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Last weekend, Hubby and I decided to get the carpets steam cleaned in our apartment.  It’s free when the lease gets renewed, so we take advantage of it.

We moved ALL of M’s toys into the second bedroom, the room that had always been my parents room when ever they come over for the weekend.  Our living room looked amazingly spacious.  I haven’t seen all that space since before M! 

So Hubby and I made the executive decision to finally make that second bedroom M’s room.

Ok, it’ll be M’s/Craft room.

Who knew that this decision would be one so full of hard work?

Before M, it was easy to make a change.  We’d spend all night working on getting it just right.

Now, it’s in phases. 

I mean, the kid’s gotta eat, right?

It’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated getting everything moved around and cleaned up.

My craft space is one of those mountains I have to tackle.  It’s a mess!  I really need to work on finding new storage options to keep things clean.  Gone are the days where I would just plop everything down onto the air mattress and deal with it when my parents come over to stay.  Those patterned paper pads need a new home, and it’s my responsibility to find it.

Her toys, most of them, already found their home inside her room.  And, in perfect M-fashion, she’s already made a mess.

Yesterday, I told her, “M, all your toys are everywhere.  Clean up your room!”

It made me smile.  My baby has a room. 


2013 is going to be the year I take control of my organized chaos..

Ever since Little M was born, she’s pretty much taken over the entire apartment.  I let certain organizational things slide in our living space.. and she never lets things be tidy for very long..

But 2013 is going to be different.

At the beginning of 2013, Hubby and I are going to do some major reorganization of our space.  We are going to put things in storage if they need to be placed there.  And we are going to make use of all the space we have in our apartment.

Things are definitely going to get moved around for the better and it will hopefully end the chaos.. until M decides otherwise.

Since M is started to follow instructions and can now be told what to do, I’ll start teaching her “clean up” time and how to pick up after herself. 

2013 is going to be year of organization.. I hope!

I mentioned before that Little M LOVES being an independent eater.

For almost every meal, she has some sort of “finger food” to go with it.  Usually it’s extra rice, or her veggies cut up into little pieces.

This usually leads to some pretty big messes.  Some of the food either ends up on her lap or on the floor!  Yikes!

Gotta give her credit for the effort.

At restaurants, Hubby and I decided that we would clean up after her.

That usually means one of us is on our hands and knees on the floor where she ate picking up all her bits of dropped food.

We started doing this when she was younger and loved tearing up pieces of the straw wrapper and napkins.  There were little bits of paper everywhere and we felt the need to pick up after her.

It just feels like common courtesy.  She’s our daughter, she made the mess, we should clean it up!

So if you see us on the floor at a restaurant, don’t worry.. we’re just cleaning up our mess!

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