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When my brother was young, during any meal, my mother would accompany his food with gummy bears.  It got him to eat whatever my mom would try to feed him.

For years, I thought it was the strangest thing.  Not only because gummy bears don’t necessarily go with Filipino food, but because I never got to have any.. no.. I’m not bitter.

It was a phase my little brother went through during a picky eating phase of his life.

I swore that I would never do that with any of my future children.  Gummy bears just didn’t feel like a good habit to get my child to eat.  It was just weird, but my mom stood her ground AND my brother ate.

Well, now, M is going through a super picky eating phase.  All she wants is pastas, breads, and rice…

I read on Babycenter that bribing may not necessarily be a completely bad thing, so Hubby and I have been trying to give M some incentives. 

Cookies, m&ms, yogurt, ice cream… they may not be the best choices, but they’ve been working.  She’s sworn off meat, but now will try 1-2 bites during her meal.  She’s been refusing some vegtables, but will now eat a few. 

I understand the lure of the gummy bears… I understand my mom’s intentions..

My motherhood lesson??
You really don’t know how you are going to deal with your child until you are actually dealing with a child..

What are some of the ways you get your picky eater to eat?

I made Filipino Menudo. I rushed home from work to get the meat going, cooked as fast as the food let me so that by the time M and Hubby came home, dinner was almost done.

M didn’t like it.

I made meatloaf.  I spent a good amount of time tediously chopping some veggies to incorporate into the meatloaf.  Cooked as fast as the food let me so that the food would be done by the time M got hungry.

M didn’t like it.

It’s very frustrating.

It’s not that she’s super picky.  It’s just a major guessing game to see if she’s going to like the food being prepared.  AND even if I cook something that she’s been known to like one day, it may not be the same the next time.  She may like it today, but will she like it two weeks from now if I make it again?!

It’s a battle.

The foods that seem to never fail usually involve some sort of pasta.  But who wants to eat pasta all day, everyday?  Not me! 

Recipes.  Send me recipes.  What did your kids like? 

I’m open to trying new things… just nothing majorly preparation-heavy…

Leave a comment below.

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