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I spent most of Hawaii eating malasadas and loco mocos.

Then, right after Hawaii, it was M’s Lalaloopsy birthday party.  Of course I spent most of the party budget on the awesome dessert table.  I think I downed about 10 -15 cake pops that whole weekend.  I know that the Sunday after her party, I ate about 6 cake pops for breakfast..

So naturally, I gained weight.

I told myself, and my coworkers, that after all the September fesitivites I’d do a cleanse.

And I did, along with two of my coworkers.

We decided to do the lemon, water, maple syrup and cayanne pepper cleanse.  We had done it before, and I didn’t see any results.  That’s probably because I totally cheated for most of it.. I didn’t lose any weight at all!  This time was going to be different.  And it was.

Also known as the Master Cleanse, we were supposed to drink only this, day and night.  However, we modified it.  We drank it all day, but had a small, sensible dinner.

Some mornings, I had two hard boiled eggs for breakfast.  But I stayed disciplined.  I didn’t binge on food when I got home from work.  I controlled the amount of dinner I ate.

I started the cleanse on dinner of September 8th.  I weighed in at 151lbs.  I looked like it too.  Have you seen my Hawaii pictures?!

We planned on doing it for two weeks, but I’m continuing until I finish the bottle of organic lemon juice I purchased at Costco.  So I think it will take me into part of this week.

I weighed in this morning at 143lbs.  I lost all my Hawaii weight AND some of the weight I’m trying to get rid of in the first place.

I definitely see the results as well.  I no longer look bloated, and I can walk uphill during our walks with no worries at all!

I’m a little bit worried eating regularly again.  I know that I really have to make a change.  I have to change the type of food I eat, and the amount of food.  I’m looking into a more natural approach.  More veggies.  More natural things.  Just overall healthier choices.

I hope I can keep the weight off, and lose more weight.

I used the Master Cleanse as a way to “jump start” the weight loss and get my stomach used to smaller amounts of food.  I’m hoping that I can continue the weight loss by make smarter food choices and doing the walking.

Yay for getting to that pre-prego weight!

The dining room is probably the least used room in our apartment.  Ok, it’s not a ROOM.. it’s more.. a dining AREA. 

We purchased a square dining table when we first moved in, but have mostly used it to just place items on whenever we are too lazy to put them anywhere else.  It’s basically become a storage area.. not cool.

Since we hadn’t been using it, and we lack a pantry in our apartment, Hubby and I decided to get a small shelving unit to place in that area.  I’d provide a picture, but I couldn’t find any on the Target website, where we purchased it.

We pushed the dining table to the corner, leaving two sides available for use, should we need to.  We placed the shelves next to the counter.  That left us with tons of extra room, so we placed M’s little table and bench she received for Christmas there.  She now eats, plays, reads, uses her iPad on that table.  M and I have been known to have a rocking tea party there too..

I know everyone says how important it is to eat as a family, and we do.  In the living room.  Yes, unconventional, I know.  But right now, it works for us.  As my family gets older, I know we will start utilizing our dining table. 

We have TONS of room now.  M can run from the dining area and through the living room, uninterupted.  She and Hubby have so much fun chasing each other.

I’ve fallen in love with the apartment all over again.

Now we just have to tackle the bedrooms, and we’d be all set!

Here’s a little tidbit I don’t think many know about me..

When I was little.. my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I told them I wanted to be a waitress at McDonalds..

A waitress at McDonalds.

Hahaha.. they don’t even HAVE waitresses at McDonalds.

Maybe I meant “cashier..”

Most kids say.. doctor.. lawyer.. fireman.. singer.. dancer..

I said waitress.. at McDonalds.. a place that doesn’t even have waitresses..

I really knew how to aim high.. I guess bacteriologist at a veternarinary diagnostics laboratory comes close to what I wanted.. who knew?

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