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Disclaimer:  The item featured in this ‘Shopping small’ post is purchased by me.  I am not sponsored by the store featured.

Supporting the small shop community has kind of been my thing lately.  I respect the hard work of every ‘momtrepreneur’ out there.  It’s tough working from home, juggling the kids, and trying to keep a business running.  I should know.  I promised myself I would try to shop small and from the handmade community as much as I can and that I will try my best to promote them in my small corner of the Internet.  So, here we go!


This sweater is from Fresh Apparel.  They specialize in various sweaters, T-shirts, and tank tops for children and adults.

This has got to be one of my favorite designs they have.  I’m definitely ‘living that mom life’ and love wearing this sweater during these cool spring mornings.  It’s soft and super comfy.

Yup, that’s me!

However, I do know that this sweater is a seasonal item for the shop.  I believe that by the time this blog post publishes, this sweater is no longer available until next fall.  I’m still featuring it on the blog because I would love for you to visit their website and check out all the other awesome items and designs they offer!

Visit them on Facebook at Fresh Apparel for my information about the shop and their products.  Don’t forget to visit their shop directly at Fresh Apparel.

Happy shopping!

If there are any other small/handmade shops you’d like me to check out, please leave a comment below.  If I feel like it’s a good fit for myself and this blog, I’d gladly purchase an item and leave a review. 


I finally did what I’ve been itching to do for the longest time..

I finally set up my Etsy store:  CutieQ Cards n’ Crafts by ArtsyViray

I’ve currently got one item for sale..

I want to start with some simple cards, maybe some embellished die-cuts, and if I’m brave enough.. some cross-stitching projects.. that’s why I named the store “cards n crafts” because I don’t want to limit myself to just paper products..

When I initially signed up for Etsy, I set up a store… but I never, ever, ever thought of posting or selling.  But I think that this is a good time to start..

Granted.. I am having a baby in September.. and my crafting time will be dramatically cut when she comes out.. but it’s good to start and get my name out now because Etsy has so many sellers, who knows if I’m even going to make a sale any time soon.  I’d love to think that I’d be successful immediately, but I have to be realistic and know that these things take time and perseverance.

I’d like to try to squeeze out as many crafts and I can before the little one comes out.. and then take a brief hiatus while I learn to incorporate the baby into our everyday routine.. and then hopefully get back to making some simple things to keep my store going..

I made sure to note that I will not be making or taking any custom orders.  What they see is what they get and what the get is what is already made.

I hope to make a little bit of extra spending money with this new little endeavor I’m venturing in.. if anything, I can use the money to feed my crafting habit without dipping into our family budget..

I don’t expect overnight success.. nor do I expect making a living out of this thing.. but I would like to see where this takes me..

Wish me luck, good vibes, prayers and all that good stuff.. and if you want.. buy something!  Hee hee..

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