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Yes, that was M.  Every night when I open the laptop to write the next few blog posts, she climbs onto my lap and reviews her letters and numbers as she sees them on the keyboard.

It doesn’t make it easy to write a blog post, but I sit around patiently, waiting for her to run off to her next activity.  All the while, the thoughts that run through my head for that particular blog post slowly fade..

So… while sitting down and writing this post, I figure, “if I can’t stop her, I should let her go with it.”  As she was typing, her little voice would tell me which letters she would press.  She’d occasionally press function keys and realize that nothing was happening.  I’d constantly remind her to focus only on letters and numbers.

It’s a nice way to capture this single little moment in her life.  It may be gibberish, but it’s a snapshot of M this particular age on this particular date.

We can mark this date as M’s blog debut.  I’m hoping as she gets older, she can be my little blogger, what do you think?

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