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I’ve been on Etsy (CutieQ Cards n Crafts) for almost a month now.. and sadly.. I’ve made no sales..

I get a decent amount of views.. and some of my cards have been “favorited” by some browsers.. but sadly.. no sales..

Starting up a store isn’t easy.. especially since there are many, many people on there.. and they’ve already been established.. its hard to be the newcomer selling the same things that some of the “seasoned” Etsy’ers are selling..

I just gotta find my niche..

I gotta find a particular paper craft that can help me stand out.. or get buyers attention.. something..

I just need that one shot to sell something.. and maybe I’ll find my motivation..

It’s not that I’m giving up.. but sometimes it’s a little disappointing to post something.. and get the views.. but no sales.. but I’m not gonna stop.. I wanted to do this for awhile.. it’s going to take a lot for me to really quit..

I’ve got a Facebook page for the Etsy store.. I’m contemplating creating a separate blog for the Etsy store too.. that might not be for awhile.. but it is a thought..

I’ve got ideas.. and I will definitely be posting something on Etsy that is a little different.. and hopefully it will be my “in” with the Etsy store community..

At the same time, maybe all you can let me know what you would like to see.. if I can do it.. then it may be done!  Hee hee..

Wow.. two days..

This week is going insanely fast.. I feel like there is so much to do.. but I think I’m just starting to wrap things up.. today is my last full day to get everything done.. and get everything packed.. because tomorrow is full of mani/pedis, eyebrow threading.. and trying to be organized for Saturday..

Also, my aunt is flying in from Guam.. my matron-of honor is driving in from Arizona.. and Joe’s brother is flying in from a business trip in China.. so many things going on tomorrow that I have to keep the chaos contained to today..

Yesterday was so full of emotions.. I think it’s better to get them out now so I don’t explode with tears on Saturday.. which probably will happen anyway.. I figure that I need to mentally “detach” myself from the fact that it’s ME getting married.. in order for me not to be a bumbling ball of crybaby.. but who knows.. totally easier said that done.. I’m sure!

I picked up my dress.. my stomach was in knots.. I don’t know why.. sitting there for the last time in Alfred Angelos.. knowing that this was the last time before the wedding.. that was overwhelming… my mind kept racing through worst case scenarios.. like they lost my dress.. or they messed it up completely.. or they handed me the wrong one!

But.. I just checked right now.. for like the third time!  It’s the right dress..

Then.. last night we went to the Choir’s final rehearsal.. they way they arranged the songs they are going to sing.. the way the pianist plays so passionately.. they moved me to tears.. I am beyond grateful..

I mentioned it on Facebook shortly after the rehearsal.. it’s just so overwhelming to believe that the prep that everyone is going through is for ME.. I’ve been so used to preping and singing and working for other people’s weddings.. I used to dream of my own all the time.. but I never thought it would feel this way when it was finally my turn.. people were actually taking time from their busy days to practice singing at MY wedding.. who knew that I would ever be able to experience this..

We also got the photo montage from my photographer.. It’s cute.. but.. well.. after the wedding I’ll do a whole series on blog posts rating and reviewing each one of my vendors.. the good.. the bad.. and the awesome!

Today is a busy day.. I’ll be going to my besties house to finish up our wedding programs.. I gotta push on through with the thank you cards for the people involved in the wedding.. I’m almost done..

Then I need to get the packing list from my beloved “husband-in-two-days..” so I can start on the packing for the honeymoon..

Lots of things to do..

Tomorrow.. I’m going to find the time to write the blog entry I’ve been dying to write but have been too hesitant to write it too soon.. I didn’t want to jinx the engagement.. and I also felt that the day before the wedding would be the best time to write it..

We can do this..

Things I think I would like to do in the near future:

Participate in a blog hop:
I visit several crafting blogs and they always seem to have blog hops.. or do cute blog-community sorta things.  So it’s a random thing I want to participate in.. maybe when life settles down a bit..

Start a craft blog
I like doing my cards and my crafting things.. why not make a blog.. and be famous in the “craft world” like those people I tend to frequent..

I’m such a nerd… but.. moving on!

Start a blog based on a one-year personal project:
Ok.. so I’m totally stealing this idea from that whole Julie/Julia movie.. I’m getting up there in age.. I feel my life is slightly stagnant.. why not force myself to go through a one-year self-discovery sort of project.. it’s like high-tech middle age syndrome for Generation-Y.. Or is it Generation-X.. I don’t even know what Generation “Letter” I should associate with!

Start a little business
I like making cards.. why not get paid for it.. I’ve got a cute little business name in my head too.. and it’s not like I want this to be something that I will totally abandon my career in the biotech industry for.. it’s just something for a little extra spending cash.. cha-ching.. cha-ching!

Ok.. so a lot of it has to do with crafting and blogging..

Ugh.. NERD!

I’ve been sick for the past two days.. yesterday I was in bed alllll day..

