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Posted on: October 15, 2013

October has been zipping by.

Before I knew it, we’re halfway through this month.

What have I accomplished?

I’ve accomplished keeping my head above water at work.  It’s made time go so fast, that October is quickly becoming a memory.

But I sat around yesterday watching M.  It’s like October has done a lot for her.

Since finally feeling better after her roseola, her development has just been so rapid.

Her communication skills have gotten better.  I’ve been able to have conversations with her.  Finding out what she needs and wants is getting more and more easier.  She LOVES to talk, she LOVES to narrate what she sees on TV or on Youtube.

She still loves climbing, jumping, running and so much more physical activity.  She makes me so nervous with her fearlessness about everything..

One thing I’ve also noticed is just how loving she’s becoming.  Puppy kisses, hugs, her random smiles in my direction.. I love the little girl she is becoming..

So, October, I’d appreciate if you would slow down.  Don’t suddenly end before I realize that you’ve happened.  I don’t want to sit down again and look at my daughter and realize that she grew up again without my noticing..


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