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My shop has found much success with one item.

A banner.


It was initially a custom order I had completed several months prior.  I was looking for more items on a “made to order” status, when I started searching through my old product phots.  I came up on this banner and thought it was a good idea to add it to my listings.

It was the best decision I had ever made.

Since January, I have gotten at least one order of this banner.  In one month, I had received three orders for this banner.

I’ve been more than happy to make this banner.  It’s created with the utmost care and love.  I use a special lined burlap.  Fraying isn’t an issue.

I really need to get my act together and create a girl banner.  I just wish I had at least one more hour in the day.  One day, there will be a girl banner similar to this one.

Ordering a custom girl banner just might give me enough of a push to really create one.  I’m always open to custom orders!

Click here to go to the banner’s actual shop listing!

When we found out we were pregnant, I contemplated whether or not we were going to have a baby shower.

This is my second child.  We have all the big ticket baby items, stroller, playpen, carseat, high chair.. etc.

We didn’t NEED anything new.

However, most of the other smaller items we have are for a girl.  If we were going to have a boy, we’d have to get a lot of new things in “boy.”

But then, we found out we were having a girl again, so I figured we didn’t need a shower at all anymore.

As the pregnancy progressed, we hit one scare after another.  From the bleed that left us with a 50/50 chance of miscarriage, to the bedrest and daily progesterone due to a suddenly shrinking cervix…

I felt compelled to celebrate the pregnancy and this new little one.

So, I agreed to an “unshower shower.”

It’s not a shower.  It’s a celebration.  It’s a celebration that the pregnancy has lasted this long and that despite the hardships, the baby has been completed unaffected.  By the grace of God, she’s been growing at a normal pace, and she moves around like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

I didn’t register anywhere and am not obligating anyone to get me a gift or diapers or anything.

I just want us to all get together to celebrate this pregnancy and all the hardships we’ve gone through during this journey.

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So we had the shower this past weekend.. I have to say that it was really fun.

We are so blessed to have such great family and friends surrounding us.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate the arrival of our little princess..

Now that the fun of the shower is over.. it’s the reality of the arrival that settles in.

We spent all last night.. and we’ll probably spend a good portion of tonight.. sorting out all the wonderful gifts that were given to us by all of our family and friends..

Clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, baby gadgets.. so many things for one itty bitty person!

We got the diaper situation under control.. we sorted those out first because this seems like it was the easiest thing to sort.. which it was.. and so we got those in the closet with all the baby wipes we got too..

Now we have to go through all the clothes.. I’ll be sorting by size and determining if there is still anything that we need to buy her..

Everytime I think of the stuff I feel the sudden urge to just fix it all up.. and fast! 

I start to feel like there is so much I have to do to prep for her arrival and that I need to get it all done.. now! 

I’m intense.. what can I say?!

Remind me the next time I get prego and planning the shower.. that we spread the errands over a long length of time instead of trying to cram it all in one or two weekends..

Also.. remind me to never get pregnant in which I have to spend my entire third trimester in the sweltering heat of summer…

When mom and I were planning the shower, I thought I could be brave enough to tackle the errands a week or two before the big day.. that’s when I was in my first and second trimester and life was peachy and comfortable..

The reality is.. while it was really fun hanging out with mom and getting stuff done like old times.. it was really hard.  By the end of the day, I could barely walk at a decent pace.. everything felt swollen and sore.. and I was really trying NOT to get grumpy over it.  I actually did a pretty good job with that.  I had to keep reminding myself that we were doing this for the baby.. and it really wasn’t as bad as I was feeling.. and it was really nice spending time with mom and shopping and browsing.. just like old times before I moved out of the house..

A lot of the tiredness stemmed from the heat too.. I think I wouldn’t have gotten so worn out if it wasn’t for the summer heat.. even mom felt it.. so I know it wasn’t all about being prego..

Despite all that.. mom, me, and a family friend had a great time going around my old stomping grounds getting things for the shower.. we did get a lot accomplished and I’m glad I got to help out..

There are a few more things that have to be taken care of.. but the majority of the errands are done. 

Planning a baby shower.. who knew it would be THIS involved.. I swear.. it’s like planning my wedding all over again!

Hubby and I discussing some logistics about our upcoming baby shower.. this is our conversation:

Me:  So where will we open gifts?
Hubby:  We can open it there.  The gifts will be tiny because the baby is tiny.
Me: …

“The gifts will be tiny because the baby is tiny?!”  Hahahah.. we’ll see about that.. baby gifts can be ginormous! 

I love my hubby!

I love my card making and all my little crafty endeavors.. but with the baby coming in less that four months.. I have to be realistic..

I have no clue what my life is going to be life when the princess gets here.. and I can’t set expectations for myself based on what I see from other people because everyone and every baby is different.. I only know that I will take things one day at a time.. and I know that once this kiddo comes.. there will be a huge lifestyle adjustment..

With that said.. the baby shower is coming.. and I plan on making that shower my last big crafting endeavor.. at least for now..

I want to go all out.. invitations.. decorations.. possibly party favors.. if I’m brave enough to tackle that..

So.. I’m going to Joann’s and this awesome scrapbook store in the same shopping center to start getting supplies for the invitations.. the actual contents of the invitation has been typed up.. and formatted.. I just need to know what my color palette is before I print it out.. so I know what color ink to print them out with..

The invitations are the easy part.. I did all the measurements.. and did all the calucations for how much supplies I will need.. I just need to buy them.. and start cranking them out.. I can’t wait!  It’s gonna be soo fun!

Once those are done and out.. I need to start thinking of banners… and table decorations.. more.. more.. more!

It’s bittersweet.. and I hope that in time, I will be able to find a decent groove with raising the family and having time to do some crafting.. especially since kids are the perfect reason to have this hobby..


My parents, hubby, and I went to Babies R Us to begin the baby registry since the baby shower is about a month and a half away.. next to the Babies R Us is a Golfsmith store..

Me:  There you go, hun.  You can go to Golfsmith while I do the registry..
Hubby:  Really?!  Ok!!
Me:  Ya.. right.. haha.. you’re helping me!
Hubby:  Don’t tease me like that, woman!

Hahah.. that’s the first time he’s used “woman!” on me.. it was really funny.. I couldn’t stop laughing.  Especially cuz my dad uses that term all the time with my mom..

They always say you marry someone like your father.. it’s becoming more and more apparent everyday!

It’s May 11th.. you wanna know a funny story about what happened on May 10th.. 2008. 

That was one year ago yesterday..

So we were at the baby shower of my best friend. 

Side note:  This is the best friend who’s baby I was watching on Saturday..

OT and I had just had our first date about two weeks prior to the shower.. we had been pretty much talking and texting each other non stop since the beginning of April.. and so I invited him to be with me at this baby shower.  He even pitched in some money for the big joint gift a group of us gave to my friend..

So.. we were sitting on the couch.. together.. and playfully bantering.. teasing.. and flirting.. And this is the following conversation that happens with some observer to our banter..

Girl: Are you guys dating?
OT: No!

HELLO!?!?!  There was no hesititation.. it was such a convicted NO.. that it shocked me..

But the thing was.. we never really talked about our “status..” we only really went on one date.. so.. I let it go.. even though I was shocked and slightly disturbed.

I did tell my other bestie that I was bothered by it.. and that I was going to discuss it at a future date with him.. but since they work together.. things got said.. and the issue got brought to the table the next Monday.

Needless to say.. on our next date.. we got it straightened out.. and he apologized.. and well.. we’ve been together ever since.

But I am NEVER going to let him live that one down!!! Hahaha..

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