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So.. the month of November is coming and going so fast..

I know I haven’t been around much to blog.. but there has been a lot to blog about..

To summarize.. we all know I started a job in September.. I left the job in October.. and am now waiting for the start date to a new job in November..

It’s actually a great testament to my trust in God.. and how I know He’s never given me anything I can’t handle.

I’ll expand more on the next few blog entries.. I feel that I should take my time and really explain what had been going on much more thoroughly than just one simple blog entry..

I’m looking forward to writing it all.. and I promise it won’t be a waste of time..


I like this blog I’ve started.. it’s not dreary.. not mumbly.. and not depressing..

You should have read some of my old blogs.. talk about “teen angst..” and I wasn’t a teen anymore!

Because I like this blog so much.. I have decided to add ANOTHER category.. “Review for you!”

I’m a lover.. I love reviewing places and things.. so.. I thought I’d expand on it and review movies and things and places and people and tv shows.. and whatever else needs reviewing..

I don’t plan on it taking over my blog.. unless people like it.. maybe I’ll branch it out onto it’s separate blog page.. but for now.. this is how it’s going to be..

I’ve been thinking about adding this for awhile now.. but I finally decided to just do it.. No day but today..

Look for it.. hopefully it will be interesting..

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