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I’m watching Little Miss Perfect on WeTV.

I apparently watch A LOT of shows on WeTV.

Little kiddie pageants.  It just never ceases to amaze me what lengths mothers go to in order to create a “Little Miss Perfect.”

I guess I can’t really say anything.. not be a mother or anything..

The glitz and the glamour.. the MONEY!  But these mothers must spend so much more money than they get from their winnings..

These kids.. poor kids..

Some of them look like the genuinely enjoy it.. but others look like they are being forced and their mothers are living vicariously through them..

Are there any pageants like that here in California?

I’ve noticed that those pageants are mainly in the south or midwest.. hmmmm…

And seriously.. does he really have to sing.. really?!?!

It was a scene from the Criminal Minds season premier that I saw a few nights ago..

WARNING:  Slightly spoiler-ish.. skip the paragraph ahead if you haven’t seen the episode and you are looking forward to it.

An agent’s wife and child have had their lives under a threat of danger, causing the wife and child to go into protective custody.  The agent’s wife goes to the agent that is in the hospital to talk to him.  She’s obviously feeling a wide range of emotions.  She’s scared, anger, sad.. worried.  However, the minute she brings their son into the room, she sucks it all in and musters up a smile for the little guy.

It’s her portrayal of that strength in front of her son that I found suddenly profound on my long commute to work this morning.

A mother has this profound ability to make things seem “ok” in front of their children.

The world could seem to be crumbling around them, yet, they have the ability to look and act so strong.. especially when it comes to their children.

It’s amazing.

Could I be that woman?

Could I be THAT strong in the face of adversity when my kids are involved?

Could I ever muster up that much courage and that much strength for the sake of my children?

It seems that something happens to people.. women especially.. when they become mothers.. they learn of this sudden courage.. and strength.. and this love that they have never known existed until that point..

When the Lord blesses me with the gift of children.. would that be me too?

If I were to be faced with something I feel I cannot do.. but have to do alone.. could I do it?

I guess only time will tell.. and I know that.. like always.. the Lord will provide..

I guess it’s just one of those things that has to be experienced and felt once I do have a child of my own..

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Seriously?  Seriously?!

Yesterday, you’re “big thing” was that you had “secret Michael Jackson home movies..” and were showing “preview” clips of him doing the Thriller dance with Webster.. showing off a llama.. and hanging out with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs..

Then.. you go to your “feature story” and you didn’t show us anything we hadn’t seen through out those preview clips that you were showing throughout the entire show..

Why do you tease like that? 

That’s not cool at all..

And then you start teasing us about tomorrow’s episode about Michael’s appearance with the Reagans during the “drug-free” campaign that President Reagan was so adamant about.. and all these wild, outrageous stories about Joe Jackson’s love child, and Michael’s gay past.. yadda yadda..


He’s DEAD!!

What does it matter anymore?  Really?  Are all these stories going to just make him so mad that he has to come back to life to defend himself?!

What are you trying to achieve by featuring all these stories about a dead guy?

Have you no respect for dead people? 

Seriously.. leave him alone already.. there are many people still mourning the loss.. and you still inundate us with all these outrageous stories.. think of the family.. think of the children involved..

Think.. just think!

Once again.. I am drawn to make another post about the beloved Gosselin family.  Why?  Because I am (sorta) a fan of the show, and because it involves children and families, and those things are important to me..

According to TLC, next week’s episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight is going to be a one-hour special that involves some sort of important family announcement made by Jon and Kate, themselves.  According to the promo, it’s a life-changing decision that will affect every member of the family. 

Well.. watch it here..

What I can’t stand is that this family is in major turmoil.  There is a lot of stuff going on that should be kept private and TLC and the Gosselin family are totally milking it for all its worth.  Granted, we, the viewers are eating it all up and watching it all and enabling this vicious cycle.  So, honestly, I can’t really be the voice of moral reason here.

I’m curious to see what the announcement is..

Is it divorce?  Is it separation? Is it councelling?

It can’t be ending the show.. Kate would hate for that to happen.  That’s how she makes her money.. how is she going to let the show end.. no.. Kate’s too selfish for that.

As much as I would love to see the show end.. it’s won’t.. at least I dont’ think it will.. and even if it does end.. that doesn’t mean the media and paparazzi will magically leave them alone.. ha!  They wish!

I’d hate for it to be divorce.  I’d hate for TLC to document and broadcast their lives as they go through a divorce.. if the announcement is.. in fact.. a divorce.  That’s just so sad.  The kids will be going through so much.. and to make it TLC’s cash cow.. that’s just sad! 

I know what I’m going to be doing Monday night at 9pm. 

And of course.. I’ll be suckered into another Gosselin blog post.. so.. stay tuned..

Because school has started up again, I have made this “resolution” to stop watching too much TV while studying.  It’s actually helped a lot and I have gotten a lot done than what I used to when the TV was on while I was doing work.  I was too distracted by the Jon and Kate re-runs and anything and everything that was on the Food channel..

I have found myself NOT watching TV again.. and well.. while it’s made me quite productive.. it’s made me feel less in-tune with pop culture.. especially since.. the TV that I DO watch when I’m done.. are the endless episodes of the Golden Girls on WEtv and the Hallmark Channel..

I did watch some TV on Monday.. they play two episodes of the Big Bang Theory on CBS.. they play one at 8pm.. then they shove How I Met Your Mother and Two And A Half Men in between another episode.  I dont mind, those are all pretty funny shows.  I still enjoy the re-runs of the Big Bang Theory.  Who would have thought that a bunch of physics geeks living across the hall from an aspiring actress would make for funny TV?

