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It’s May 11th.. you wanna know a funny story about what happened on May 10th.. 2008. 

That was one year ago yesterday..

So we were at the baby shower of my best friend. 

Side note:  This is the best friend who’s baby I was watching on Saturday..

OT and I had just had our first date about two weeks prior to the shower.. we had been pretty much talking and texting each other non stop since the beginning of April.. and so I invited him to be with me at this baby shower.  He even pitched in some money for the big joint gift a group of us gave to my friend..

So.. we were sitting on the couch.. together.. and playfully bantering.. teasing.. and flirting.. And this is the following conversation that happens with some observer to our banter..

Girl: Are you guys dating?
OT: No!

HELLO!?!?!  There was no hesititation.. it was such a convicted NO.. that it shocked me..

But the thing was.. we never really talked about our “status..” we only really went on one date.. so.. I let it go.. even though I was shocked and slightly disturbed.

I did tell my other bestie that I was bothered by it.. and that I was going to discuss it at a future date with him.. but since they work together.. things got said.. and the issue got brought to the table the next Monday.

Needless to say.. on our next date.. we got it straightened out.. and he apologized.. and well.. we’ve been together ever since.

But I am NEVER going to let him live that one down!!! Hahaha..

When I was younger, I told my parents that when I grew up I wanted to be a waitress at McDonalds. True story.

I know I wrote a blog entry on this before.  It was one of those little “blast from the past” type stories about me.. but I guess I can elaborate on this more.. it’s better than just sending you a link back to the previous post.

When I was younger I wanted to be so many different professions.  The earliest one that I can remember is a waitress at McDonalds.. and we all know that there are no waitresses at McDonalds.  I was three.. or four.  That’s what I wanted to do..

I don’t know why I thought that would be a cool job.

Til this day, my parents still bug me about it.  They like to remind me that from my beginnings of wanting to be a waitress at McDonalds.. that I have become a bacteriologist at a pretty awesome laboratory.

It’s just funny the way life twists and turns..

My current boyfriend is my first Filipino boyfriend. I had attempted to date another Filipino in college but that was just a very wierd situation.

In the past, my boyfriends and the objects of various crushes and infatuatins have not been Filipino.  I live in an area where, growing up, there weren’t many Filipinos to begin with.  It’s only in the past ten years or so that the Filipino population has grown here considerably.

Also, I’m considered “tall” for a Filipino woman.  I’m about 5’6 1/2″ to about 5’7″.  For a Filipina.. that is tall.. so it’s always been difficult to find a Filipino boy that is taller than me..

Opportunities to get to know some Filipino boys were few and far between.. in fact.. my Filipino boyfriend doesn’t even live near me!  I had to find one that lives an hour and a half away from me!

It’s not that I have NEVER been attracted to Filipino boys.. it’s just that I guess I didn’t know enough growing up to build a collection “filipino boys I’ve had a crush on.. or dated.. ”


On a cute sidenote:
This Sunday will mark the the one year anniversary of the day that OT and I officially met.. can I get an “awwwwww…”

Well.. I’m not what most people consider “short..”

But I am sweet.. when I wanna be..

Anyway.. I have learned that short, sweet, to the point blog entries get a lot of hits.. there isn’t much reading involved.. and the amount of rambling is at a minimum..

So I’m going to try to keep it that way..

Today is my 10-year high school reunion.  I’m excited.  I still talk to some of my close high school friends.. and through the magic of and I have been able to reconnect with a lot of people that I went to high school with.

I wasn’t popular at all.  I knew some people and not many people knew me.  I was a nerd.. I’ll admit that.  But it’d still be nice to touch base with a lot of people from my past.

My ex-boyfriend will be there.  We went out for four years.  Two years of high school and two years of college.. so that should be interesting.. my current boyfriend is coming with.. so he should have fun learning about me.. hahahah!

I have decided to begin a blog series.. I’m calling it.. “Random Factoids..”  perhaps I’ll make a category for it.. but I think it qualifies under “Random-isms..” so it’d be quite redundant..

I’m basing this series off a Facebook meme that made us list 25 facts about us.. I reposted it on my Blogger blog.. here..

You can click the link to read the complete list.. and the series will go through each factoid.. and give a little detail and backstory..

By the end.. you will know more about me than my own boyfriend!  Maybe I should get him to read it.. he may learn a thing or two.. then he can decide if he wants to keep me!

Here’s a little tidbit I don’t think many know about me..

When I was little.. my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I told them I wanted to be a waitress at McDonalds..

A waitress at McDonalds.

Hahaha.. they don’t even HAVE waitresses at McDonalds.

Maybe I meant “cashier..”

Most kids say.. doctor.. lawyer.. fireman.. singer.. dancer..

I said waitress.. at McDonalds.. a place that doesn’t even have waitresses..

I really knew how to aim high.. I guess bacteriologist at a veternarinary diagnostics laboratory comes close to what I wanted.. who knew?

I’m running out of ideas for blog entries.. I’d love it if someone who was reading this would add a question in the comments.. get me going on something to write about..  I am struggling for something to write and I don’t want to be the type of blogger that rambles about aimlessly.

I’ve done that so many times on other blogs.. it’s not that fun..

I guess I can revisit a past blog entry.. Oh, the places I will go..

According to that entry.. it mentions Las Vegas.. Disneyland.. Solvang.. Comic-Con.. a cruise.. and going out of state..

Looks like I’m working my way through the list..

I have plans for Vegas.. so I’m not going to mention them here because I really don’t want to jinx anything..

I went to Disneyland again a few days ago.. I think I’m up to.. two visits.. OT took me for V-day weekend.. and I took Mom on Sunday..

Solvang looks like a lost cause this year.. I don’t know if I want to waste three hours of driving for Solvang.. or three hours of driving for Vegas..

Comic-con comes later in the year.. so we’ll see about that..

A cruise may have to wait due to some saving up of money.. need the money.. need the money.. need the money..

And out of state.. well.. I did just come back from Arizona.. so that totally counts!

See.. I’m chuggin’ along!

I think the hardest thing to do when starting up a new blog is to get readers.  In the past, I didn’t care.  In the past I would just blog and blog.  No one read them.  No one even stumbled upon them.  In fact, I didn’t tell anyone I had them.

It would be simply by chance that someone were to come across a blog of mine.  And no one left any trace of their visit.

Now.. I think things are different.  On my blogger blog, I have a few readers.  I am trying to paste links to this blog on several places hoping to generate some readers.

This could be a good thing. 

2009: The year of getting my bloggy stuff out to the world.

Rise and shine it’s time to sparkle!

And right now, I’m lucky.  I have the time to blog frequently.  I’m on Winter Break for my MBA program at the University of Phoenix.  But starting next week, the classes start up again.  My time will be shortened and blog entries will be less frequent.

We’ll see what happens..

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