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My boyfriend butt-dialed me this morning.. or so he claims.

He texted me this morning while I was at work.. then suddenly.. he called.. so I called.. and he didn’t answer..

I texted him to ask if he called me.. and he said no..

Hahah.. butt dialing.

Ok.. it’s trivial.. it’s juvenile.. it’s immature (isn’t that the same thing as juvenile?!)

I have to confess that I do love that commericial they used to play for the Blackberry Pearl that flips closed.. so no more butt-dialing.. yay!

I just thought it was the funniest commercial.. EVER.. ok.. maybe not to that extent..

Butt-humor is just so funny to me..

For your viewing pleasure.. please.. enjoy!

I would rather email, text, or chat online with a person than talk on the phone.

Ok.. this is where we learn how anti-social I really am.. hahah..

I have never been one that talks on the phone.  I can.. when it’s a boy Im dating.. that’s usually the only time I am really on the phone a lot.

I hardly ever make phone calls.  I hate when I have to call people.  I honestly would rather get people’s answering machine than actually get to talk to them.   It’s wierd.

That’s why I loved it when text messaging became a huge thing.  I am so much better at getting a hold of my friends and family by text messaging or emailing.

My best friend’s and I communicate the best through our emails and texts.

I communicate best with my boyfriend through texts and emails.

Don’t get me wrong, I love personal contact.. but phone calls are something I have always avoided.. I’m not sure why..

I may not talk to you on the phone.. but I can bombard a person with text messages like nobody’s business..

My boyfriend, OT, tells me that I like to twist his words around.. a lot.

He says that I’m the expert wordtwister.

I deserve an award for best wordtwister.

I don’t think it’s word twisting, I think it’s careful rational deduction from the set of facts that he gives me in his statements. 

It’s scientific.  I’m a scientist.  He’s a scientist.  He should understand what I’m doing.

Now the following is an example of what he likes to call “word twisting” and what I like to call “rational deduction.”  The text message conversation took place yesterday.  The words are not verbatim, but the gist is the same.  It is in regards of our “FIRST VALENTINES DAY WEEKEND EXTRAVANZA!!”  That’ll be a whole other post in the near future..

So I text him about how much homework I am going to have this Valentine’s Day weekend that I’m not sure how our Monday will look in regard to what we could be planning.

He texts me back saying that I won’t have time for the extravanza.

I ask him if he meant his and mine, or the one that my girlfriends are planning for that same weekend.

He replies “ours.”

I respond “sad! you don’t want to have our extravaganza!”

And then the condemnation of the word twisting begins..

Now.. to me.. I’m just concluding that he was not enthusiastic about said “extravangza” based on his quick rsponse to “not having time for it” thus wanting to cancel it.

He thinks I’m just twisting his words around to make him look like the bad guy that doesn’t want to participate in this activity. 

He’s most likely right, but since I’m sending him the link to this blog entry for him to read.. I’m not going to admit it.

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