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This past weekend was a loooong overdue 3-day weekend.

I cherish these weekends so much because it gives me one extra day to spend it all with my family.. I love being woken up by M instead of having to sneek out of the bed in the early hours of morning, hoping that I don’t wake her up.. but that issue is a whole different blog post for another day…

The weekend started off like any normal Saturday.. we slept in.. and stayed in bed for as long as M will allow.. Hubby made breakfast and while M ate, we did a major clean up of the apartment.. another long overdue task..

After lunch, I wanted to take M out.. either to the playground or the pool.. I was debating which place to take her, but the minute she heard “pool” her mind was made up to go there..

She’s such a waterbaby and LOVES the pool.  We have one of those shaded floaters for her, but she’s discovered that it’s so much fun to swim around without it.  She prefers daddy carrying her in the water now..

We stayed there for about 30-45 minutes because it’s always soooo hard to get her out of the pool.. then we took a shower and before we were even able to get her dressed.. she fell asleep!

The day was pretty lazy from then on..

Sunday, we decided to go to Balboa Park and visit a museum.. initially, Hubby and I wanted to go to the Museum of Man and look at the Torture exhibit, but they said that it wasn’t suitable for children.  We’ll probably go back when we can find the time to leave M with grandparents to check the exhibit out..

We settled on the Natural History Museum because my cousin recently went there and said there was a pretty cool dinosaur display.  The dinosaurs acutally moved!!!  Pretty exciting stuff.  M liked some of the dinosaurs but was a little scared of the moving T-rex.. who wouldn’t be? 

She had so much fun with all the interactive exhibits.  I’m so glad she has the opportunities to go to such places.  We all have so much fun as a family.

We stumbled upon an international food festival while we were there and we had to go.  We bought M a slice of pizza and Hubby and I enjoyed about 3 entrees from 3 different countries.  M ended up liking my paella, so instead of her pizza (which she was about half-way through with at this point) she ate my paella instead. 

We went home in time for M’s nap.  That’s the wonderful thing about living in San Diego.  Everything is so close by that we can enjoy it in the morning and be home in the afternoon for M’s nap! 

The rest of Sunday was pretty lazy…

Monday was just as lazy.  We slept in, again!  Then we had brunch at a local cafe.  Afterwards, we did a little grocery shopping at Sprouts.. Hubby and I are looking into some rice alternatives.. but again, tha’ts a whole different blog entry to get into eventually…

We went home and M napped.. longest nap ever! 

After that 4hr nap, we went out for more grocery shopping and dinner..

It was a very busy weekend, and I wasnt’ surprised when M pretty much fell asleep instantly once we went to bed..

It was full of great memories and pictures that I can’t wait to scrapbook!!!

It’s Friday.. the long-awaited day of the week.. the day that we all long to get to.. it’s so coveted.. that even though it is Friday today.. I can’t wait until next Friday..

Friday.. sweet, Friday.. how I covet thee..

It would be better if it were a Friday that were leading to a super fun and awesome “boyfriend weekend..” but eh.. it’s Friday..

I got a busy weekend.. all day tomorrow I get to watch my best friend’s daughter while her and her hubby go to a wedding.. it’s days like that where I totally feel my biological clock go.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I just ignore it.. but.. tick.. tick.. tick..

I know that in my due time.. I’ll get everything my little clock desires.. God knows when.. so I have to be patient..

Tick.. tick.. tick.. that’s not my biological clock.. that’s my “hurry up and be done with the workday clock..” tick.. tick.. tick..

So remember when I said I was going to make it my resolution to go to Disneyland at least five times this year..

Well.. it’s been done!

I went to Disney’s California Adventure yesterday with OT.

On April 2nd, I plan on going to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure again with some family.

I know.. I’m a grown woman.. Disneyland should be the last of my priorities..

But seriously.. that place helps “destress” me when life gets too hectic.  It’s one of those places that you can just let things go and have fun..

Funny thing is that OT and I saw my ex’s best friend working at the park yesterday.  I wasn’t expecting to see him but I always knew I was going to run into him there.

It wasn’t a big deal.. I didn’t go over there and say hi.. why would I?  And I know he saw me.. cuz I saw him notice us..

He may something to the ex.. but I don’t care.. I’m so far detached from that relationship that things like that are no longer a big deal.

I just found it amusing that I finally saw him there..

Anyway.. I got one thing done of my list of goals this year.. and we are only three months into this new year..

Looks like this maybe be a good year.. let’s keep praying that’s so!

Fridays are usually one of my favorite days of the week.  It leads right into the weekend, and it’s usually the day that I get to see OT.

Not this Friday.

This Friday leads to a working Saturday and an OT-less weekend.

It’s also Super Bowl weekend.  I lose my boyfriend to the Super Bowl.  I lose my boyfriend to football season.  This is my first experience to “losing a boyfriend” to sports.  Eh, I handled it fairly well.

I guess the distance helps us with that issue.  We’ll see what happens when we actually live in the same area.

Anyway.. I digress..

I work tomorrow.  Because I work in a bacteriology lab, we pretty much have to have someone in the lab everyday.  It’s not a big thing, we just have to keep certain bacteria alive in certain samples so that we are able to find them and tell the veterinarians what they need to know about their sick or dead animal.

We are on a rotating schedule.  Most of us take one weekend a month.  There are five of us on the rotation, so sometimes there are months where I don’t have to work on a Saturday.  That’s always nice.  February is one of those months.

It’s easy work though.  I just have to put most things in the refrigerator or work with some things to make sure stuff grows over the weekend.   Should only take me a few hours.. hopefully not eight!

Next month.. I’ll be working at another lab.. but that’s another story..

No wonder some of my friends call me a workaholic!!

I’m getting ready to work today.  Working on a Saturday.  Who does this?!

Well.. I know a lot of people that do this, but I never expected that I’d ever be one of those people!  But here I am.. working.  And this isn’t my real job either.  I’m doing some project work for my old employer.  I get paid a lot and I really do miss working at that facility.  It’s a good way to earn some extra money and to be able to catch up with an old friend.

It also makes the time go faster.

Maybe in the next few blog entries, I’ll start telling everyone a little bit more about myself.  I mean, the only thing you all really know so far is that I am a girl that has a boyfriend that is currently on an Asian vacation for the next few weeks.

Countdown til OT comes home… two weeks!  I dropped him off a week ago yesterday.  He’s already spent, what seemed to me, the LONGEST week overseas.  I’m sure that in his perspective the time is moving much quicker.  I didn’t realize how much I’d actually miss him while he is gone.  But I do miss him and that’s a good thing.

Ok, gotta finish getting ready for a LONG workday.

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