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I sing at my Church.  I am a member of the Filipino choir at the Church I am a parishoner in.  I’ve sung at the other Church in which I was a parishoner in too.

I started singing at my current Church when someone from that choir had heard me sing at the Cursillo retreat that I attended.

Am I making sense?  Probably not, but my brain is fried and I still felt the need to leave a blog entry.

I guess the point I am trying to make is that singing for the Church is very important to me.  Singing, according to one of the Saints.. I want to say St. Francis.. but I could be wrong.. anyway..

Singing, is like praying twice.. something to that effect.

Music has always, always, always been an important part of my life.  Starting out as a dancer.. then moving on to singing.. I’ve always had music in my life in some form.

From the time I was young, learning how to put a vinyl record in the player and turn it on.. I was singing and dance..

During my “teen angst” years.. I always identified to music to get me through my “moods..”

Growing up.. finding love.. and heartbreak.. music and lyrics have always comforted me..

Now.. growing spiritually.. I have found a new appreciation for music.. for song.. for songs of prayer.. for singing with the congregation.. for guiding the congregation in song.. it’s such a beautiful thing..

The older I get.. the more music is a part of my life.. and I know that it always will be..


I have been having the weirdest dreams lately.

For some reason, they have been involving the people in the Church choir that I sing with.. hahah..

Parties.. singing events.. and just the weird things that are happening in them..

Like last night’s dream.. I had to go to the bathroom.. and one of the girls just walks in and hands me an invitiation to her engagement party.  Uh..  I was in the bathroom..

Suddenly.. the bathroom had a bedroom right next to it.. rather.. the bedroom conveniently had a toilet next to the bed.. so when I was done using the bathroom.. she lies on the bed and takes a nap!


Then I try to go down stairs.. back down to the Church.. and there’s a little wasp at the top of the stairs.. pacing back and forth on a table.. and for some reason.. I can’t get past it.. it was like guarding the stairs so I couldn’t go down there and sing with the rest of the choir..

Wierd.. wierd dreams..

I won’t even begin to try and interpret that.. I might find out that I’m psycho or something.. hahah!

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