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After dropping off M at school one day, K and I decided to do a Michael’s run.  I had a couple of items I needed to buy for an order and the morning was the perfect time to do so.

K was not up to it at all.  She wanted out of the shopping cart.  She wanted to walk around on her own.

I had to shop.  I had to listen to the whining that turned into crying, that almost turned into screaming.

Thank God for the woman that was in line before me.  Having been through this phase in motherhood, she understood that K was probably not going to last much longer and let me make my purchase before her.

By the time, we were done and on our way out of the store, K was practically in tears.  The screaming hadn’t started yet.  It was more her ‘pity cry’ than her “i’m mad, get me out of here NOW” cry.

I took her out of the shopping cart, put the items into the car, and right as I was going to put her into the carseat, she holds me tighter.

She obviously didn’t want to get strapped down into another seat again.

With time to kill, I let her hold me.  I held her back, I squeezed her tight.  I comforted her.

We stood in the parking lot, holding each other and I was swaying back and forth.  We were dancing in the parking lot.

It was all she needed.

It was a pretty hectic morning.  It had been a pretty hectic few days.  All she wanted was to slow down and take a break.

She just wanted hugs.  She just wanted comfort.

We danced in the parking lot for about 10-15 minutes.  Eventually her hold on my relaxed.  We played a bit with her in my arms.  We laughed.  I talked, she babbled.

When it came time to finally put her back into the carseat, she was fine.  She let me strap her in.  She didn’t fuss.  She didn’t complain.  Everything was pleasant again.

In the middle of all the chaos that is our day to day lives, it’s hard to remember to just slow down and take a break.

Thanks, K.  Lesson learned.

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I guess you’ve noticed that my posts haven’t been daily.

My bad.  I know..

I just feel like life has been pretty lackluster.  We go through our everyday without much hoopla about anything.  M is still M.  She’s all over the place all the time.  She’s talking, climbing, singing, watching.. it’s the same everyday.  I feel like there aren’t any stories to tell.

With Hubby and I.. it’s wake up, work, home, dinner, sleep, wake up, work, home, dinner, sleep…

Nothing new..

So I guess I hit a writers block on what to write because of it.

I’m not complaining.  I’m really glad my life isn’t too eventful.  Everyday that passes, as mundane as it may feel at times, is a blessing.  I can’t complain about blessings.

I will keep trying to find something to blog about everyday.  I will try to find the stories within the everyday ho-hum..

I will try to just take it all one day at a time..

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