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So I did “the cleanse” again last week.

The plan was to do this cleanse every three months until I hit target weight.

I started the cleanse at roughly 136lbs.  After one week, I ended at about 134lbs.

I’m ending the cleanse after this past week.

I’m ending at 134lbs.

I’m happy with this.  I’m so very happy with this.  When I was at 160+ lbs, I thought that getting back down to this was going to be absolutely impossible.  I got rid of all my old jeans, I got rid of all my old tops, and I accepted the fact that I may never been this size again.

I’m glad I was able to do this and now I know that I can do this again after a second pregnancy.

As for a second pregnancy, this is why I’m ending the cleanse after one week.  No, I’m not pregnant, but I’m definitely wanting to get pregnant this year, maybe even as soon as next month or so!

I’ve already started taking pre-natal vitamins and I’ve already cut down on my caffeine intake significantly.  I just really need to think of preparing my body than losing the weight.

I’m ending the cleanse because I’m changing my focus from losing weight to baby prepping..

Sound good?  Sounds great to me!


Yesterday was the start of my weekly doctors appointments..

We found out yesterday that I’ve already begun dialating and that I’m about 2 cm open already.  The cervical exam caused some bleeding yesterday and I sent myself into Labor & Delivery just to make sure that everything was ok.  Thankfully, everything is fine.. she’s still cooking in my tummy.. and the bleeding is under control..

Now I’ve contemplated all day whether or not I would share this news on my blog.. all my family and friends know.. but was it necessary to post it for the whole blogosphere to see?

I figured it was since I have shared so much about my pregnancy that it was only fair that this get shared too..

Honestly, knowing that I’ve begun dialating at a few days short of 36 weeks freaked me out a little bit.  It literally means we are playing the “waiting game” and she really could come at any moment.

Like I said in yesterday’s blog post.. I’m not scared of the childbirth anymore.  So that’s not why I’m freaked out.

There are several reasons why I’m nervous.. the main one being that I still have one week of work left before I go on maternity leave.  When planning on my leave, I never anticipated having her earlier.  I didn’t want to be bored at home waiting for her arrival, so I wanted to work as far as I could. 

Another reason was that Hubby and I weren’t really ready.. I mean.. mentally we were.. but we have been procrastinating on so many things because I thought it would really wait until I got on my leave for those things to get done..

We didn’t even have our “labor bag” set yet.  When I called Hubby to tell him he needed to come home so we could go to the hospital, I literally just threw stuff into a duffle bag.. later that night we actually were able to sort some things out and get the bag set.. which is a breath of relief for us now..

Her clothes weren’t even washed.. I had started on Tuesday washing some stuff.. I mainly washed some burp clothes and white onsies.. but that was it.. so if she were to have arrived yesterday.. we really didn’t have any good clean clothes for her..

Her car seat isn’t installed in the car yet.. and since that’s not installed, we haven’t had a chance to get it inspected by the local police station..

We didn’t have her bassinet set up yet either.. it was still in the box!

I guess Hubby and I thought we had a lot of time before she came.. maybe we were a little bit in denial about her arrival.. or maybe we were just too darn lazy to get stuff set up..

Either way.. I think this was another little wake up call from our little princess.. she’s coming.. and she’s coming sooner than we anticipated.. she just wanted to make sure we were nice and ready for her..

I pray that she stay in for another week.. just let me get through this next week of work.. that’s all I ask..

And for future children.. we definitely learned our lesson about getting ready for baby.. no more procrastinating for us!

Hubby and I have been busy, busy taking classes and doing hospital tours..

It was mentioned that we should start looking into our birth plan..

A birth plan?  I always just thought I would show up and do whatever I needed to do to get the baby out.. no plan needed.. just get the job done!

But I went on the hospital website and looked at the options that they provide when filling up the birth plan, and they help make pretty valid decisions.. like how many people you will allow in your room, who you want to cut the umbilical cord, if you want your son circumsized (just in case our baby ends up a boy, I totally filled this out!).

Some of the options made me laugh.. it asked things like if I wanted to feel the baby crowning out of me, if I wanted to actually pull the baby out of me, if I wanted a mirror down there so I could see all the action..

Those options are probably beautiful for some people, but for me.. that’s kinda gross.. haha..

I’ll leave it up to the professionals to deal with all the goings-on “down there.”  I will just do them a favor and concentrate on what I need to do on my end..

Pain management was one of the topics there.. and I chose the option to “decide when I’m in labor.”  Yes, it was an actual option on the sheet.

Pain management and my epidural dilemma is a whole other blog posting.. I’m still trying to find the words to describe what’s in my head about it all.. and when I do.. you know where you can read it..

So I filled out my birth plan.. I really don’t ask much.. I just want what’s best for this little diva’s debut..

I know that when it comes to labor, NOTHING will really go according to plan.  I should know since I just planned a wedding last year.. and with weddings, you have to expect it to not go as planned… but filling out a birth plan doesn’t hurt.. at least it’s a guideline for the doctors and nurses to know what I kind of want out of this whole experience..

Mommies, did you fill out a birth plan?  Most importantly, did those plans actually come to fruition?

I finally put in my maternity leave claim.

For the longest time I had dreaded doing so because I was so confused about what sort of benefits are offered to me..  I had made so many calls to so many people to try to figure out what the federal and state benefits are for maternity leave.. it was driving me nuts!

I finally got some answers last month, but still was left a little confused with it all..

I figured I would let it go and just wait to file and hope my questions would all be answered then..

Apparently it’s harder to ask questions when you’re NOT filing because they are all just dealing with the hypothetical.. I guess they can’t give definitive answers when dealing with the hypothetical situations.. I think that’s what frustrated me the most.. I wanted straight answers, but they couldn’t give it to me..

