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With preschool just around the corner, I’ve been working on training M to have an earlier bedtime.  We’ve been making good progress and she’s usually in bed by 8:30pm and asleep by 9:00pm.  Of course, I’m with her until she falls asleep.  Once she’s asleep, I get to go downstairs and hang out with Hubby.

By the time I get downstairs, K is either on her last bottle, or asleep.

Once the kids are asleep, Hubby and I get to spend time together.

It feels like it’s been YEARS since we’ve had alone time together.  We actually talk about things, sometimes its the kids, sometimes it’s about TV, sometimes it’s about his work…

The point is… we talk!

It’s pretty refreshing and it’s been a great relationship booster.

I think we get so consumed with parenthood and just trying live our lives from day to day that we’ve forgotten about us.

I’m glad that these early bedtimes are allowing us to reconnect.

It’s that time of the year when I start looking back at Hubby and my relationship.

Today marks the 6th year anniversary of the very first day we met.  We met at a Korean BBQ restaurant, so in continuing our tradition, we will be eating Korean BBQ for one of our meals today.  Yum!

Six years! 

It’s an understatement to say that we’ve grown a lot in these past six years.  We’ve truly become a family. 

We’ve had our share of adjustments, especially when M came along, it was a major adjustment. 

I feel that only in the past year or so that we’ve finally found our stride again.  We are laughing more, sharing more, cuddling more. 

Because M was born so fast into our marriage, we had to learn how to become husband and wife AND parents all at once.  I don’t regret having M so soon into our marriage, but I will say that it was a major jolt to the relationship.  It wasn’t bad, it was just different.  We shook up our dynamic by bringing in a child so soon.  It’s been work getting us to this point, and I feel like we are finally at an equalibrium.  We’ve found our balance between married and parents.  We’ve found our stride.  We’ve found our routine.

I know that eventually we will be bringing in another child into the mix (no, not pregnant yet).  There will be another round of adjustments.  There will be another time of unbalance and uncertainty.  There will be ups and downs.  There will be laughter and tears. 

But I know that we are a team, and above all, we are a family.  We will always find a way to work together and make it work. 

There’s no one else I’d rather go through life with..

Happy “first meeting” anniversary, Hubby! 

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After watching a commercial about that featured speed dating.

Me:  I never tried speed dating..
Hubby: Me neither.  We should do it.
Me:  Huh?!
Hubby:  Ya, we should do it and see who will get more numbers at the end of the night.
Me:  Ok.

Gotta love our competitive spirit…

I took Sunday off from the blog.  It was unintentional.  I just totally didn’t have time to write anything, and it’s well known that I have been suffering from a little bit of writers block.  I guess a day off was needed.

Sunday was a great day.  The weather was marvelous.  It wasn’t raining.  The sun was out.  It was warm, but not hot.  We didn’t have to bundle up M in layers of clothes, with a thick coat and blanket.  It’s much easier to carry her around when she’s not layered like a big ball of cloth!

We went to the 12:30pm Mass.  During Mass, M drank a bunch of milk AND was sleepy.  During the car ride after Mass, she fell asleep..

This led to M falling asleep through lunch.. the result of that was a mini-date with the hubby.

We had lunch at a nice little pizza place in a cute little plaza near our apartment.  After that, we took a little walk around the little plaza and found ourselves at a frozen yogurt place.  We shared a frozen yogurt, how romantic!  We finished the “date” with a visit to Fresh & Easy, yes, we know how to party!

Even though M was with us, it was nice to have some quiet time with Hubby.  I know we don’t do it enough.   Dates are important in every relationship.  As M gets older, I’m hoping that I will be brave enough to separate myself from her to give Hubby and I some time alone..

Mommy guilt… that’s a whole other blog entry…

With our two year anniversary coming up one month from now, I feel like there are times I don’t give the hubs enough credit.

In the four years that we have been together, we endured a long distance relationship, long-distance wedding planning, moving in together, and then having a baby..

Four years seemed to have flown by so fast because milestones in our relationship seem to just fly on by..

It’s been nothing but constant adjusting.. from living apart.. to living together.. to living with a child.. and there are days that are definitely easier than others.

But isn’t that true in all relationships?

