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I’m first-generation Filipino-American.

I grew up pretty Filipino.. I still eat the food.. I cherish the culture.. and all it’s traditions.. I didn’t really know any other way to live.. considering my parents were native-Filipino.. we were exposed to many things Filipino.. I like it that way.

Anyway.. here’s a fun story..

Growing up.. we’d have the American flavors of ice cream.. and occasionally we’d have the Filipino flavors of ice cream..

I totally thought it was normal to have mais con queso ice cream.. translation.. corn with cheese.. specifically.. cheese ice cream with corn kernels..

I never saw anything wierd about that.. it was an ice cream flavor I was very familiar with.. and still love today.. but I never saw it as wierd.. or out of the ordinary.. or gross.. by no means is it gross..

Flash forward to last year.. I was watching Bizarre Eats with that Andrew Zimmer-something guy.. he was touring the Philippines and was talking about the ice cream he’d find from the street vendors..

He acted as if cheese ice cream was a wierd thing.. he was astounded by the fact that he was having cheese ice cream.. haha..

Flash forward again to last month.. I was talking to coworkers about ice cream.. and I had mentioned mais con queso flavor.. and said it was cheese and corn..

Oooh.. the look they gave me.. they thought it was the wierdest thing..

It just makes me laugh..

I mean.. I thought it was normal..

What sort of things did you grow up with that you thought were completely normal.. and were amused by the fact that most people thought it a bit strange? 

Leave your story in the comments..

June is ending.. that means that 2010 is half-way done..

With half of the year done, it makes me want to look back at the past six months and figure out what has happened so far..

I guess you could say that this year has definitely been quite eventful compared to prior years..

At the end of this year.. I won’t be complaining that my year has been boring and stagnant..

God has truly blessed me thus far..

I should dwell over how much I’ve gone through in the past six months.. I really have to focus on the next six months.. it’s gonna be a doozy!!

Yawn.. must sleep now.

Joe lives an hour and a half away from me..

After the wedding.. the plan is for me to move down to where he’s at.. so the compromise was to have our wedding where I’m at..

If you thought having a long-distance relationship is hard.. try long-distance wedding planning!!!

Joe’s only here on the weekends.. but a lot of vendors are busy with weddings on the weekends so it makes it hard for us to schedule stuff for prep..

Take our food tasting..

Chef is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays… neither of those days are a weekend.. we have to beg for an exception because of our situation..

I’ve found myself begging for an exception a lot with these wedding vendors..

I don’t like to beg..

I’m hoping the Chef makes the exception and lets do our tasting on a Saturday..

It’s seems rather immature to get mad at the situation.. he IS cooking for actual weddings that mainly occur on Saturdays.. to do a tasting for us is at a lower priority for him.. but it is a HIGH priority for us..

Oh.. I don’t know what to do.. I wonder if Joe would mind if I did the tasting without him.. I was kinda looking forward to us doing this together..

I better start inquiring about the cake tasting now too then.. is telling me that Joe and I have 136 days before we become husband and wife.  That equates to four and a half months.

Brides.. don’t ever feel like time is going by so slow.. cuz it isn’t..

I honestly don’t know how we got to this point.. I thought it was smoooooth sailing for the past few months..

We had gotten the big things out of the way.. and I thought we could take our time and work at a leisurely pace.. WRONG!!!

Brides.. work at a steady and productive pace.  Don’t ever think that you’ve got a lot of time on your hands.  Get your tasks done and if they are done earlier than expected.. then so much the better!  Don’t take for granted how much time you have left til your wedding..

Keep a list.. and don’t worry too much about getting things  done too soon.. just finish them.. then stash them away in a safe place..

Of course I’ve got a lot of do-it-yourself projects related to the wedding.. so my list is probably a lot longer than those that have opted to buy a lot of their things.. I’m not complaining.. but I do wish I didn’t take the past few months of nothing for granted..

It’s crunch time.. and I’m cranking away at all my tasks.. I got this.. I’m pumped and ready to go!

The pressures on.. I’ll keep you posted..

With my wedding quickly approaching (there’s almost 4 1/2 months left!).. my coworker asks me.. “are you scared?”

I told her… I’m not scared of the marriage.. I’m scared of the wedding.. and by being scared of the wedding.. I told her it was because there is just so much to do and time is just flying!

She asks me why I’m not scared of marriage and I told her that I’m excited to finally find someone that I can be completely myself with.. and to have that comfort and security of having and giving unconditional love..

She asks if I’d get bored seeing the same person everyday for the rest of my life..

I didn’t even have to think about that.. my answer was a definitive “No.”


Hmmm.. because I won’t.  I know I won’t.. but can explain why I won’t?

Can we all really explain why?

Here’s my question to all you lovely married couples.. and those in long term relationships..

Are you scared of being bored with your significant other in the long run?  Why?  Why not?

I’ve realized that my wedding is very “do it yourself..”

My invitations.. partyfavors.. and wedding programs.. will all be done by me..

It’s a lot of hard work.. but I’m honestly enjoying it.. there are times that I am dreading to get started on a new phase of the invitation making.  I’m just scared of messing it up.. but I’ve only made few mistakes and I’ve printed a good number extra.. I expected to mess up.

Doing this all myself has helped me discover this new hobby of paper crafts and I absolutely LOVE every second of it.. I actually want to get into and trying my luck out with some cards or something.. start off small.. and see where I end up.. maybe make a few packs of cards.. and put them up on Etsy..

Maybe I can make a couple dollars of spending money in the process..

If anyone wants me to make them a card.. let me know.. maybe I’ll start off making some cards for some friends if they want.. then after awhile start selling them for a few dollars as they need more..

I’ve so far made every card I have needed for birthday parties, weddings, and funerals.. I’ve also done a lot of gift bags and decorated some wrapped presents for birthday parties.. if anyone wants me to do some for them.. please don’t hesitate to ask.. if you want just one card.. I’ll do it for free.. if you need a set of cards.. maybe I’ll charge you a small materials fee or something.. we could always discuss..

Hee hee.. I’m sooo pimping myself out..

And I’m not even THAT good yet.. hmmm.. maybe I’ll wait til I’m more confident in my projects..

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