Today I feel a little better but still took the day off to make sure I rest properly.  But at least today I’m strong enough to think clearly and realize how little time we have left til the wedding..

I need to do some major paper crafting for the wedding..

  • Table numbers
  • Guest place cards
  • Wedding programs
  • Shower thank you cards
  • Wedding thank you cards
  • Wedding party favors
  • Shower prize gift tags

I guess I have to prioritize shower things.. that’s coming up in two and a half weeks..

So.. it’s time to hit the scrapbook store and get some stuff done.. Wootens!

I’ve realized that my wedding is very “do it yourself..”

My invitations.. partyfavors.. and wedding programs.. will all be done by me..

It’s a lot of hard work.. but I’m honestly enjoying it.. there are times that I am dreading to get started on a new phase of the invitation making.  I’m just scared of messing it up.. but I’ve only made few mistakes and I’ve printed a good number extra.. I expected to mess up.

Doing this all myself has helped me discover this new hobby of paper crafts and I absolutely LOVE every second of it.. I actually want to get into and trying my luck out with some cards or something.. start off small.. and see where I end up.. maybe make a few packs of cards.. and put them up on Etsy..

Maybe I can make a couple dollars of spending money in the process..

If anyone wants me to make them a card.. let me know.. maybe I’ll start off making some cards for some friends if they want.. then after awhile start selling them for a few dollars as they need more..

I’ve so far made every card I have needed for birthday parties, weddings, and funerals.. I’ve also done a lot of gift bags and decorated some wrapped presents for birthday parties.. if anyone wants me to do some for them.. please don’t hesitate to ask.. if you want just one card.. I’ll do it for free.. if you need a set of cards.. maybe I’ll charge you a small materials fee or something.. we could always discuss..

Hee hee.. I’m sooo pimping myself out..

And I’m not even THAT good yet.. hmmm.. maybe I’ll wait til I’m more confident in my projects..

I made this card today.. I might be going to a birthday party tomorrow and I thought I’d make a card instead of buying one at the local Hallmark.. I have a Cricut now.. and that’s one of the reasons I bought one.. so I can expand on my creative energy and handmake cards and gifts..

I actually didn’t use the Cricut as much with this card.  I did use the Stand and Salute cartridge to make the card.  I cut it at 8″ and it worked out well.  I tried to do the envelope too, but I also set it to 8″ and it was way too small.  But since I only  had 8 x 11 paper, the machine wouldn’t let me make an envelope big enough to fit the card.. I’m sure I’ve got some envelops lying around.. or I could always buy a big pack at the local office supply store.

I had the scalloped squares from a person I bought stamps from on and they worked out so well for this card.. I love the colors..

I think I’m going to get a cartridge that has those scalloped shapes so that I could make some of those.. I liked what the did for the card.

I have so much patterned paper but I still dont’ know how to coordinate it with my projects.. I keep looking at videos on Youtube about cardmaking and I love what they do.. but I just don’t know how I can replicate that with the stuff that I have..

If you have any suggestions.. comments.. or criticism.. please leave comments.. I’d love more ideas for some projects..

So.. I got my Cricut Expressions a few weeks ago.. and I have to say.. I LOVE THAT THING!!!

March is the month of birthdays.. so I’ve made a few cards for those that are celebrating birthdays..

This entry is photo-heavy.. so enjoy!

I first wanna show off my workspace..

This is where I do my work.. It’s our dining room table.. so I obviously have to pack and unpack for every project.. this is the first time that I actually don’t mind cleaning up after myself.. haha.. and those who know me know that I hate cleaning!

Anyway.. on to the projects!

This was my first project.. I went to the local scrapbook store and bought the paper and stuff.. I love how I did the JOE lettering.. but the rest of it just looks so elementary and out of place.. I feel so bad because this was for my fiance’s birthday.. it was my first project and I wanted it to be special.. but I had limited supplies.. and wasn’t fully familiar with all that i could do.. poor baby.. I feel so bad his card is sooo ugly compared to everything I’ve done since.. which hasn’t been much.. but I’m seeing an improvement..

After going on a few crafting blogs.. I got the inspiration to do some layering.. I used some of the materials I had left over from my save-the-dates.. and I made this cute card for Joe’s mom.. I think I need a fancy ATG glue gun because a few days later.. the white part popped off the card.. i was still able to make it stick.. but that really should not have happened.. I hope that making sure my future projects are set under heavy weights after I make them will remedy this problem..

This is the last card I made.. I made it today.  My brother’s birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special and personalized.  After putting the card together I realized that I didn’t have room to stamp “happy birthday” with the current stamp I owned.. so I had to write it out myself.. I also have a lot more paper.. colors, weights, and textures.. so my cards can have a variety of looks now.. it’s come a long way from the very first card I made for Joe.. again.. poor hun!

These are what I have done so far.. and I plan of posting my projects as time continues to go on.. I hope you all enjoy these.. I would love anyone to leave any comments or suggestions for future projects.. I’d love more inspiration!

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