Now I’m not one to gush and giggle over a relationship.. but I feel the need to give credit where credit is due.

Almost two years into the marriage, we still have a lot to learn.. there is still going to be a lot of adjusting.. but there’s really no one else that I’d rather do this with..

I’ve got a lot to learn about patience, and just letting things work out on their own.. but he’s pretty much mastered that art.. and while I dont always want to keep my cool, I know that he’s there to help me do so..


Three years ago, my besties and I took a trip to Sea World..

Little did I know that very day would be the beginning of the rest of my life..

Three years later.. I’ve been married for a little over five months.. and a little over three months pregnant with our first child..

All of that to the guy I met at the Korean BBQ place and shared my rice with..

So amazing how God points you in a direction and guides you through it all.. it’s just amazing..

Anyway.. I’m pretty sure I wrote something similar last year when it was our two year anniversary of meeting each other..

And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be writing something similar every year for the rest of our lives..

We’re starting a tradition that I wanted to start last year.. but since we weren’t living together yet.. it was difficult since it didn’t fall on a weekend..

This year.. and hopefully every year afterward.. we are going to eat at a Korean BBQ restaurant.. we will bring out children with us.. so they can appreciate our history..

Corny?  Maybe.. but I think it’s important that our children know that their parents love each other and will hopefully strive for a relationship that will be fulfilling and will make them as happy their parents..

So.. Korean BBQ tonight.. can’t wait!!!

Or otherwise titled as “Elbow to the head!”

Hubby must subconsciously harbor some ill feelings towards me lately.. because it seems like every night.. I get elbowed in our sleep!

I think he forgot that he got married and now has to share a bed with a girl!!!!

One night.. I was dreaming that I couldn’t breathe.. I really couldn’t breathe in this dream and I was feeling very anxious.. I must have been half asleep or something but I was able to wake myself up from the dream to try to see if I could breathe.. I shook my head and “plop” went the elbow off my nose..

Other nights.. it’s an elbow to my arm.. or chest..

On another night.. I turned over.. and “Bam!” elbow to the face!!  Ok.. so maybe that one is my fault since I kinda ran into it..

Before bed.. I tell him to not elbow me.. haha.. he has no idea what he does.. he needs to wear elbow pads.. or maybe I should get a helmet..

I think he is just infiltrating my side of the bed too much and he’s got these massive elbows that just seem to get in my way..

Oh my hubby and his elbows..

(After telling me one of his stories about his old dating days..)

Hubby: (sings and dances like the scene from Glee) “You.. make.. me.. feel like I’m living a.. teen.. age.. dream..
Me:  (Lying in bed watching all this)  It’s amazing other girls would even want to make out with you..

Oooh.. typing it out makes it sound mean.. but I swear it wasn’t.. he then proceeded to attack me with tickles…

He always knows how to retaliate.

Happy three week wedding anniversary to us!

Married life is funny.. we’ve been playing house this week and living at his parents house while they’ve been away on a cruise..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mother for making me the spoiled brat that I am.. I LOVE the spoiled brat lifestyle.. I do!  I love the pampered princess lifestyle that I have at home..

At home, when I get home from work.. dinner’s either ready.. or my parents are ready for us to go out to eat..

Here, I have to make sure I dont stay too late at work so that we have time to get some sort of dinner prepared.. then I have to wait for it to be done before I eat..and by then.. I’m STARVING!!


Other than that.. married life has been a fun non-stop entertaining adventure.. I’ve got Joe 24/7 and he does some pretty funny things..

So I started a new blog category called “Things my husband does/says.. ”

It’s to remind me that no matter where we end up in life.. what ups and downs we will go through in this marriage.. that my husband is always someone I can go to for laughs and love.. it’s to remind me that we were young and stupid when I look back at this many years from now.. and I hope that things won’t change much as we do get older… and he will still be as entertaining as ever..


(Watching TV, Express clothing commerical comes on)

Me:  Hunny, let’s go to Express.. they have a bunch of cute dresses.
Hubby:  Only if they’re short and skanky..
Me:  They are.

(Joe RUNS into the room to catch the end of the commercial)

Me:  You HAD to run..
Hubby:  Commercials are only 30 seconds long!


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