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June is ending.. that means that 2010 is half-way done..

With half of the year done, it makes me want to look back at the past six months and figure out what has happened so far..

I guess you could say that this year has definitely been quite eventful compared to prior years..

At the end of this year.. I won’t be complaining that my year has been boring and stagnant..

God has truly blessed me thus far..

I should dwell over how much I’ve gone through in the past six months.. I really have to focus on the next six months.. it’s gonna be a doozy!!

Yawn.. must sleep now.

It’s amazing what your mind remembers when you just let it go and allow it to do it’s thing..

I went to one of my bestie’s house’s today.. it’s in a city that’s pretty close to the college we all attended..

I left her house during a high rush-hour traffic time and so I wanted to avoid a big chunk of the freeway junctions that I know cause a lot of traffic.  There are very many ways to get around through the city my college is in to get to various freeways in the area..

I knew the area well when I was in college.  I knew my way around that city like I actually lived there.

I graduated in 2004.  It’s been 5 years since I’ve driven around that area, but I really wanted to avoid various parts of the freeways that are known for major traffic jams.

So I drove around and just did what I knew.  I kept my eyes and my mind open, letting my long-term memory and instinct just take control..

I was amazingly able to get to where I needed to be..

It’s amazing what the mind can do when you are not thinking too hard and just letting your mind take your where you are supposed to go..

If only it were that easy with everything in life..

When I was 20 years old.. if you asked me where I saw myself in 5 years.. I would have said.. married.. possibly with child.. working.. or maybe a stay-at-home mother.

By 25 years old, I was dating someone.. we were supposed to get married.. I had a good job.. no where near marriage.. hence.. no where near babies..

I’m 28.. going on 29.. and I thought that by NOW I’d definitely have the marriage.. and the babies.. I never imagined that I’d be where I am today.. I thought for sure I’d be a wife and mother..

If you ask me now.. where will I be in five years.. I guess this is what I would say..

I still want to see myself married.  I’d love to have a kid by then.. but who knows.. I want a successful career.. with a wonderful, supportive husband.. lots of friends and familly around me.  I want to be active in the Church.. I want to make a difference.. I want to touch lives.. I want to see everyone around me happy.. and that.. in turn.. would make me happy.  Marriage and motherhood are still a goal I seek to fulfill.. but if that comes.. then thank God.  If it doesn’t come..  I know I was put on this earth for other things..

It’s something that has taken me many years to accept.  As all my friends moved on to their married lives.. and their parenting lives..

I saw myself as “left behind” for a long time..

But I think that I have learned patience and trust in God.. that I have accepted my role in this world.. and if marriage and motherhood are in my future.. I will embrace it whole-heartedly.. if not.. then I do know there other things I was placed in this world to do.. and I will embrace that whole-heartedly as well..

I hope that five years from now.. I can look back.. and see that my wishes today have been realized.. and then look forward to the next five years of my life..

Here’s a little tidbit I don’t think many know about me..

When I was little.. my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I told them I wanted to be a waitress at McDonalds..

A waitress at McDonalds.

Hahaha.. they don’t even HAVE waitresses at McDonalds.

Maybe I meant “cashier..”

Most kids say.. doctor.. lawyer.. fireman.. singer.. dancer..

I said waitress.. at McDonalds.. a place that doesn’t even have waitresses..

I really knew how to aim high.. I guess bacteriologist at a veternarinary diagnostics laboratory comes close to what I wanted.. who knew?

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