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This past weekend, we finally saw the movie, “Ted.”  Without any spoilers, there was a moment where the movie actually made me cry.  Then again, we’re talking about a girl that can pretty much find a moment to cry in ANY movie.

Anyway, hubby looks at me and finds me crying and says…

“It’s just a bear.”

All the more reason to cry, right?!

I swear I think M’s toys come to life just like in the Toy Story movies.

I find her toys everywhere and in the wierdest places! 

I was going through a bag of Target purchases that I had tucked away under the dining table, and while looking through it, I found one of M’s pegs from her pegboard.

When we came home the other day, I found her Little People Disney Princess Belle lying in the nicely folded clean clothes basket by the door..

If the toys come to life while we’re gone, that would be kind of neat.  Hahah, I’ve seen the movies and loved them. 

It definitely would explain why we can never keep these toys contained!

Now, if they would only do us a favor and go back to their respective boxes and bins when they are done for the night.. that would help with clean up a lot!

I know every line to the Sound Of Music and can recite it along with the movie. This was because I spent a few summers watching that movie everyday growing up.

It is true.. when I was younger.. I had seen The Sound Of Music on television and fell in love with it.  My aunt bought me the VHS version of the movie as a result.

I spent many summers watching that movie.. practically EVERYDAY!!

I would recite the lines right along with the characters.. and sing the songs all the time..

I may not have the movie completely memorized off the top of my head now.. but when I do watch it.. I still can recite the lines of the movie along with the characters..

It’s one of those things that have been engraved in my long-term memory.. and will probably be something I can never forget!

So.. I saw the Hannah Montana movie this weekend.. yes.. guilty!!

I had an excuse!  I took my cousin’s eight year old daughter with me because her older sister’s didn’t want to see it!!!  I had a valid excuse!

Who am I kidding?  I wasn’t intending on taking her in the first place.. she just happened to find out.. so I invited her along.. I was totally going to go see that movie no matter what this weekend..

I liked it.. I thought it was a very cute movie with a very cute story.. I even cried.. but then again.. I cry at every movie.. seriously.. I do.. it’s actually one of the random factoids that will be coming up on future blog entries.. I am a big cry baby!

So.. I have nothing to be ashamed about.. there were people there that didn’t bring kids with them.. and saw the movie.. that’s how it was when I went to go see the 3D concert.. so.. ya.. there are many people out there like me!

I watched the Hannah Montana movie.. and liked it.. so.. there!

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