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I confess that I am a major fan of all those super sappy Filipino romantic comedies.. they are wonderfully sappy movies.. always with a happy ending.. always some sort of super cutesy romantic gesture at the end.. and they always.. always.. ALWAYS.. make me cry..

I love them so..

Here’s a list of a few that I have seen.. and loved..

Got 2 Believe
Wonderful movie.. it’s got a great theme song.. the song is actually stuck in my head right now.. it’s what promted me to write this blog entry..

A Very Special Love
I just recently saw this movie.. it was sooo cute.  It had a cute story line and a cute actor.. and oh.. it was so sappy.. of course I cried at the end.. and there was the obligatory moment when you think it all falls apart.. then it doesn’t and they live happily ever after..

Now That I Have You
I loved the leads in this movie so much that when they did a press tour in the US.. I had to go and I got my copy of the movie autographed.  I even have pictures with the two leads.. ah.. memories..

Those are the top three.. for now.. there are the romantic movies that are more serious.. those are the kind of movies where I am pretty much crying from beginning to end.. I always feel so emotionally drained after those movies..

Those Filipinos.. really know how to work the emotions of their audience..

If I find a quote I like in a movie or a TV show, I will use it until everyone gets sick of it. Sorry!

Let’s see.. I’ve been using “Sweet niblets!” from Hannah Montana.. um..”___ would be perfection..” from Friends.. and so many other different sayings from so many different television shows and movies..

I think it stems from my lack of originality.. I have to take quotes and catchphrases from other sources..

Yes.. that is.. perfection..

I watched nothing but Filipino stuff and Tagalog stuff for about a year and a half.. until my mom made me stop cuz she said I was developing an accent..

I love Filipino entertainment.  I love being able to appreciate entertainment from my culture.  It’s a lot similar to American entertainment but the fact that it’s in Tagalog makes it so much more entertaining to me.

Before immersing myself into the world of Filipino entertainment, I had already understood the language fairly well.  I didn’t speak it well, but I could get by.

After watching and listening to shows and songs, I was able to start speaking it a little better.

I guess I watched and listened a little too much because suddenly I found myself speaking “tag-lish..” which is a mix of english and tagalog.. similar to the way “spang-lish” is a mixture of english and spanish.

Eventually, my mother suddenly pointed out that I was developing a slight accent and I had to limit my watching/listening.. hahahah.. pretty funny.

I guess they were right.. the way to learn a language is to totally immerse one’s self in it..

I hate horror movies.. but LOVE watching shows about supernatural and paranormal stuff..

It’s true.  I hate horror movies.  I especially hate the movies that have things popping out and killing people.  I hate watching people continue to run away and hide when they just end up dying in the end.  I hate the psychological thrillers because then I start thinking that stuff like that could totally happen in real life..

I end up with nightmares by the end of watching those movies..

But whenever Ghost Hunters or shows about the supernatural and paranormal are on.. I HAVE to watch.

I still end up with nightmares.. and it takes me awhile to get to sleep.. I have to watch happy shows.. like Hannah Montana or shows on the Food Network before I go to sleep to get my mind off the other show I watched..

That usually keeps me from having too many nightmares..

OT just left the house.  It’s rainy outside and so I’m hoping he has a very safe drive back to SD where he lives.  It’s an hour and a half away from me.. so I should be hoping to expect a text or something from him by 4:30-5:00ish..

Anyway.. it’s time to recap the festivities from our “First Valentine’s Day Weekend Extravaganza!!!”

He got to my house around noonish.. we went grocery shopping at the Asian food store by my work.. we had lunch at the pho restaurant by the Asian food store by my work.  I also had to bake some red velvet cakes for mom’s outing… make other stuff.  After my parents left for their outting.. OT and I got started on our dinner.. we made Sinigang (my most favoritest food.. ever!).  We also went to Mass.  It’s nice being able to have someone I can fully share my Catholic faith with.  We ate dinner.. and then sat around the house watching movies on TV.. I think we were able to finish “A Walk To Remember” and “The Princess Bride..”

We woke up and got ready for my “surprise date!”  He told me a few days before that he had something planned for us on Sunday but it was a surprise.  I was to wear some casual clothes and then bring something nice to change into.  It so happened that we spend the first part of the day at Disneyland.  He then told me that dinner was going to be at The House Of Blues.. in Downtown Disney.  We had a blast at Disneyland.  It marks off Visit One for the year.  If you recall, I mentioned I wanted to go to the parks at least five times.. I got four more to go.  We get to the parking structure to change and then all of a sudden we’re in the car driving off somewhere.  He then tells me, “oh.. we aren’t going to House of Blues..” but he wouldn’t tell me where.. he just kept saying that we were gonna go where ever his GPS tells him to go.. We end up at the Flemming’s Steakhouse in Newport Beach.. So sweet..

Just a lazy day at home.. watching TV and getting some homework done..

I had a great weekend and really enjoyed myself.. He really is a great guy and I am very blessed to have him around.  He makes me happy and I hope I do the same for him.

I won’t be seeing him for about three weeks now.. it makes me sad.. but we’re always connected through our phones and  computers anyway..

I really had fun and if he reads this blog.. thank you, thank you, thank you.. you’re wonderful and the bestest!

I’ll try to load the pictures as soon as I finish my paper.. and then probably do a picture blog entry.. let’s hope I do it before the next Valentines day!

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