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Sometimes, I have weird dreams.

The other night, I had a dream that I was a nurse.

I dreamt that I was probably the WORST nurse on the face of the earth!

I never knew what my work hours were.  I would constantly clock out and realize that I’d still have hours left on my shift. 

I’d forget to take the patient’s temperature.  About three patients went by and I never took their temperature.

I also NEVER entered any of the vitals into the computer.  I never recorded their information into the computer.  I only realized that I wasn’t doing this after about 5 patients in.

It was the worst feeling knowing I had no idea what I was doing.  I just felt totally lost.

Does anyone interpret dreams?  I’d love to know what this could mean.

In the seventeen months of M’s life, she’s been a good sleeper.  I’m treading lightly on my words so I don’t jinx myself from here on out.

Even as a newborn, she slept in 3 hour chunks.  She’d sleep for three hours, wake up to eat and get her diaper changed, then she’s sleep again.  Even when she was starting to wake up more, she always slept at night and stayed awake during the day.  By the time I got back to work, when she was 5 months old, she was only waking up once, and that was after a good 4-5 hours of sleep.

Thank God for that!

However, there are those rare moments when she’d get a night terror, or a bad dream, or be under the weather and just wake up in the middle of the night. 

Tuesday night was one of those nights.

She started the night with runny nose.  I knew this would only lead to a cold.  I’m praying so hard that it won’t end up in an ear infection!!!

We went to bed like any other night, but I knew deep down that this won’t be like any other night.  Call it “mothers intuition..”

At one o’clock, I can already feel M tossing and turning.. then the whining started..

Then, she woke up and tried to climb on me..

I thought she was hot because when the vaporizer is on, the room warms up.. so I take off her long sleeved top..

That didn’t work.

She started crying and asking to “go.” 

She just kept saying “go, go..” like she wanted to go somewhere.. then she asked for Dora, but I told her Dora was sleeping. 

That’s when it hit the fan..

She cried and cried. 

I had to take her out of the bedroom and calm her down on our recliner. 

She fell asleep on the recliner, but woke up again crying.. so I calmed her down and took her to the bed where she fell asleep again..

This went on several times within in the hour.

I finally laid her on top of me, which is hard because she’s 23lbs and that’s a weight on my chest..

Laying her on top of me calmed her down considerably.  She fell asleep and eventually moved herself off my chest and right into my arms.  She stayed there until I woke up to get ready for work.

Did I mention that I ended up oversleeping?!

I drank about three cups of coffee the next day..

I’m really hoping that she just had a bad dream, and that the runny nose didn’t have anything to do with it.

How do you handle those no-sleep kind of nights?

Hubby is slurping his cereal.. and I’m on the computer after finishing my breakfast..

I’m working up the motivation to get off the couch and get to work.

I swear.. waking up in the morning is getting harder and harder during the week.. I love the weekends where I wake up on my own!

That makes Mondays especially tough.. I’ve never liked Mondays.. and have always been partial to Thursdays..

Why Thursday?  I have no idea.. but they always had more appeal to me than Fridays.. maybe because the next day was Friday and Thursday gave me something to look forward to..

I had a rough sleep last night.. I don’t know if I was half-awake or just having a really vivid dream.. my mind was going like it was half-awake.. but when I woke up, none of what I was feeling there..

I was thinking of calling my OB because I was having this persistent soreness under my right ribs.. at my last appointment, I was told that if it persisted, I should call because it could be a gallbladder problem..

So last night, I was either dreaming or half-awake because of the pain.. and I kept telling myself that I would call in the morning to see what the Dr wanted me to do..

But when I woke up this morning.. the pain was nonexistent..

Was I dreaming that all?

So.. now I feel like my sleep wasn’t enough.. because of the whole “half-awake or dreaming” feeling..

Yup.  It’s gonna be a fun Monday.

I had the wierdest dream last night.. it was about being chased by many different groups of people and things.

It was one wierd batch of people to the next.. and it never ended.

The boyfriend and I were being chased and for some reason.. HE was the one with the bad knees and difficulties running.. and I was the athletic one with the stamina and good knees to run a marathon!

It was such a vivid dream.. I can still picture parts of it if I think hard about it.

I don’t usually remember dreams.. but when something is that vivid.. I really try hard to think about what I had dreamt about.. and it’s gotten easier over the years to remember my dreams..

The trick to remembering the dream is to think of it immediately when you wake up.. try to remember as many details about the dream as you can.. and if you do.. the dream will not be forgotten.

If you don’t think about the dream as soon as you wake up.. you end up forgetting it completely..

One of these years I’d love to start a dream journal of all the dreams I have had..

I’m not one to analyze my dreams.. I just like remembering some of them..

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately.

For some reason, they have been involving the people in the Church choir that I sing with.. hahah..

Parties.. singing events.. and just the weird things that are happening in them..

Like last night’s dream.. I had to go to the bathroom.. and one of the girls just walks in and hands me an invitiation to her engagement party.  Uh..  I was in the bathroom..

Suddenly.. the bathroom had a bedroom right next to it.. rather.. the bedroom conveniently had a toilet next to the bed.. so when I was done using the bathroom.. she lies on the bed and takes a nap!


Then I try to go down stairs.. back down to the Church.. and there’s a little wasp at the top of the stairs.. pacing back and forth on a table.. and for some reason.. I can’t get past it.. it was like guarding the stairs so I couldn’t go down there and sing with the rest of the choir..

Wierd.. wierd dreams..

I won’t even begin to try and interpret that.. I might find out that I’m psycho or something.. hahah!

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