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The harder it is to bend over, the more your first child will spill liquids and drop objects on the ground.

True story.

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Last week on my Facebook page, I brought up the question of Epidurals..

Most people I have come across have sworn by their epidurals.. and I also know people that didn’t have one at all..

The main point they all said was that it was ultimately up to me to decide.. which is true.

It really is up to me..

I’m really scared of the epidural procedure.. I’ve seen it done on video several times and it still freaks me out.  They stick something in your spine!!!  How is that not scary?!

I know that it will be numbed and all I will probably feel is the pressure of it all, but it still scares me.  There is always that small percentage of bad luck and something permanetly damaging could occur.. OR I could be allergic to the anesthesia in an epidural.. OR it won’t work at all.. OR something might happen to the baby..

So many “what if something bad happens” scenarios pop into my head when I think about an epidural..

However, I also know that I am no hero when it comes to pain management.. I’m probably the biggest wuss I know!

I don’t do stomach aches well.. nor do I do menstrual cramps well.. how would I handle labor contractions!!?!

Our Childbirth prep instructor gave us a little exercise.  She gave us a bag of ice cubes to hold in our hand for sixty seconds.  During that sixty seconds, we were supposed to work on our breathing, focusing, and pain management techniques that she gave during the course. 

I can barely hold a bag of ice for sixty seconds.. I finished that excerise telling hubby “I think I need an epidural.”

I really want to see how far I can go.. and then push it just a little longer.. I want the most natural birth I can provide for my child.. I don’t want to add any sort of painkillers into the mix if I really don’t have to.  I want her to come out with minimal effects from anything outside of my control..

I want to keep that in mind as I writhe in the pain of my contractions..

So I decided that I will decide when I am in labor whether or not I can handle the pain.. maybe just take it one contraction at a time.. and focus on my little one as much as possible. 

If I don’t use any medications, that would be great.  But I have to promise myself I won’t feel like a failure if I give in and ask for something..

I’m constantly mentally preparing myself for the task ahead of me.. and I pray that I can endure.  I just can’t wait to hold our little one.. and let the parenting adventure really begin!

Today starts the third trimester for me and this little one..

I am definitely starting to feel the difference.. my stomach always feels stretched to the maximum.. it’s starting to get uncomfortable.. my back is starting to really ache at times.. all I want to do is lie down.. oh.. and I’m sooo sleepy!

I think I’m a lot more sleepier now than I was in my first trimester.  I don’t remember really taking a lot of naps when I got home from work.  Now, it seems like I crash on the couch and have the hardest time trying to get up to cook dinner because I’m so tired.. yet.. I still fall asleep quickly at night.. like I never took that nap.  It feels like I can never get enough sleep..

The summer heat isn’t helping with my comfort levels either.  It just feels like it gets worse and worse. 

The great thing about this trimester is that the baby has grown considerably.. and now I feel every little move and kick and roll.. I love it.  I love feeling her move and I love that she interacts with me now.  I poke at my belly a little and sometimes I feel a little poke back.. it’s great.  I feel like we are totally bonding already and it makes me feel like a pretty good mommy..

It’s pretty much a countdown now.. from here on out.. it’s a countdown to d-day.. delivery day..

I’m most worried about that.. scared.. but I’ve mentioned this several times already so I don’t want to sound redundant.. but.. I am pretty scared about it.. but I know I can get through it.. I have to.. how else is she gonna come out?!

I love this stage of pregnancy.. if I had a choice.. I’d stay at this point forever..

I LOVE feeling my little ballerina kicks, twirls, and tumbles.. I LOVE seeing my belly bounce up and down as my princess explores her ever shrinking world in my uterus.. I LOVE that I can interact with her through touching my belly and that she responds.. when she wants to.. I LOVE that I can pretend she has the beginnings of some sort of personality while in my womb..

She’s big enough to feel.. and not big enough to jab me in the ribs.. I think it’s perfect..

But I know that time keeps moving.. and whether I like it or not.. she’s going to get bigger.. and she will eventually start jabbing me in the ribs..

She’s growing.. and our time as one entity will soon come to an end.. and every time I feel her kicking and rolling.. the more I really, really want to meet the little person Hubby and I have created..

Keep on dancing, my little ballerina.  It makes mommy and daddy secure knowing your thriving in there.. and makes us feel more in tune with you.. we love you soooo much!

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