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When I was thinking about getting pregnant again, I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to gain as much weight as I did when I was pregnant with M.

When I was pregnant with M, I went from about 130lbs to 160+lbs, maybe even almost 170lbs!  I even had M a month early!

I didn’t eat the healthiest.  It was constantly chicken nuggets and french fries for a good part of the first trimester (that was the only thing my morning sickness could tolerate) and milk shakes during the third trimester (being pregnant in the summer I NEEDED it to keep cool).

I started out great in this pregnancy.  My belly popped out way sooner than the first time, but it wasn’t because I was eating chicken nuggets and french fries all the time.  In fact, I didn’t even want chicken nuggets and french fries this time around.

I didn’t want junk food, but I wanted Asian food.  At first it was Korean Tofu Soup with Dumplings.  Then it was anything Filpino with warm white rice.  Then, it was Indian Food.

I wasn’t gaining excessive amounts of weight, I was happy that I was not following the same path as I was with my first pregnancy.

I was also walking more.  I was determined to stay active.

Then, I bled.

I got put on bedrest for two months while the bleeding resolved itself.  When I got out of that two month bedrest, I was heavier than I anticipated.  I didn’t eat excessively, but the lack of activity did pack the pounds on.

When I got off the bedrest, I tried to walk a bit more.  I was having problems with too much pressure in my lower abdomen that I couldn’t implement an exercise plan, but I was being a “stay at home mom” and tending to M.  That was enough activity for me to feel like I lost a bit of the bedrest weight gain.  I didn’t feel as bloated and I felt like I was back on track.

Then, I bled again and the doctors noticed my cervix shrank.

Back on bedrest I went, this time, slightly stricter bedrest than before.  This time, I have a wheelchair when I need to go places.  We have a handicap parking placard which allows us a closer parking space.  Staying off my feet is key in making sure my cervix won’t shrink too fast, too soon.

So now, at the beginning of my third trimester (29 weeks today), I’m heavy.

A few weeks ago, I entered the weight range I was in when I gave birth to M.  I still have a whole trimester to go!

I’ve been controlling my food intake, but I know a lot of the weight gain is also the baby’s weight gain, so I can’t be too selfish about this.

It’s just hard to see the numbers on the scale climb up and up.

It took me 2 1/2 years to lose the weight I gained with M, and I’m hoping that it won’t take me that long to lose the weight again.

I’m smarter this time around about how my body works and how I can lose weight, so when I’m ready (and you’ll know when), I can tackle it and get back to a comfortable weight again.

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Pregnant people gain weight.  That’s a given.

Breastfeeding helps the get the weight off.  That’s what I’ve heard.

Six weeks into this pregnancy, and my impatience is asking me why the weight isn’t flying off as fast as I would like.

In all honesty, it only has been six weeks since I’ve given birth.  But here I am, expecting a miracle weight loss.

It’s my blog, let me be completely honest.

I started the pregnancy about at about 125 lbs, give or take a pound or two.  I ended the pregnancy weighing in at 185 lbs.  I gained a total of 60 lbs.!!!


Here I was, actually thinking that most of the weight gain was because I was going to have this ginormous 8-9 pound baby, and Little M came out a mere 5 lbs, 3 oz.

I blame the french fries and the chocolate milkshakes..

REALITY CHECK:  All that weight gain was on ME!

So, six weeks later, I weigh about 160 lbs, give or take a pound or two.  That means I’ve already lost 25 pounds..

I’m not used to looking and feeling like this.  I HATE looking at myself in the mirror.  But I have to remind myself that I just had a baby, and all this weight will come off if I start working on it.


I don’t even fit into my pre-prego “big” pants.  Those are the pants that I had to put away when I lost weight for the wedding because they got too big.

Now I’m going to be easy on myself.  I’m going to set my weight loss goal to be under 130 lbs.  I also need to be able to fit into some of my bigger pre-prego pants again before I go back to work.  I can sort of get them up, it’s the fact that my fat thighs can barely squeeze into them and that I can’t button them.. that’s the issue.

I’m posting this here because I want to be held accountable for my weight loss..

That pregnancy habit of “eat what you want” is a hard habit to break, and I have to retrain myself to eat the way I used before the pregnancy.  I also have to start exercising and getting some normalcy back into my life.

So, my first goal is to fit into some pants.. by the end of the year, I should fit into some pre-prego pants..

Then we will take it from there!


As I am approaching my 24th week of pregnancy.. I’ve noticed the pregnancy has brought me some lovely gifts.. these gifts are swollen feet and ankles, foot and leg cramps, oh.. and we can’t forget.. waddling.

I was expecting the swelling to come eventually.. I just didn’t realize that it was to come so soon..

Not only do I waddle during the day.. but once my feet and ankles swell.. my waddling gets out of control!  I feel like a weeble wobble.. not attractive at all.. but I guess it’s one of the many sacrifices a mother-to-be must make for her little one..

I guess this means that I really should start watching my salt intake.. meaning “good-bye french fries!”  Not that I was really eating them all the time anymore.. but I really think I just have to quit them cold-turkey now..

I think that the further I am in the pregnancy.. and the more weight I’m gaining.. means I need to start gaining this weight in a more healthy manner.. I don’t think I’m entitled to the whole “eat whatever I want” mantra of the first trimester.. when I was just trying to make sure that my nausea stayed away.. I’m waay beyond that now..

I need to start watching the foods I eat to make sure that I don’t end up with high blood pressure.. nor do I end up with gestational diabetes.. which I should be testing for sometime in the upcoming month..

I think that if I attack this weight gain with a healthier outlook.. it might help me lose the weight after the baby’s born too.. Not that I wasn’t eating healthy to begin with.. it’s just that.. I’ve been adding a lot of foods that I normally didn’t eat pre-pregnancy..

Hopefully this new outlook will help with the swelling and the cramping.. I hope.. I hope.. I hope..

I can’t do anything about the waddling.. I’ll just have to live with that..

I would love to have a kid some day.. but I am deathly afraid of the weight gain and stretch marks..

It’s soo true.  I love babies.  I love all my friends and cousins babies.  I love hearing about what they are up to and how they are developing and how they grow up so fast.

I would love to have a child of my own.

Love it..

I can’t wait to get married and start having kids.. or kid. 

But I am sooo afraid of gaining weight.  I literally freak out when my clothes start feeling tight. 

When OT and I first started going out.. I was fitting into size 2 jeans.  I freaked out when was unable to wear them anymore because I gained those “start of the relationship” poundage..

I’ve finally come to terms with being a size 6 again.. but it was so hard to accept when only last year I was a slim size 2.

I know that when I have a baby that weight gain is inevitable.. and I have to accept that if I really do want kids..

I just hope I don’t gain too much.. and I’m willing to shed that weight off at a reasonable rate.. yikes!

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