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I was wrong about two year old toddlers.

M left a pretty icky taste in my mouth after turning two and just being as terrible as the namesake.

However, I think its safe to say that her “terrible” twos were attributed to her being under the weather after our Hawaii trip.. but I think I’ve already said all of this before..

I love my two year old.

She’s funny.  She’s sweet.  She’s loving.  She’s thoughtful.  She’s definitely entertaining.

Her vocabulary and her communication skills seem to get better and better everyday.  She can tell me what she wants most of the time.  If she gets hurt, she can show me her “owwie.”  It’s no longer a guessing game with her.

I’m able to reason and compromise with her.  Her ability to understand what I’m trying to tell her gets better and better.

I’m able to explain why certain things won’t go her way, and she’s able to understand it and accept it.. for the most part.

Her cuddles.  Oh, her cuddles.

“One hug.  One kiss.”

That’s her thing.  She’ll give me one hug and one kiss.  It’s the cutest thing, really it is.

It’s so easy to get a hug and a kiss, all I have to do is ask.

I’m enjoying every hug and every kiss.  I’m enjoying every smile, and every look of approval.  I know that these moments are fleeting.

I just hope that these moments stay imprinted in my brain long after she’s out grown me..

M is growing up to be quite an affectionate little person.

She loves to hug, cuddle and kiss. 

She’ll hug me and give me a little pat-pat on my back, similar to how I hug and pat her.

She’ll lean over and just hug my arm and give it a little squeeze or rub with her hands, similar to the way I give her a little squeeze too..

It’s the cutest thing.

M is so loved that I’m sure she’s learned all these behaviors from us, and her extended family.  I’m so happy that M is surrounded by so much love and affection.

I will cherish these moments because I know as she gets older, the hugs and kisses will start coming too few and far between.

I really hope that it doesn’t change too fast, too soon.

Privacy is a luxury when living with a toddler.

I can’t go to the bathroom without M right at my tail.  If I shut the door, all heck breaks loose.  She’ll either whine and cry or knock on the door continuously until I get out.

I can’t sneak away into the bedroom for a second without her suddenly behind me, biggest smile on her face.

Even when she’s deep in concentration over her toys, or coloring book, or iPad.. the minute she sees me walking away from the room, she’s up and right by my side.

Some may find it annoying.  Some may crave that “me time.”  But I totally find it endearing.

I get my “me time.”  I get some time to myself between the hour or so that I get home from work and the time that M and Hubby come home.  And I get the full workday to myself.  That’s definitely enough “me time,” in fact, the workday maybe a little too much “me time” away from M.  By the time I’d done with the workday, and I get an hour to clean up, cook, and/or craft.. I’m ready to see M and spend all my time with her.

Her constant following isn’t a burden.  I love it.

I love it because it’s her way of showing me that she loves me.  It’s her way of showing me that she trusts me.  It’s her way of being affectionate.  When she follows me, and I stop to turn around and look at her, she rushes up to me with arms wide open and gets my legs in the tightest hug she knows! 

That’s unconditional love.  And I love it all.

Plus, I know these moments are fleeting.  There’s going to come a time that her games,  whatever is on TV, or toys  are more important that knowing that I have left the room.  And eventually, she won’t follow me anymore.  There is going to come a time when following me will be the last thing she’ll want to do.  And I will crave those moments when she would never leave my side.

So I don’t find my lack of privacy a hassle.  I don’t find her need to be by my side annoying.  I welcome it because I want her to know that I love her as much as she loves me.  I want her to know that she is always welcome by my side, and I’ll always want her with me, as long as she wants me to.



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