both..

Anyway.. the hubs had to work late today.. so we kind of made it a weekend thing..

Friday night we tried to go out to eat.. but I was really car sick after the drive out to the restaurant.. that it really wasn’t too fun in the end..

Saturday.. we spent all day with my besties and their families.. good eats.. good laughs.. good times..

Sunday night.. hubs cooked dinner.. some really yummy steaks.. and homemade mashed potatoes.. steamed veggies.. and sauteed mushrooms and onions..

I’m a pretty spoiled wife.. I loved every bite!

Today.. I had a cute Valentines Day dinner date with my parents.. it’s fun seeing them since I don’t see them as often since I moved out.. we ate “all-you-can-eat” Korean BBQ and my parents totally ate all they could… I couldn’t eat much since my tummy fills up really fast.. but it was very yummy and I’m glad they enjoyed themselves..

I used to be one of those completely bitter people that was very anti-Valentines day.. and in a way.. I still kind of am.. I’m just not really bitter about it.. I figure.. why waste ONE day on being super loving.. the way you treat your loved one on Valentine’s Day should be the way you treat your loved one everyday.. and that’s always been my philosophy..

In a nutshell.. I had a fun Valentine’s Weekend.. spent it with close friends and family… they way its always supposed to be!

Hubby knows I’m insanely nosy..

So.. he’ll pretend that he’s really into his phone.. I mean.. REALLY into his phone.. and then NOT show me.. until I actually go and grab the phone cuz the suspense is killing me..

Only to find out that.. THE SCREEN IS COMPLETELY BLANK!!!

Then he gets a good laugh..

I fall for it EVERY TIME.

Every. Time.

Me:  Hunny!  My friends are at Sea World.. we should go too..
Hubby: No.
Me:  Why not?
Hubby:  Raw seafood.. you can’t eat it.

Or otherwise titled as “Elbow to the head!”

Hubby must subconsciously harbor some ill feelings towards me lately.. because it seems like every night.. I get elbowed in our sleep!

I think he forgot that he got married and now has to share a bed with a girl!!!!

One night.. I was dreaming that I couldn’t breathe.. I really couldn’t breathe in this dream and I was feeling very anxious.. I must have been half asleep or something but I was able to wake myself up from the dream to try to see if I could breathe.. I shook my head and “plop” went the elbow off my nose..

Other nights.. it’s an elbow to my arm.. or chest..

On another night.. I turned over.. and “Bam!” elbow to the face!!  Ok.. so maybe that one is my fault since I kinda ran into it..

Before bed.. I tell him to not elbow me.. haha.. he has no idea what he does.. he needs to wear elbow pads.. or maybe I should get a helmet..

I think he is just infiltrating my side of the bed too much and he’s got these massive elbows that just seem to get in my way..

Oh my hubby and his elbows..

Mom’s kitchen seems to have a neverending supply of kitchen stuff..

She has every pot and pan and plate and spoon.. and she seems to NEVER run out!

It’s one of the things I really miss about living at home with my parents.. mom’s kitchen.

In our kitchen.. we always seem to run out of plates.. or bowls.. or spoons.. or ladles.. or something..

I dont’ know what it is.. I feel like our kitchen is well-stocked.  Granted, it’s an apartment kitchen.. so it’s a lot smaller than my mom’s kitchen.. but we mananged to get a lot in it..

I just feel like mom’s kitchen has more..

Then again, mom’s kitchen is an accumulation of 25+ years of living in the same house and being married for 30+ years..

I guess I really can’t compare much..

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