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Do you know about Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector?

One of my friends downloaded it on her phone and told a group of us about how addicting this game truly is.  I’m always a sucker for a new app/game, so I downloaded.

Now you can call me the crazy cat app lady.


That’s my little yard.

The premise of the game is simple.  Create a yard interesting enough for cats to hang out in.  These cats visit your yard and leave you fish.  They can either give silver or gold fish.  Those fish are currency.  Those fish are what you use to purchase new toys and furniture to entice more cats to visit.  And it just cycles on and on from there.

I recently earned enough gold fish to purchase the yard expansion which allowed me to get the inside of the house.

It truly was a happy day.

It’s also a very low maintenance game.  The cats only come when you leave the app.  You have to make sure that there is enough food for the cats to visit.  And when you pop back into the app, there could be cats there just hanging out.  You can also have rewards waiting for you, which are their gifts of fish.

Did I mention that these cats are all so super cute?!

It’s also a great way for M to play with cats and not have an allergic reaction.


Tell me what kind of game apps do you play with?  If it’s interesting enough, I’ll try it out and review it here too!

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Disclaimer: The item featured in this ‘Shopping small’ post is purchased by me. I am not sponsored by the store featured.


I love Harry Potter.  I love coffee.  I love mugs.

When I saw this, I HAD to have it.

I loved it so much, I bought more than one and shipped it out to my brother, another Harry Potter fan!

The Pink Polk Dot Custom Creations is an only store found on Etsy.  Click here to go directly to the shop.  This shop has so many different designs on mugs and reusable coffee cups.  This shop even has glitter dipped items!


There is an endless selection of items in this shop.

The mug arrived packaged so secure.  It came in very good condition.  As you see in the photo below, the shop owner adds a bit of flair and fun in her packaging.  I totally loved the little purple tinsel.  It was such a cute way to make her packaging stand out from other shops.

Customer service is also excellent.  The shop owner responds so quickly and is so accommodating and friendly.  That personal and friendly service is why I love shopping small.


I’ve already used mine several times, and I still get a kick out of it!  I absolutely love it!

To clean the mug, the shop specifies that it should not be soaked and should not be placed in the dishwasher.  These mugs are to only be handwashed.

Seriously, isn’t it the greatest?!

Click here for the direct link to the item.

If there are any other small/handmade shops you’d like me to check out, please leave a comment below.  If I feel like it’s a good fit for myself and this blog, I’d gladly purchase an item and leave a review. 


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Disclaimer:  The item featured in this ‘Shopping small’ post is purchased by me.  I am not sponsored by the store featured.

Supporting the small shop community has kind of been my thing lately.  I respect the hard work of every ‘momtrepreneur’ out there.  It’s tough working from home, juggling the kids, and trying to keep a business running.  I should know.  I promised myself I would try to shop small and from the handmade community as much as I can and that I will try my best to promote them in my small corner of the Internet.  So, here we go!


This sweater is from Fresh Apparel.  They specialize in various sweaters, T-shirts, and tank tops for children and adults.

This has got to be one of my favorite designs they have.  I’m definitely ‘living that mom life’ and love wearing this sweater during these cool spring mornings.  It’s soft and super comfy.

Yup, that’s me!

However, I do know that this sweater is a seasonal item for the shop.  I believe that by the time this blog post publishes, this sweater is no longer available until next fall.  I’m still featuring it on the blog because I would love for you to visit their website and check out all the other awesome items and designs they offer!

Visit them on Facebook at Fresh Apparel for my information about the shop and their products.  Don’t forget to visit their shop directly at Fresh Apparel.

Happy shopping!

If there are any other small/handmade shops you’d like me to check out, please leave a comment below.  If I feel like it’s a good fit for myself and this blog, I’d gladly purchase an item and leave a review. 


The Target $1/$3 rack is amazing.  It’s got some pretty great little toys for a very reasonable price.  I use that rack to buy M some potty rewards (potty training.. a whole other blog post that I’m still trying to figure out how to put together..).

M earned a potty reward recently.  This time it was a Hello Kitty Imagine Ink activity book.

BENDON_26041_1361588351-1The image isn’t the exact book she played with.

She actually enjoyed this book every much.  She loved that she just needed one marker to color everything.  She loved finding all the hidden pictures on each page.  She also enjoyed how colorful everything was.  She enjoyed it so much, she finished the whole book in two days.

I loved that it was mess free.  The marker only worked in the activity book.  If she tried to color on other things, the marker didn’t work and it didn’t leave any unwanted marks on anything.  I loved how engaged she was every time we played with the book.  I loved, that when opened properly, the plastic holder the marker is stored in can be used to store the marker when not in use.  Less clutter for me!

I didn’t like were that the marker did have a little bit of a chemical smell to it.  I just wish it didn’t smell that way.  I also didn’t like that the marker was starting to dry out after the second day of using it.  Luckily, we finished the book in two days, but I’m not sure the marker would have lasted much longer had we decided to stretch out the fun and only do a few sheets a day.

Overall, it was a great $3 purchase.  She liked it so much, she asked for more of these books.  I’m definitely getting her more.

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For the longest time, M has been using her little Elmo potty.

Now that she’s almost 2 1/2, I want to start really getting her used to going in the potty than in her diaper.

We went to my aunt’s house for New Years Eve and noticed that my cousin’s daughter uses the Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer over the toilet seat instead of her little princess potty.  M used it while we were there and I noticed that she was totally comfortable with it.


It fits very snug and secure on top of the toilet bowl.  There is a dial located on top of the seat where you turn it to fit the toilet seat.

