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M hates pants.

Maybe it’s my fault.  Around the apartment she’s pretty much only found with a diaper and a shirt on.  I have been putting her in a lot of dresses lately too.

She must have gotten used to the freedom of having no pants on.  Without pants, she can bend her knees and move her legs without restriction.

At first, I thought it was only jeans.  She didn’t like the feeling of them when she would bend her knees.  She must have felt a little constricted in the knee area.  Maybe her jeans were a little too tight. 

She was going to wear this cute pair of capri jeans that I had purchased last year that finally fit to the perfect length.  It was right before Gymboree class, and she was throwing a fit on the floor of our apartment trying to get those pants off.  Poor thing.  I put her in a pair of shorts instead.

Now, at night, she doesn’t want to wear pajama pants. 

I don’t know why.  They aren’t restricting.  They are soft.  They don’t prevent her from moving freely.  She just doesn’t like them.

So far this week, every time I put them on her before bed, it’s a battle of wills.

M: “Take it off, take it off!”
Me: “No.  It’s cold at night.”
M:  :::whines and cries:::

One night, she decided to stop complaining and just pull her pajama bottoms above her knees.   That was enough to satisfy her.  They eventually inched their way down her leg as she moved in her sleep and that was enough to satisfy me.  Win-win for the both of us.

I’m hoping this is just a phase.  And I’m really glad she decided to stop liking pants just as the weather is starting to warm up. 

Did your child ever develop a pickiness to clothing?  What did you do? 


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I would love to have a kid some day.. but I am deathly afraid of the weight gain and stretch marks..

It’s soo true.  I love babies.  I love all my friends and cousins babies.  I love hearing about what they are up to and how they are developing and how they grow up so fast.

I would love to have a child of my own.

Love it..

I can’t wait to get married and start having kids.. or kid. 

But I am sooo afraid of gaining weight.  I literally freak out when my clothes start feeling tight. 

When OT and I first started going out.. I was fitting into size 2 jeans.  I freaked out when was unable to wear them anymore because I gained those “start of the relationship” poundage..

I’ve finally come to terms with being a size 6 again.. but it was so hard to accept when only last year I was a slim size 2.

I know that when I have a baby that weight gain is inevitable.. and I have to accept that if I really do want kids..

I just hope I don’t gain too much.. and I’m willing to shed that weight off at a reasonable rate.. yikes!

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