I guess it’s not too bad that I am on a TV-marathon-watching hiatus.. shows are on their summer hiatus now too.. so all it really is are a bunch of re-runs..

I think I may have to lift the TV-watching-while-homeworking ban once LOST comes back on.. the final season!  Oh boy.. can’t wait!

It makes the inner “couch potato” in me all giddy!!

Ok.. so I wasn’t planning on doing anything more with the whole “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” thing.. I said my piece.. and that was that..

Until.. I saw this..

I am not sure if Kate knew that there were camera’s rolling while they weren’t being interviewed.. and I’m sure she’s kicking herself in the head for not knowing about those cameras.

What is shown here is a blatant display of selfishness.. her daughter is begging her mother for something to drink because she is thirsty.. what does Kate do?  Ask for a bottle of water that SHE can drink HERSELF!!!

Wow.  When she first asked for the bottle of water, my obvious assumption was that she was going to give it to Mady to drink.  Isn’t that the “parental thing” to do?  Instead, she DRINKS the water IN FRONT OF her thirsty daughter..

Ok.. so she drinks out of the bottle first.. I thought she could redeem herself by handing the bottle to Mady right after.. and what does she do?  She puts it down beside her..

Wow.. then.. tired of the whining.. she half-assedly tries to look for the water.. and suddenly then stops because the interview is starting..

What’s wrong with Mady drinking water when the interview is starting.. is it a crime.. a fashion faux pas.. a “no-no” for Mady to have a water bottle with her as the interview started?

I always thought that.. even though she treated Jon like crap.. she cared for her kids.. that she loved them and was a mother just trying her hardest to handle eight kids..

Now I know that she is all about the camera..

Boo, Kate.. boo!

I think they should end this show already.. so many people are going to get hurt.. and so many people are hurting over this already..

End the madness..

I’m jumping on the “let’s blog about Jon and Kate” bandwagon..

I’m a late Gosselin-watcher.. I discovered them earlier this year.. and thanks to various marathons and many days of reruns, I have pretty much seen every episode and special they have.

Because I’ve seen almost every episode, the strain on their marriage was very clear to me BEFORE the media blew up and went hog-wild over it all..

I never really watched the show because of Jon and Kate.. I always watched the kids.. cuz they are just sooo adorable!

So far.. I’m VERY disappointed in this new season.. the strain between Jon and Kate is soo intense.. it actually makes me uncomfortable to watch scenes with the two of them in it.. and what’s up with all the “guest” appearances.. last week was Emril.. next week is the guys from that motorcycle show.. the week before that was the gang from Ace of Cakes..

The show is not even about the family anymore.. it’s just about how many different guests they can put on the show to make them “special” episodes..


In my opinion.. as much as I love watching the show.. and watching the kids grow up.. I think they should end the show.. for the sake of the children.. and for the sake of Jon and Kate.. I won’t mind.. there are always reruns and season DVDs..

I’m a huge LOST fan.. I have been watching the show since the second season.  My brother and father got me hooked on it the summer before the second season started so I was able to catch up with just enough time to find myself totally into the show..

This past season finale was AWESOME!

Actually.. this past season has been pretty awesome, in my humble opinion..

So.. I have found myself needed to go back and reanalyze everything from the beginning to just to see if I can start making sense of the whole series and start tying things together.. and this is where I found.. LOSTPEDIA..

It’s a VERY, VERY comprehensive site about the show.. it’s pretty much done up the same way as Wikipedia in which people can add and edit to articles all having to do with LOST.. it’s very concise and I have found out so much more detail about the show.. There are some pretty detail-oriented people that watch the show and you can tell by browsing this site.  You find yourself clicking links further and further until you spent HOURS on the site..

Crazy.. I know..

If you are a LOST fanatic.. there is EVERYTHING about the show.. including the ARG games that get played during its’ hiatus..

And now.. until the premier of the final season.. this site.. along with other LOST sites will be doing a huge “rewatch” of every episode.. and they will be adding more articles of more analysis to get us prepared for the final season.. I can’t wait..

I’m totally sounding like a dork.. hahah!

If I find a quote I like in a movie or a TV show, I will use it until everyone gets sick of it. Sorry!

Let’s see.. I’ve been using “Sweet niblets!” from Hannah Montana.. um..”___ would be perfection..” from Friends.. and so many other different sayings from so many different television shows and movies..

I think it stems from my lack of originality.. I have to take quotes and catchphrases from other sources..

Yes.. that is.. perfection..

I did background work for the television show, Boston Public. I had recorded every episode I appeared it, then my dad taped them over with whatever show he wanted to record.

One year.. towards the end of summer.. when all the TV shows started taping before the season actually started.. I did background work for the old show, Boston Public.  It was about teachers at this school.. in Boston.. Chi McBride starred.. Jeri Ryan was in it.. Joey McIntyre was in it.. (the season AFTER I worked on it.. boo!)

It was an interesting experience.. It filmed in Manhattan Beach.. so I’d drive out there sooo early because we had an early call time.. and then I’d leave late.. it was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing.. then working for about half an hour.. sitting around waiting again.. and working some more..

I did some “on-scene” auditorium scenes at a high school in Pasadena..

I made some friends.. and it was a good way to make some money.

I taped every episode I was featured in.. and there were several from the begining of that particular season.. I’m not sure which season it was.. but I’d love to look through the DVD’s they have of the show now.. and look for them.. I’m probably in the first four or five episodes of whatever season..

Daddy taped over them.. boo Daddy.  LOL.. So now I have no proof..

I think I should Netflix those DVDS.. at least the first DVD of each season set.. who knows.. I might find myself..

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