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I watched nothing but Filipino stuff and Tagalog stuff for about a year and a half.. until my mom made me stop cuz she said I was developing an accent..

I love Filipino entertainment.  I love being able to appreciate entertainment from my culture.  It’s a lot similar to American entertainment but the fact that it’s in Tagalog makes it so much more entertaining to me.

Before immersing myself into the world of Filipino entertainment, I had already understood the language fairly well.  I didn’t speak it well, but I could get by.

After watching and listening to shows and songs, I was able to start speaking it a little better.

I guess I watched and listened a little too much because suddenly I found myself speaking “tag-lish..” which is a mix of english and tagalog.. similar to the way “spang-lish” is a mixture of english and spanish.

Eventually, my mother suddenly pointed out that I was developing a slight accent and I had to limit my watching/listening.. hahahah.. pretty funny.

I guess they were right.. the way to learn a language is to totally immerse one’s self in it..


I hate horror movies.. but LOVE watching shows about supernatural and paranormal stuff..

It’s true.  I hate horror movies.  I especially hate the movies that have things popping out and killing people.  I hate watching people continue to run away and hide when they just end up dying in the end.  I hate the psychological thrillers because then I start thinking that stuff like that could totally happen in real life..

I end up with nightmares by the end of watching those movies..

But whenever Ghost Hunters or shows about the supernatural and paranormal are on.. I HAVE to watch.

I still end up with nightmares.. and it takes me awhile to get to sleep.. I have to watch happy shows.. like Hannah Montana or shows on the Food Network before I go to sleep to get my mind off the other show I watched..

That usually keeps me from having too many nightmares..

I have a vlog..

Here’s one of my videos..

I have an idea for a series of blog entries.. I may start it next week..

A couple of months ago.. some meme went around Facebook about 25 random facts about ourselves.  I filled it out with 25 random facts about myself..

I plan on expanding on each of those 25 facts in a series of blog entries..

That’s like.. a month’s worth of short.. sweet entries.. and you can learn more about me!

We’ll see.. what do you think?

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