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This year, M is working on some summer crafts.  We went to Walmart and purchased art supplies.  While browsing, we came across all the DIY craft kits and stumbled up on this wind chime kit.


It’s about $9.99 before taxes.  Paint your own windchime.  M really wanted it.  I knew this would be a perfect project that I could take a few days to complete.


The kit comes with a wind chime already assembled.  Paints, paint brushes, stickers and stencils come with the kit.  There is also a paper with suggestions on how to paint the wind chime.  We didn’t need those.  M was going to paint it her own way.


The wind chime is currently a ‘work in progress.’  It’s been about two days worth of work so far and I’m expecting another two to three days more before it’s completed.  She’s having a blast painting it and asks about it all the time.

Unfortunately, we usually have to wait for K to be napping for her to do this.  If K was awake, all she’d want to do is get involved.  It would be messy and a bit frustrating for M who just wants to take her time and do a good job.  Thank goodness M is really understanding about waiting.

I can’t wait to show you the finished wind chime!


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We’re officially on summer vacation.


I have to say that these first few days without school have been a bit weird for me.  I keep waking up early thinking I have somewhere to go.

M, on the other hand, doesn’t even miss it!  She’s been fine not having to really adhere to any schedule right now.

We haven’t been doing much.  My parents came to visit for a few days after the graduation and we’ve just been lazy.

We’ve been giving our brains a break from the structure of the school day and the school year.  We’re waking up when we want and we are doing things (or not doing things) without a schedule.

She’s been thriving.  She’s feeling refreshed.

She’ll grab a coloring book and color.  She’ll grab a piece of paper, some water colors, and she’ll paint.  We’ll go outside, play with sidewalk chalk, and she’ll end up writing letters and words.  She’ll draw shapes and pictures.

She’s implementing all the wonderful things she’s learned from this past school year and adding it to her ‘play’ time.

I love it!

As the summer progresses, I do have some educational activity books that I would like to see her play around with.

I’ll slowly reintroduce a scheduled quiet and focus time so that she is prepared for the academic environment again.  I will work with her on some of the thing she needed to improve on based on her preschool teacher’s “end of the year” evaluation.

We’ll get into all of that as the summer progresses…

But for now, we’re just going to let loose and enjoy the free time.

As for K, I know she’s enjoying the fact that she isn’t constantly being strapped into a car seat and driven around all the time.  She’s also enjoying the fact that her sister is around all day!

How do you usually spend your summer vacation?  How lazy do you all yourselves to get?

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Holy smokes, it’s June!

How did we get here?

Every year just seems to go faster and faster.

This month, M will graduate from preschool.  K will turn 18 months old.  Half the year will be over and it’s all down hill to 2017.


Amazing and overwhelming.

Summer vacation starts and I have a feeling it will just zip on by and I’ll find myself in August asking where the time went.

Any summer plans?  Ideas?

List them in the comments below!

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I’m learning that being very pregnant in the summer means that I’m hot all the time.. last night was no exception..

Me:  Hunny, it’s hot.  Your body heat is only useful in the winter.
Hubby:  You want me to sleep in the living room?
Me:  No!
Hubby:  Fine.. I’ll get the fan in here..

Hubby gets the electric fan and sets it up in our bedroom.. cool air begins to circulate

Me:  Ahhh.. now I need blanket.
Hubby:  What?!  You just said you were hot!
Me:  Yes.. now there’s cold air.. so I need blanket..
Hubby:  You’re weird.
Me:  I need to sleep with a blanket.. but it’s too hot.. so now that there’s cool air.. I can sleep with the blanket now..
Hubby:  You’re wierd.
Me:  You married me.


I know every line to the Sound Of Music and can recite it along with the movie. This was because I spent a few summers watching that movie everyday growing up.

It is true.. when I was younger.. I had seen The Sound Of Music on television and fell in love with it.  My aunt bought me the VHS version of the movie as a result.

I spent many summers watching that movie.. practically EVERYDAY!!

I would recite the lines right along with the characters.. and sing the songs all the time..

I may not have the movie completely memorized off the top of my head now.. but when I do watch it.. I still can recite the lines of the movie along with the characters..

It’s one of those things that have been engraved in my long-term memory.. and will probably be something I can never forget!

I’m a person that likes warm weather.  I’ve grown up in Southern California.. warm weather is pretty much how I thrive.

The weather lately has been.. well.. questionable.

The sun is out.. the sky is blue.. but oh.. my.. stars.. is it cold.  The wind blows the coldest air I’ve ever experienced and it’s not fun to walk around.

I need my sunny Southern California weather.  I don’t like wearing sweaters and jeans.  I am a short skirt and top kind of girl.  I love the sun.. I love warm.  I’m not a cold person.  I don’t enjoy the cold.

I don’t mind the rain if the weather is warm.  I like walking in the rain when I don’t have to bundle up in a thick coat and sweater and layers and layers.

I really shouldn’t complain.  When I went to Arizona, I was talking to so many people from the east coast and mid-west.. and boy.. am I lucky to live in Southern California.  I don’t think I could handle the weather that they deal with over there.  I think I would absolutely die!

I miss warmth.

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