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A discussion amongst my coworkers caused me to re-evaluate a question I had been contemplating since I found out I was pregnant..

To store, or not to store cord blood…

Cord blood banking is something that can be seen as a great insurance policy in case our daughter gets sick at some point in her life.  With the scientific advancements in stem cells, who knows what they might be able to cure in the near future!

Thank God, my family and hubby’s family has been relatively healthy.  So, we are blessed to not have a family history of such life-threatening illnesses that require stem cell treatments..

BUT.. one can never  predict the future and I know it will just kill me if she did come up with something that the stem cells could help cure.. and we never took the opportunity to save her cord blood..

The Cord Blood Registry ( was where my coworkers and I were looking into.  There is a one-year fee thats a little over $2000, then an annual fee of a little over $100.

I always thought it was going to be a much larger amount of money to be paying, and I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the fees were.

Now.. another question to you Mommies..  did you save your baby’s cord blood?  Did you contemplate it?  What made you decide on your particular decision?


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