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Today is the last day of August.. August 31st.

Tomorrow is September 1st and it’s literally a countdown til our daughter’s arrival..

She (and I) have grown so much in the past month.. she’s running out of room and I totally know it.. her movements have resorted to stretching.. and just searching for some extra room in her shrinking temporary home.. it’s not the world’s most comfortable feeling, but it’s still comforting to know that she’s active.

I’m not so scared about childbirth anymore.. I guess I’ve resigned to the fact that I really have to do it.. and the excitement of her arrival is overshadowing all the anxiety I was having throughout my pregnancy.  I know it’s going to be a huge deal.. but I am really looking forward to having her here in my arms.. I have to do what I have to do..

I’ll be 36 weeks on Friday.. that leaves me with a month left til she comes.. but it also means that she can arrive anytime she wants to.. but I’ve still got one more week left of work.. so Hubby and I have had some serious belly talks telling her that she needs to stay inside for at least one more week so that there won’t be any incidents at work!  Could you imagine?!

September is a huge month.. I’ll be turning 31 AND having our first child.. we’ll see which comes first..

I honestly always thought that I’d have kids BEFORE 30.. but knowing then what I know now.. and how my life currently stands.. I think it’s best that God allowed us this opportunity at this time in my life.. I feel I’m more mature.. and He’s blessed me with such stability on all aspects of life.. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle it all if I were younger.. especially since pregnancy is not the most glamorous thing in the world.. pregnancy is actually really, really hard!

I’m on the countdown.. I never thought I’d get to this point.. I’ve pretty much been pregnant all of 2011!  I’m pretty much ready to be done with it.. I want my baby here!

Everyone that knows me knows that through out this pregnancy my one true love has been french fries.. mmm.. french fries.. during the first trimester.. I’d have them almost everyday just to help me not feel car sick on the drive home from work.. for the most part of the second trimester.. I just got them because they were an easy snack fix when I was hungry.. it’s such a bad habit.. I know!

Today, God decided that I needed a little wake up call.. and He wanted me to make sure that I was really starting to eat a lot more healthier and that I needed to do away with the french fries because there are way better things to snack on when I get hungry during the day..

Honestly.. I’ve been pretty good lately.. I rarely have to go and get a “fast food” fix on my way home from work in the afternoon.. I’ve been pretty good about eating fruits during my morning snack time.. and my lunches have been homemade and relatively healthy..

But today at my appointment, my doctor raised some slight concerns about my blood pressure.. which ended up an all day ordeal having to wait in the lab to get tubes of blood drawn.. I ended up not going to work because I wouldn’t have had any time to be productive had I showed up so late to work..

I got all the test results already (thanks to the Internet!) and everything is NORMAL!!  Thank God!!

I think this was just God’s little way of reminding me that I’m not doing this just for myself, but for my little girl.

I was sooo nervous taking all those blood tests.. I felt like I was failing my baby in some way by not being healthy enough for her.. after everything I’ve been doing.. I felt like I still wasn’t doing enough.. but thank God everything is still normal.. and I hope that it stays that way..

Roasted coffee beans, the world's primary sour...

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So.. everyone knows I’m a coffee freak.. and everyone knows that because Joe and I are married.. there is a chance that one of these months I may get pregnant.. it’s the direction we’re heading in.. and we wouldn’t mind being blessed with a baby Q when God sees it fit..

Anyway.. back to coffee..

I’m sitting here sipping on a Grande Iced Coffee from Starbucks..

So.. knowing my mom and other fam and friends are super excited and anxiously waiting for me to call them with the words “I’m prego!”.. I thought I should look into the whole “caffiene and pregnancy” thing..

I found this article.. Caffiene in pregnancy on the March of Dimes website (

Moderate caffiene intake is ok.. about 200-300 mgs of caffiene a day.. they recommend reducing intake to about 200 mgs a day.. which is about the size of a tall coffee at Starbucks.. about 12 0z..

I’m drinking a GRANDE!!!  EEK..

I guess there are conflicting studies about the impact of caffiene when trying to concieve.. but they recommend staying away from heavy consumption.. which is about 500 mgs of caffiene..

I don’t think I really ever have had 500 mgs of coffee.. maybe when I was doing that looooong commute from Fullerton to Fontana and back.. man.. that was bad! 

But honestly.. I’ve reduced my coffee consumption quite significantly.. I don’t even need a cup of coffee a day.. so..

