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During those quiet night time feedings, my mind likes to wander.  Sometimes it thinks of the strangest things, I think it’s because I’m half-asleep and maybe half-dreaming.  Other times, there are tons of different questions I think about..

  • When did M become a kid?
  • How did 7 weeks since I gave birth go by so fast?
  • Am I ever going to craft again?
  • How do I start my own craft-based business?
  • What can I create that will make people want to buy them?
  • Am I ever going to lose this baby weight?
  • Am I ever going to be able to hit 10,000 steps a day?
  • How did I become a mother of two awesome little girls?
  • How did I become a mother?!?!

These, and so many more, questions just run through my mind… I don’t know if I will ever find the answers.

At least these questions help me create personal goals to find the answers..

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Sometimes, when I suffer from writer’s block, I write a blog entry that is just a stream of random thoughts.  This is one of those blog entries.

  • The cubicle I sit in a work is starting to feel a little stuffy.  I’m quickly learning that I need windows and natural light in order to survive an 8 hour workday.
  • I could nap anywhere, if I could.  I’d love to take a nap right now.  Right.  Now.
  • It’s so hard to focus when surrounded by these cubicle walls.  I definitely need natural light.
  • Podcasts are the only thing that keep me going during the workday.  I couldn’t survive in the silence of this “cube city” if it weren’t for my iPhone and the Podcast app.

It feels like my random thoughts are also suffering from some writer’s block as well. 

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Monday seemed to have come way too quickly..

I wasn’t prepared for this.  I was still enjoying my weekend.

I’m hoping the week will go by quickly.   With my workload, I’m hoping to get in more control of my stack of work.  I know that’s going to be impossible.  It’s like laundry.  I think I’m starting to catch up, then a bunch of stuff comes in that makes the pile a mountain again.  That’s exactly what my stack of work looks like at work.  Just when I think I’m making a dent in it all, a bunch of things come in and my stack is huge again.

I just want to sit on the recliner with my bug on my lap, watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Or crafting?

Is that too much to ask?!

These weeks are flying by… and the weekends fly by faster!

We’re almost done with  July.. quickly approaching August.. right into the ‘ber’ months.. where is the time going?!

Seems like every year it moves faster and faster..

Last year it sped by because hubby and I were planning our wedding.. this year is speeding by because this year hubby and I are expecting our first baby..

And we all know how fast kids grow up.. so every year from now on is just going to go faster and faster..

When did we get so old?!

But for now.. I’m going to enjoy my Friday.. keeping busy at work will make the day go faster and I can finally enjoy the weekend..

In our lab’s storeroom, there are shelves that can get moved thru the room to create more walking space.. apperantly.. thats how they are at my boyfriend’s work too.  If you aren’t careful and are unaware of anyone else in other rows.. you can easily move a wall and squish the unsuspecting lab coworker.. that is if they aren’t screaming for you to stop..

Well.. my bestie.. that works with my boyfriend.. just texted me to tell me that my boyfriend tried to kill her with those moving walls..

Silly boyfriend.  Silly best friend.

I remember almost killing the janitor by doing the exact same thing.. and I also remember barely escaping sudden death when one of my co-workers was moving the walls..

By the way.. when I mean death.. I’m totally exaggerating..

You can’t get killed by those moving walls.. maybe just bruised.. a scream is enough to stop anyone from pushing those walls too far in..


I watched nothing but Filipino stuff and Tagalog stuff for about a year and a half.. until my mom made me stop cuz she said I was developing an accent..

I love Filipino entertainment.  I love being able to appreciate entertainment from my culture.  It’s a lot similar to American entertainment but the fact that it’s in Tagalog makes it so much more entertaining to me.

Before immersing myself into the world of Filipino entertainment, I had already understood the language fairly well.  I didn’t speak it well, but I could get by.

After watching and listening to shows and songs, I was able to start speaking it a little better.

I guess I watched and listened a little too much because suddenly I found myself speaking “tag-lish..” which is a mix of english and tagalog.. similar to the way “spang-lish” is a mixture of english and spanish.

Eventually, my mother suddenly pointed out that I was developing a slight accent and I had to limit my watching/listening.. hahahah.. pretty funny.

I guess they were right.. the way to learn a language is to totally immerse one’s self in it..

I hate horror movies.. but LOVE watching shows about supernatural and paranormal stuff..

It’s true.  I hate horror movies.  I especially hate the movies that have things popping out and killing people.  I hate watching people continue to run away and hide when they just end up dying in the end.  I hate the psychological thrillers because then I start thinking that stuff like that could totally happen in real life..

I end up with nightmares by the end of watching those movies..

But whenever Ghost Hunters or shows about the supernatural and paranormal are on.. I HAVE to watch.

I still end up with nightmares.. and it takes me awhile to get to sleep.. I have to watch happy shows.. like Hannah Montana or shows on the Food Network before I go to sleep to get my mind off the other show I watched..

That usually keeps me from having too many nightmares..

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