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Last weekend, Hubby and I decided to get the carpets steam cleaned in our apartment.  It’s free when the lease gets renewed, so we take advantage of it.

We moved ALL of M’s toys into the second bedroom, the room that had always been my parents room when ever they come over for the weekend.  Our living room looked amazingly spacious.  I haven’t seen all that space since before M! 

So Hubby and I made the executive decision to finally make that second bedroom M’s room.

Ok, it’ll be M’s/Craft room.

Who knew that this decision would be one so full of hard work?

Before M, it was easy to make a change.  We’d spend all night working on getting it just right.

Now, it’s in phases. 

I mean, the kid’s gotta eat, right?

It’s taking a lot longer than I anticipated getting everything moved around and cleaned up.

My craft space is one of those mountains I have to tackle.  It’s a mess!  I really need to work on finding new storage options to keep things clean.  Gone are the days where I would just plop everything down onto the air mattress and deal with it when my parents come over to stay.  Those patterned paper pads need a new home, and it’s my responsibility to find it.

Her toys, most of them, already found their home inside her room.  And, in perfect M-fashion, she’s already made a mess.

Yesterday, I told her, “M, all your toys are everywhere.  Clean up your room!”

It made me smile.  My baby has a room. 


Little M loves going to the tiled area by the entrance door of our apartment.

I think she loves the feeling of the tile under her feet.  It’s a different feeling than the carpet she’s always on.

That place is the dirtiest place in our apartment.  That’s where everyone comes in from outside.  Its there where everyone takes their shoes off before stepping on to our carpet. 

But she’s always there.  Always.

At first, it was ok.  All I had to say was, “M, come here. ”

She’d come back.

Yesterday, she’d go there and I’d ask her to come back.. but she’d just look at me. 

Then she’d sit down.

I’d have to pick her up and bring her back to her play area.. but then she goes back.

This time, with toys.

She would ignore my constant requests to come back. 

Oh man, is it starting already?

Is there an area in your living space that you refuse to have your child go into?

It seems like every big purchase we have bought lately has had something to do with the apartment..

It’s somewhat of a rude awakening to me.. who, in the past, was a person that always bought stuff for myself.. like my papercrafts.. or clothes.. shoes.. purses!

It’s been awhile since I got a new outfit.. or even a pair of shoes.. everything is for our little place..

I know I had been warned of this phenomenon many, many times during the wedding planning..

Anyway.. this weekend’s goodies are a bookshelf AND a shoe rack.. all from Ikea.. so the hubby has to go and assemble it all.. AND the apartment is full of boxes and wood pieces..

The madness never ends..

So I’ve been living here for about two weeks now.. and it’s a major adjustment..

The “living with a boy” part isn’t the adjustment.. it’s all the cleaning!

Hahah.. ok.. not to sound like a total princess.. but this cleaning stuff is HARD!  I honestly don’t know how my mom and all my friends and fam that have been living on their own for the longest time.. can do it all..

The cleaning never ends!

So I’ve lived at home until I got married.. I never dormed or lived anywhere else until now.. and I’m not blaming my mom for my lack of “house-tending skills..”  In fact.. I miss being at home where she did a majority of the cleaning..

Does that make me lazy?  Maybe..

Its a new routine I have to get used to..

I used to be able to get home.. eat dinner.. then get on the computer.. or chill at my craft table for the rest of the night.. I had laundry every so often.. but there was no cooking (unless I wanted to) and there were no dishes..

Now.. dinner doesn’t make itself.. so I cook because I have to.. not because I want to.. and there’s laundry and dishes.. and everything else..

Mom says, “And you don’t even have kids yet!”

Ok.. so I sound all complainy.. but I’m really not.. I’m more just overwhelmed..

This move was such an overwhelming change.. it’s not like I didn’t see it coming.. because I did.. I anticipated all this.. but it’s still a change I need to get used to..

It’s the impatient part of me to expect that I’d get used to everything instantly.. it’s really not as bad as I’m blogging..

It’s honestly just all part of the adventure..

So.. first comes marriage.. next comes apartment hunting..

Our agreement was this:
I move to SD so the wedding would be in the IE.  Simple as that..

After we agreed to that.. everything seemed to have fallen into place.. I ended up with a job in Temecula.. and we figured we’d live about 30 or so minutes from there.. because my commute would be against traffic and easy..

We visited about three apartment complexes.. and I fell in love with one.. it’s got the biggest master bedroom.. and the layout seemed to be the best.. and I really loved the kitchen..

I guess there are a couple more places that he wants us to look at.. but I am pretty set on this one for now.. we’ve filled up the application.. but we haven’t turned it in yet.. since it’s a Sunday..

We’ll see what will happen.. God knows what’s best for us..

We still have to open all our gifts and start working on Thank You cards.. all on top of trying to find a place to live..

It’s all part of the adventure!

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