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Posted on: February 24, 2011

It’s been said that news isn’t news until it’s posted on your Facebook wall..

I don’t know who said it.. but.. that’s why they call things “Facebook official” once it’s been mentioned on your wall.. it’s like.. the news doesn’t exist.. or it isn’t real until everyone on your Facebook page knows..

Well.. today I made some very special news “Facebook Official” today..

Today, I finally announced that hubby and I are expecting our first child in September 2011.  I posted the 8week ultrasound and everything..

Hubby and I have known since mid January but we kept it quiet because the first trimester of pregnancy is very sensitive.. and anything can happen.. and it did.. I was in the emergency room twice around weeks 6 and 7.. Thank God it wasn’t anything serious.. and throughout each ordeal.. the baby was snug and secure in my womb.. we didn’t want to jinx ourselves by announcing too soon and then having it all fall apart..

I honestly wanted to wait til we got into the second trimester.. when the chances of miscarriage were significantly low..

But I told for a variety of reasons..

  • I can’t keep my mouth shut.. good news like that is soooo hard to contain.. and I think that I was subconsiously dropping hints on my Facebook status updates that todays announcement really wasn’t that huge of a surprise to some people.. In face, my best friends and some family had a feeling I was pregnant before I even knew.. something about my status updates being quite suspicious.
  • My friends and family can’t keep their mouths shut.. my besties and cousins are so glad I’ve finally made it “Facebook Official” because they have been dying to talk about it freely.. they all breathed a collective sigh of relief upon seeing the news.. hee hee.. what can I say.. we all think alike..
  • I wanted to finally start blogging about it.. I’ve been wanting to document my pregnancy adventures for awhile now.. so that I had something to look back on.. or so that our child had something to read as he/she got older.. not that any child would really read their parent’s blog.. do they?
  • Lastly, I figured that the more people that know.. the more prayers and good thoughts would be sent our way.. prayer and positive thinking are very powerful.. especially when done in large groups.. I figure that only good could come out of it all..

So.. there it is.. my big news.. made “Facebook Official” and now “WordPress Official.”

Please pray for us.. this is a new adventure in our lives.. and we are all very excited..

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