I guess I’m ok..

I can finish this drink guilt-free…

The wedding is done.. it wasn’t perfect.. I really shouldn’t say that.. but.. when you know what you have planned in your head.. and certain things don’t go that way.. in the bride’s eyes.. you know it wasn’t perfect..

Not being perfect doesn’t mean that it wasn’t memorable and wonderful.. because it was.. all the things that didn’t occur according to plan were trivial and minor when you look at the big picture.. we got married..

We got married in front of God and in front of all our family and friends.. we had an awesome party with family and friends.. and it will be a day and night I will never forget..

I intended on doing a detailed, in-depth review on all of my vendors.. but I realized that in doing that.. I might end up airing the mistakes in the wedding that I don’t think are that important to reveal..

So.. I don’t think I will be doing such a series.. instead.. I might just do random “wedding planning” advice entries whenever I get the motivation to do an entry as such..

From now on.. this blog will be following my life as a newlywed.. and all the adventures of married life and beyond..

I think it’s gonna be fun.. so.. keep reading.. you’re in for an interesting ride..

Tomorrow.. I marry my best friend..

This truly is a day that I never thought I’d get to experience..

I had been a part of all my close girlfriends and family weddings.. I have seen their anxiety.. I have seen their joy.. I had seen the excitement.. I have shared in their tears.. I had always wanted that for myself.. but the years went by and I felt that I never came close..

Joe came into my life around the time that I began to accept that the married life was most likely not for me.. he had come into myself when I finally resigned to finding my “one true love.”

Meeting him showed me that there was still a chance for me to find my life long partner.. he showed me how to be taken care of.. as opposed to the one always being the care taker.. he showed me how to be loved.. and not just be the one to love..

He has become my best friend.. my number one confidant.. and my biggest supporter.. in turn..  I have become his, as well..

I’m so blessed that the Lord has brought us together.. to nurture each others lives.. to erase the hurts in our pasts.. to enrich our presents.. and to embrace our future..

I can’t wait to become his wife.. I can’t wait to share a lifetime with him.. God has truly blessed us..

At this point.. every little detail has been taken care of.. all we have to do is ship everything off to the hotel.. hand off the reception items to the hotel coordinator.. do our wedding rehearsal.. then sleep away the final night of “single-ness..”

I pray that everything will go smoothly.. I pray that our lives together will continue to be filled with joy and happiness.. I pray that all the hard work of these past 10 months will bring a beautiful celebration of the sacrament of marriage to fruition.. I pray that everyone has a great time.. I pray that all arrive safe to and from our wedding..

I pray I can make it through the ceremony without my fake lashes falling out from crying so much!!!

So.. the month of November is coming and going so fast..

I know I haven’t been around much to blog.. but there has been a lot to blog about..

To summarize.. we all know I started a job in September.. I left the job in October.. and am now waiting for the start date to a new job in November..

It’s actually a great testament to my trust in God.. and how I know He’s never given me anything I can’t handle.

I’ll expand more on the next few blog entries.. I feel that I should take my time and really explain what had been going on much more thoroughly than just one simple blog entry..

I’m looking forward to writing it all.. and I promise it won’t be a waste of time..

Things are starting to unravel a little bit in the little perfect fabric that I’d like to call my life.. things need to get changed up.. and it was something totally unexpected.

Once again, God is shaking things up.. and I have two choices on how to deal with this:

  • I could pout.. whine.. and just really bitter about it all.. or..
  • I could take the opportunity to find ways to change it..

I take the second option!

Right now.. I see life as one big cross-stitch project.. and our God is our cross-stitcher..

There are times that you are stitching and stitching.. and suddenly.. you realize you need to make a change in the stitching that you had done a few rows back.. so you have to go back and unstitch all the rows you had already planned on being part of the final picture..

I consider what I’m currently going through an “unstitching” of my final project.. in order to improve the BIG PICTURE..

Sometimes.. you need to go back and undo a few rows in order to ensure that the final piece is absolutely perfect..

And.. I’m just going through a little unstitching in order  to make sure that my life will be the most perfect that it can be..

So.. this is only a test.. this is only temporary.. this is only a way for God to make sure I’m not too content with my life and the direction that it’s going.. that I should still strive for so much better.. that I should still work towards advancing and increasing goals.. that I shouldn’t sit too still… or my butt may go numb!

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