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I like this blog I’ve started.. it’s not dreary.. not mumbly.. and not depressing..

You should have read some of my old blogs.. talk about “teen angst..” and I wasn’t a teen anymore!

Because I like this blog so much.. I have decided to add ANOTHER category.. “Review for you!”

I’m a lover.. I love reviewing places and things.. so.. I thought I’d expand on it and review movies and things and places and people and tv shows.. and whatever else needs reviewing..

I don’t plan on it taking over my blog.. unless people like it.. maybe I’ll branch it out onto it’s separate blog page.. but for now.. this is how it’s going to be..

I’ve been thinking about adding this for awhile now.. but I finally decided to just do it.. No day but today..

Look for it.. hopefully it will be interesting..

Well.. I’m not what most people consider “short..”

But I am sweet.. when I wanna be..

Anyway.. I have learned that short, sweet, to the point blog entries get a lot of hits.. there isn’t much reading involved.. and the amount of rambling is at a minimum..

So I’m going to try to keep it that way..

Today is my 10-year high school reunion.  I’m excited.  I still talk to some of my close high school friends.. and through the magic of and I have been able to reconnect with a lot of people that I went to high school with.

I wasn’t popular at all.  I knew some people and not many people knew me.  I was a nerd.. I’ll admit that.  But it’d still be nice to touch base with a lot of people from my past.

My ex-boyfriend will be there.  We went out for four years.  Two years of high school and two years of college.. so that should be interesting.. my current boyfriend is coming with.. so he should have fun learning about me.. hahahah!

I have decided to begin a blog series.. I’m calling it.. “Random Factoids..”  perhaps I’ll make a category for it.. but I think it qualifies under “Random-isms..” so it’d be quite redundant..

I’m basing this series off a Facebook meme that made us list 25 facts about us.. I reposted it on my Blogger blog.. here..

You can click the link to read the complete list.. and the series will go through each factoid.. and give a little detail and backstory..

By the end.. you will know more about me than my own boyfriend!  Maybe I should get him to read it.. he may learn a thing or two.. then he can decide if he wants to keep me!

As I am sitting here at work.. with sadly.. nothing to do.. I realized that I was lacking in one more category for this lovely blog of mine..

My life as a musical..
This is for the occasions where I feel like I could break out into song and dance at any minute.  This is where the song lyrics live in my life and in my head..

So.. anyway.. how’s that for a “random-ism.. “

I’ve decided that what this blog needs is some categories. 

Yes.. my ultimate nerd-dom has gotten the best of me and I decided that we are going to go with..

Living life in the carpool lane.. version 2.0!
Now.. with nifty categories!

I don’t want to sift through all the past posts and categorize them all.. what do you think of me??  You think I’m some sorta uber-geek? 

Well.. maybe.

I just thought that maybe I’d list out the blog categories.. and start categorizing my blog posts from here on out!

Blast to the past
This will be used for the times that I decide to take a trip down memory lane and give you a story of my life.. from the people I have met.. to the places I have been.. to the person I once was.. it’s just a blast from the past!

Boyfriend.. girlfriend.. relationships..
This is probably the category that OT would benefit the most from reading.  This will feature entries that pertain to anything concerning our relationship.. and maybe sometimes things that DON’T directly relate.. but need to be mentioned..

Oh, the many lists..
If you haven’t noticed reading some of the past entries.. I like making lists of stuff.. this is the category to do it.. and it looks like this entry may be the first one.. so proud!

For those times that an entry just doesn’t seem to fit anywhere.. this is the place it will go!

The crystal ball..
When I reflect on what I want to do.. who I want to become.. and how I can go about doing this.. my goals and resolutions.. my dreams and aspirations.. all in the crystal ball..

And there you go, readers and writers..

Version 2.0 is up and live!!!

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