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Turning 4 1/2 has brought many changes for M.

Four and a half meant saying good bye to things that have scared her in the past.  I don’t know what brought upon this sudden surge of bravery, but she has conquered two of her major fears since she hit the half way mark of her fourth year of life.

Air blowing hand dryers
For about two years now, M had been scared of those hand dryers.  They were just too loud in public restrooms where the echo can amplify sounds so much.  If a hand dryer was the only option in the bathroom, she would just wipe her hands on me.  All of a sudden, she felt brave enough to try it, and she’s never looked back.  In fact, she enjoys it and looks for the air dryers now.

There is a ride in Legoland that bounces children up and down from up high.  It’s a kiddie ride, so it’s really not THAT high, but it does give a small sense of free fall as it bounces the children up and down.  When she rode that ride during the Brick-or-Treat in October, she was terrified!  The look on her face made me feel so bad.  I wanted to ask the operator to stop the ride early just to get her off.  Several trips to Legoland later, and she still didn’t want to ride it.  However, during Spring Break, something made her want to try that ride again.  No one asked her, she just told us she wanted to try it again.  I asked her several times as we were in line, if she wanted to back out.  I even asked her one last time as she was boarding the ride, if she wanted to back out.  Nope.  She wanted to ride it.  She had the time of her life.  She laughed and giggled and screamed in sheer delight.  She liked it so much, she rode it twice!

We’ve been so proud of watching M venture out of her comfort zone and face those fears.  I feel like she’s gradually boosting her confidence with every fear she’s tackled and it shows on her face.

I love watching this kid grow up.  I really do!

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I am freakishly afraid of bugs.. even when they are encased in glass.. and dead..

I have always been afraid of bugs.. I think it stems back to the time that my dad tried to chase me around the house with a dead bug they killed in the kitchen.  I screamed throughout the house and then locked myself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out for the longest time.

Bugs are gross.. especially when you step on them and you feel them crunch underneath your shoe.. ew.

In college I was taking a zoology class and one day in lab, we had insects.  They were dead.. and in glass cases.

I could not sit in my seat.. I had to sit all the way in the back of the class where there were no bugs.  I couldn’t even look into the cases..

Yet.. being a biologist.. I was able to dissect cats.. rats.. fish.. and other things.. I am able to work with various animal parts.. and not even flinch..

But bugs… blech!

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