When M sits on it, she feels totally secure.  She doesn’t feel the need to hold on to me like she has when she’s sat on other toilet seat trainers.  Most of the ones I had purchased in the past were meant for travel and were not as sturdy as this one.  She is very comfortable being left on that seat like a “big girl.”  I think that’s why it seems to work so well for us.

This definitely isn’t a traveling trainer, but I think it is enough to start getting M over her fear of public restrooms and toilets.  Since sitting on this trainer, she has been willing to sit on toilets in restrooms when we are out and about.

I highly recommend this toilet trainer.  It’s great and I wish I purchased this instead of the traveling ones.

We purchased this at Babies R Us.  It costs $34.99, but they had a 20% coupon that we used.

Buy it.  Really.  Buy it!


I love this wetbag. 

I don’t do cloth diapers, but I rely on this wetbag constantly when M and I are out and about.

This wetbag is lined with waterproof cloth and is perfect for when M decides to spill things on herself.  It’s also great to store outfits that unfortunately get wet due to a diaper leak.  A change of clothes and this wetbag are the two essentials when going out and running errands and such.

My friend owns the Etsy shop, Rosalie Jane’s Creation, and sews all these wetbags.  The quality of her work is absolutely exquisite.  The bag is very durable and big enough to fit a whole outfit, and more!  If you use cloth diapers, or just have a toddler, having one of these is a lifesaver!  Before I had this, I would go searching for a plastic bag if M decided to get something wet, or her diaper leaked.   Those weren’t always readily available, especially when I’m somewhere where plastic bags aren’t normally distributed. 

The bag is easy to clean.  I was told to just turn the bag inside out, then wash with the rest of your toddler’s laundry.  Then you can either pop it into the dryer, or hang dry it.

I highly recommend these bags to anyone and everyone!  She offers them in several different patterned fabrics and colors.  I do believe she also takes custom orders for these, and other items she sells.

Please visit her Etsy shop, Rosalie Jane’s Creation.
Also visit her FB page, Rosalie Jane’s Creation.
Lastly, visit her blog, Rosalie Jane’s Creation.


I borrowed Dora The Explorer: Valentines for Everyone from the library.

Since M LOVES Dora, I figured that she would totally enjoy this book.

I was right!

This book is such a fun little treat. There are several flaps per page that your toddler can open and find a cute surpise. If your child is familiar with Dora and her friends, your child will enjoy opening a flap and finding Tico, Benny, or Issa hiding behind them!

The book is made for Valentines Day. The book goes through a little adventure to get to Abuela’s house to give her a Valentine.

My daughter loves to open the door to find Abuela hiding on the other side. She knocks on the door and tries to open the door by the knob, but since it’s just a picture, I had to teach her how to properly open the flap.

This is a board book that will endure the wear and tear of a toddler. However, the flaps are made of heavy paper, but can be easily ripped, so be careful.

I recommend this book for any Dora the Explorer lover!

Click the link above to be directed to the book’s Amazon page.

I’m working on setting up a lot more toddler item reviews.

I started trying to do some reviews earlier this year, and then I sort of just stopped.

I blame laziness. 

Because this has become sort of a mommy blog, it’s important to sprinkle a few reviews every now and then.

So my question for you is this…

What do you want to see me review?

All the items I have reviewed and will be reviewing are items that I have either purchased myself, or borrowed from the library, or have borrowed from friends or relatives. 

At this point in the blog, no one is sponsoring me.  No one is sending me items to try, although I’m definitely not opposed to the option.

All the opinions are my own.  All my reviews are personal experiences with the product or place.  My daughter will have tried every single item reviewed when pertaining to a toddler item.

Please let me know if there is anything you’d like to see.  If we have it, or it’s easily attainable, we will definitely put it in the queue to be reviewed.


Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.. the boyfriend and I had to try this place out.  It’s called Tioli’s Crazee Burgers.. and they serve weird stuff.. like ostrich, alligator, buffalo, kangaroo.. etc..

One of my best friend’s lives in the area and we were going to visit her because she had a baby (my new godson) a month ago and I hadn’t see him yet.. it was a great opportunity to go see them since I was down in San Diego for the weekend.

The place is a lot smaller than I thought it would be from watching the feature on the Food Network.

Boyfriend and I split a bison (or buffalo.. or is that the same thing?) burger.  It came with lettuce, onions, pickles and tomato.. and a horseradish sauce on top.. we asked for the burger to be cooked medium and it came out pretty perfect.. The burger was juicy and it didn’t taste any different from any other meats.. except for the slight “gaminess” which I pretty much tasted for the first time that day.. It was a different taste so I’m figuring that’s what it was.. haha..

I would definitely go back there again and try some more of their exotic burgers.. I’m interested in the alligator and ostrich burgers.. I would love to see how they would taste..

If you find yourself in San Diego.. you should really go.. it’s interesting and I think people would enjoy it..

I like this blog I’ve started.. it’s not dreary.. not mumbly.. and not depressing..

You should have read some of my old blogs.. talk about “teen angst..” and I wasn’t a teen anymore!

Because I like this blog so much.. I have decided to add ANOTHER category.. “Review for you!”

I’m a lover.. I love reviewing places and things.. so.. I thought I’d expand on it and review movies and things and places and people and tv shows.. and whatever else needs reviewing..

I don’t plan on it taking over my blog.. unless people like it.. maybe I’ll branch it out onto it’s separate blog page.. but for now.. this is how it’s going to be..

I’ve been thinking about adding this for awhile now.. but I finally decided to just do it.. No day but today..

Look for it.. hopefully it will be interesting..

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