So officially filing for the leave has been easier than I thought.. so far, so good.

I’m now waiting for a leave representative that is responsible for dealing with my company in California to contact me and provide me with the much needed details..

I hope the rest of the process continues to run smoothly..

Ok.. I have a confession to make.. I was going to be a cheap mom..

The thing is, since hubby and I aren’t going to do the whole “nursery” thing, we didnt’ feel the need to really buy some durable clothing storage for the baby.. we figured we’d go to Target and buy those plastic drawer systems..

As it turns out, those things can get pretty pricey..

Think about it. 

Those plastic drawers come in small components.  To get a “full-sized” drawer system that is most effective for what we are trying to accomplish, we’d have to buy several of those components.  If you total the whole amount, it may or may not be cheaper than buying a durable drawer set, BUT with a much lesser quality..

And I only want the best for my princess!

So now, we’re at a loss.  We totally had it in our heads for the longest time that the plastic drawers were the route we were going to take.. now.. I feel rushed and overwhelmed at the task of having to find a decent set of drawers to store my childs ever-growing stash of clothes and goodies!!!

I went to the IKEA site last night and saw some cute things in the children’s furniture section.. but I also saw some great things in the regular furniture section.. so after Lamaze this weekend, we’ll be in IKEA..

That also means that hubby and I really need to re-think the set up of our second bedroom.  Even though we won’t be using that as her “nursery,” we need to make room for all her furniture in that room.  That also means that I really need to define the spaces in that room between “crafting stuff” and “baby stuff.”

So much more to think about than we thought.. this baby is getting expensive! 

Hee hee.. but only the best for her!


Me:  Oh look at this.. isn’t it cute?!
Hubby: Yes.. it’s cute..  (puts it away)
Me:  Oooh.. look at this.. awwww
Hubby:  Yes.. ok. (puts it away)
Me:  Awww..
Hubby:  You’re one of those that has to look at everything over and over before you put it away, huh?!
Me:  Yup!
Hubby:  Great.

I’m a girl!  That’s what we do?!  Especially if it’s cute baby girl stuff.. deal with it, dear!

So we had the shower this past weekend.. I have to say that it was really fun.

We are so blessed to have such great family and friends surrounding us.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate the arrival of our little princess..

Now that the fun of the shower is over.. it’s the reality of the arrival that settles in.

We spent all last night.. and we’ll probably spend a good portion of tonight.. sorting out all the wonderful gifts that were given to us by all of our family and friends..

Clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, baby gadgets.. so many things for one itty bitty person!

We got the diaper situation under control.. we sorted those out first because this seems like it was the easiest thing to sort.. which it was.. and so we got those in the closet with all the baby wipes we got too..

Now we have to go through all the clothes.. I’ll be sorting by size and determining if there is still anything that we need to buy her..

Everytime I think of the stuff I feel the sudden urge to just fix it all up.. and fast! 

I start to feel like there is so much I have to do to prep for her arrival and that I need to get it all done.. now! 

I’m intense.. what can I say?!

So hubby and I took the baby care basics class today. 

Honestly, I think I’m very blessed that my cousins started popping out babies in 2000 and I was able to experience the whole “newborn/infant” care thing. 

I know that when it’s my own child, the feelings might be a little different.. I may or may not be more scared to handle my own child.. but knowing that I have that previous experience gives me a sense of confidence I may not have had if I just suddenly took care of my own child.

That being said.. I made sure that hubby did most of the hands-on training with the baby doll we were give to practice on. 

The class was pretty informative.  We learned a lot of safety tips and small details that I wouldn’t have known by just taking care of my cousin’s babies. 

It made me also remember that we have to do a lot of shopping for this baby.. not only for her clothes and stuff.. but all the essentials.. like ointments, q-tips, alcohol..

Those things totally slipped my mind during this whole baby planning process.  I’m sure I would have had lots of reminders from moms, friends, and other relatives.. but it’s good to know now so we can start making a list of baby things.

Baby Care Basics is a great class.  I’m so glad that hospitals are offering these types of classes now.. especially for first time parents.  It really gives us a sense of comfort knowing that we won’t be thrown into the fire the day we take our little one home. 

Our next set of classes is the Lamaze classes.. or what our hospital calls “Baby Prep” classes.. those are gonna be interesting.. time is flying by!  Baby will be here sooner than we realize!

Yesterday, the hubs and I took the first of the many preparation classes we have for parenthood.

Yesterday was Infant CPR.  Infant CPR teaches rescue techniques for children under the age of one year.  We went over CPR and how to rescue a choking baby.  Two things I hope I never deal with.. ever!

I’ve taken a CPR class before.. I was working at those Curves workout places and CPR was required for us.  Taking that class felt like taking any other class.  I was learning, but I was detached.  It was something I had to do.. and was glad for the opportunity to learn.. but couldn’t really relate to using it.  I didn’t think it would ever be something I would use.

But infant CPR hit me differently.  I knew I was taking it for a true purpose.. and there were several times that I actually stared at the practice doll and somehow pictured my own child.  It was a very scary thought and my eyes sorta teared up for a second and I had to snap out of it. 

I can’t think of the worse, but I just have to be prepared for it.

I don’t know if I was the only one in the room that felt that way.  It scared me to think that there might be a time that I might use this.. especially when the instructor was talking about how we’d probably encounter a choking baby more often than a baby that stops breathing..

The class was very informative.. the video was cheesy.. but I learned a lot of techniques.. anyone that finds themselves with infants should really take this class.. they should really make it mandatory for all parents.. it’s a skill that I think everyone should have..

Next week is Baby Care Basics for the hubs and I.  That should be interesting.  We’re getting closer and closer to this little one getting here.. I hope we’re prepared for whatever she’s gonna throw at us.. literally and figuratively!

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