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Hubby made an excellent point this past weekend.

It’s common knowledge in our household, and among my friends and family that I’m completely burnt out.

Hubby says, “The reason we are burnt out is because we don’t rest on the weekends.”

Oh.  Yeah.

For the past few weekends, it’s been one thing after another.  It’s been pumpkin patches, birthday parties, zoos, farmers markets, malls, lunches, dinners, parks… you name it.. we went there.

He’s got a point.  Sometimes, you just need to rest.

So that’s what we are going to do this weekend.  We are going to sleep in, we’re going to stay at home.. we are going to rest.

Except, there is still lots to do in the reorganization of the second bedroom.  There’s a lot of fix in our storage area.  There’s a lot to do…

Don’t forget the never ending laundry…

So, we’ll rest.. but not rest.. and hopefully not feel so burned out.


It’s Friday.. the long-awaited day of the week.. the day that we all long to get to.. it’s so coveted.. that even though it is Friday today.. I can’t wait until next Friday..

Friday.. sweet, Friday.. how I covet thee..

It would be better if it were a Friday that were leading to a super fun and awesome “boyfriend weekend..” but eh.. it’s Friday..

I got a busy weekend.. all day tomorrow I get to watch my best friend’s daughter while her and her hubby go to a wedding.. it’s days like that where I totally feel my biological clock go.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I just ignore it.. but.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I know that in my due time.. I’ll get everything my little clock desires.. God knows when.. so I have to be patient..

Tick.. tick.. tick.. that’s not my biological clock.. that’s my “hurry up and be done with the workday clock..” tick.. tick.. tick..

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